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My Niece Crystal 2: The Visitors

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Read “My Niece Crystal” to understand the story.

I woke up and went to the camp restrooms in the middle of the night. I washed myself after fucking my niece in the ass earlier tonight.

I heard giggling and saw these two girls peeking in on me from the door. The lock did not work. I told them “Hey come in here and I will show you everything you want to see.” They scattered. “Or not. okay.”, I thought.

I went back to the RV and stripped and laid naked next to my gorgeous angel of a niece. I rubbed my cock against her virgin slit. She smiled in her sleep. I kissed the back of her head and held her as we slept through the night.

I woke up to her sucking my dick. She said “Your dick was hard so I thought I would surprise you with a blowjob! I love your cock.” She said.

Even at 10 years old she was becoming a champion cock sucker. She was amazing. She said her friend Billy taught her who is bi. I began eating her out as she was doing her thing on my pole. She was circling her tongue around my head and then going down. Sucking softly when coming back up. She was great.

I spread her little lips apart and started dancing my tongue on her clit as I shoved my thumb inside of her. She was loving it. After a few minutes of this she started trembling. Her legs closed on my head and then opened and then closed on my head and then opened again. Finally that was it. One last time and her legs just clamped on my head. “Errrrrrr. Uncle Phil…” She sucked as hard as she could and I felt myself about to climax as well. I called out,” oh Crystal oh Crystal..ohhhh” as I came into her mouth. She giggled and swallowed my load. She was jacking me off not wanting to miss a drop.

We relaxed for a while then went to go take a shower. Our restroom was somewhat private as we were the only ones camping in that area. Where those two girls from before came from I had no clue.

We both went into the men’s shower and washed together. I washed her pussy and she washed my dick. I heard her gasp as she saw those girls spying on us again. “Hey instead of running away you could just, you know, come in here. Don’t be shy I will show you everything.”

Crystal asked who they were. “No clue. I went out last night after we were done and you were asleep and they were watching me pee and wash myself.”, I said.

She got dressed and went to see if she could find them. “Don’t go far okay.”, I said. “Remember I am responsible for you.”

She found another campsite not too far from ours that I missed. They had a closer shower and everything so I don’t know why they came to ours except to spy on me. It kind of gave me an erection thinking of having one or both of them join me in my next session with Crystal.

I had Crystal hide out and I went into the bathroom. I hid in there and they came in. I surprised them and Crystal and I blocked the door.

I can see they were both scared to death. I told them not to worry and that I wasn’t going to hurt them.

They look to be about Crystal’s age. “What are you two doing?”, I asked. They didn’t answer. Crystal was the one who got them to calm down.

She told them I was cool and was not going to get them in trouble.

“I am not.”, I said. “I told you last night that you did not have to be so sneaky about it.”

Crystal told them that she and I do stuff together all the time. “You saw us showering together. Don’t worry he is cool.”, she said. “Show them your cock Uncle Luke.”

They gasped as I undid my pants. I thought they were going to run so I blocked the door. I showed them my cock and they stared in shock. I asked them if they wanted to touch it. They shook their heads no. So I let them leave. “Don’t be shy next time” I said. “The four of us can play together!”, I said.

We loaded up the RV and headed for town. We saw the other campsite and waved. We saw the two girls with what looks like their grandma and grandpa.

We went out and got breakfast. We had signal so I had Crystal call her mom and tell her what was going on. I whispered jokingly to her while it was ringing, “Don’t mention the sex stuff!” she slapped me hard and laughing.

We went to another waterfall and went out hiking. I went to the grocery store and bought some steaks we could cook on the grill.

I was grilling and the other family was walking by and said, “Hi.” They were heading to one of the trails. The man introduced himself and his granddaughters Katie and Kelsey. With their grandfathers coaxing they said “Hi”

I said, “Yeah my niece is the same age as them. They want to come over here and play with her that’s cool. We will be here through tomorrow.” They said “ok” and headed to their trail.

We grilled and ate dinner. We were playing cards when the two girls came over.

Katie asked if they could play? I said, “sure.” I went off and drank a beer and Crystal really hit it off with Katie and Kelsey and they became friends.

They asked if they could see my thing again. I was in the RV relaxing and drinking a beer. Crystal came in with them and asked me if they could see it.

