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My first time online

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15m. One day particularly I was feeling horny so I decided to go onto a gay chat site. Before we start I am about 145lbs 5,11 and brown eyes. So I got onto my computer and went to a gay chat site. I put my camera at an angle so they couldn’t see my face and clicked start. The first guy skipped me but the next guy stayed. He asked me if I wanted to have some fun. So I asked him what type of fun teasingly. So he took that as a yes and told me to get up and slowly strip for him. I obeyed and gave him a little 360 and slowly took of my pj’s. And I stopped directly so the waistline of the pjs was right under my ass. He said “wow baby now take off your shirt and bend over” Now I was too horny to stop and think rationally so I did as he commanded and took my shirt off and the rest of my pjs and bent over for him. Then I saw him take out his cock it was a beautiful 7 inch cock. He started to slowly stroke and told me to start fingering my ass. Now before this I had done some solo anal play but of course since I’m 15 I couldn’t buy a dildo so I used things like cucumbers and my fingers. So I put a finger in my ass and slowly went in and out. He said “that’s it baby” I slowly inserted a second finger into my ass. He started to jerk faster. He told me to spank my ass and say daddy harder. So of course like a good slut I did exactly that. I started spanking my ass and begging him to fuck me. He told me to jerk off as well so I obeyed but I ended up arched with a hand in my ass and a hand jerking off and my face on a pillow he told me he was getting close. I begged him “yes daddy do it cum for me, cum all over my ass” and he started to cum and was moaning. I also started to cum this was the best orgasm I’ve had with 3 fingers in my ass. Afterwards he just skipped me leaving me with cum all over my bed and a gaped asshole.

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    Great story, Please do write more stuff if u have anymore encounters.

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      The first time I actually let a guy see my cock I was staying at my brother in law’s house after my sister and my wife went over to the neighbors house for a girls night out I was just relaxing on the couch and my brother in law asked me if I wanted to have a beer and get into the hot tub when I got up and went to put on a pair of trunks that I couldn’t find I just came out in my underwear

    • Sammy ID:fx7ith8rb

      So I just was at my friends house when I went to use the bathroom his father in law told me to use the bathroom in the bedroom down the hallway when I turned on the light and closed the door I could hear the father in law asking me to use the bathroom he said he had to take a piss I opened the door and was only wearing my underwear and when he came in and started to take a piss I was washing my hands when I looked over I could see him in the mirror I took down my underwear a little bit and when he asked me if I wanted to suck his cock I let him stand up and I could see he had a huge cock he was still actually not hard but when he told me to open my mouth and suck him I just started to put his cock in my mouth

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