I said, ” I don’t know. I don’t want them to tell their grandparents on me!” I made them both promise they wouldn’t.

I showed it to them both. I told them they could touch it. They asked what my balls were for. I told them it makes the stuff that makes babies.

I told Crystal show them how to suck a dick. She started going down on me and licking it. I could tell they were in shock from the whole thing. Never seeing anything like that before.

She told them “If you stimulate him white stuff comes out. It comes from there” she said pointing to my balls. “Jack off for them Uncle Luke and show them.”, Crystal said

I told her to do it. She started jacking me off. Her hands were amazing and she jerked it back and forth. The two girls were in awe of what was going on. “Harder Crystal! Harder! Aw Crystal….uh..uhhh” as I came. The gasped as my sperm flew out.

Crystal told them you can eat it too. It doesn’t taste bad. It’s a little salty but other than that it’s good. She put a little bit on her finger for both of them to taste and they did.

Crystal asked them if one of them wanted to lick it off my dick and clean it off. I didn’t think either of them would go for it. But that Kelsey girl did. She put her mouth on the head and licked it off.

She and Crystal giggled. Her sister Katie wanted to do it now too. Crystal showed Katie firsthand how to suck a dick. She was doing great.

I told her “She’s good Crystal” Crystal and Kelsey grabbed my penis around the middle and started jacking me off while Katie was licking around the tip.

I wasn’t long before I arched my head back and shot a load into Katie’s mouth. She looked a little worried now with a whole mouthful of cum. Crystal assured her to just swallow it and she would be fine and she did.

I asked them to take their pants off. I wanted to see what they had. It took some coaxing but Crystal assured them everything would be okay. They did.

Kelsey asked Crystal if she could suck my dick like that. She told her it was up to me. Of course I let her.

Crystal shows her what to do. Kelsey was a natural actually she was sucking on my head and Crystal and Katie were jacking me off. Just the sight of these three doing this caused me to erupt right away. I arched my head back and called out Katie’s name in ectasy. As I blew my load in her mouth. She swallowed it down. What really turned me on was when she went down on it again for seconds.

I had the three of them lay on the bed. I let Crystal give them examples of what I was going to do to them. Feeling they would trust her more since they are of the same age. She started licking their cunts and fingering them.

I licked Crystal’s cunt as I fingered both girls. One finger in their vagina and my thumb rubbing each clit.

Kelsey was like a wild bull as she came bucking her hips up and down and then climaxing. Katie just made moaning noises as her legs locked together in orgasmic ecstasy.

Kelsey asked if I minded as she resumed what I was doing to Crystal. I took her hand and showed her how to finger her. It was so hot watching the two of them. Katie grabbed my dick and started licking the head. Crystal’s legs locked around Kelsey and she had her orgasm.

Crystal told me to roll over as all three girls started playing with my dick. Crystal was at the base jacking it while Kelsey and Katie were licking up and down the side and sucking on the head and then going back down. Each girl giving each other a turn at sucking my head over and over.

I just arched back let my load fly. They just let it erupt when they saw I was about to come. Each girl took a turn licking the sperm off my dick. It was so hot. It was getting night time and they had to get back. I was disappointed. We were having so much fun with them. Their grandparents we’re leaving for home tomorrow just like us. I told them if they wanted a morning session and can get away to come by.

They said they would try. I kissed both girls goodbye and thanked them for making our camping trip much more special. They kissed me back. Crystal gave Katie a hug. Kelsey gave Crystal a kiss and reached down and touched her pussy one last time and gave her a smile.

What an unexpected turn of events on our second day camping. One more day to go.

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    Where is the best place to watch young porn? Need resources please!

    • Jimbob ID:4o717tkqm

      Call your local PD and ask them

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ihri

    Young gals are great bait to pull in other girls and it works great all the time. Train em young is all i can say then just sit back like you did and watch the sparks fly, well em, cum fly lol!
    I love camping with the youngins!

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    An address swap is a must.

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    I’m sorry the names are different. It should be Uncle Luke and I put Uncle Phil for that one. LOL my buddy Phil was over when I was writing this. I must but his name by accident

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    Amazing story , sounds like my kind of camping trip