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My F.T.F. 2: Another Friend

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So Kate and I finally had it out. “What’s going on here Dad?”, my daughter asked. “What do you mean?”, I asked. “What I mean is: Are you and Jenna in a relationship?”, she asked. I chuckled nervously, “What?”. “Has she been coming over to our house?”, she asked.

I got defensive. “First of I am an adult and the parent here and not the other away around. I should be able to have over whoever I want. So what about who I am seeing? Do I quiz you about who you are seeing? As long as they treat you right I really don’t care. Have I ever once told you you cannot date someone? Do I bug you about what you and your boyfriend do? I’m sure you both have a celibate relationship right? Let me say you are everything to me, I love you, and if someone special comes along you will meet her. Until then why can’t I see someone? You are gone. You think I do not get lonely? By the way do you have any idea how devastated I was after your mom passed away? Your friend made me feel good again. I’m sorry if that bothers you.”

It took about a week for that to sink in but she adopted a “don’t ask don’t tell policy”. I notice she doesn’t bring Jenna with her anymore to my place but Jenna still does her weekly hookup with me. It’s fun. We’ll get drunk by the pool and then head off to the bedroom.

Jenna was over at my house one day. “Mr. B have you ever gotten freaky?” She still calls me “Mr. B”. Never Ralph my given name. I told her she can call me Ralph but she just preferred “Mr. B” as a nickname.

I asked her, “What do you mean? Get freaky?” “Oh forgot you are old!”, she laughed. “Ouch” I said and made a motion like I pulled a knife out of my chest. “I just thought maybe we could make things even more interesting. I got a friend who thinks you’re hot. I thought maybe I could invite this friend over here.”

“Noooooo! Noooooooo! Kate’s already freaked out because you and I are doing stuff. Can you imagine how she would be if she found out we had a threesome?”, I said.

“Come on! She’ll never find out. If you don’t want to do it here we can do it somewhere else.” Jenna said.

“No hun. Not right now ok.”, she looked disappointed but nodded but just like the blowjob in the first story what Jenna wants Jenna gets.

My birthday was coming up in a week. My daughter was coming that weekend for it.

My daughter asked Jenna where she was going. Jenna was packing an overnight bag. It was Wednesday before my birthday weekend. “Oh I just met this guy. Didn’t I tell you? I thought I’d spend the night over at his place.”, Jenna said. “Uh huh…Right….Tell my dad I’ll see him this weekend. Give him a big kiss for me. Oh my God you two make me gag. Just the thought of it is so disgusting.”, Kate said. Jenna laughed, “He is a man. He is sexy. You can only see him as your dad that is why. I would feel the same way if you fucked mine.”

Wednesday afternoon came and Jenna arrived in town. I was sitting poolside watching the highlights of the Texans game the previous weekend.

She came through the gate but she was not alone. “Hey Mr. B. I want you to meet my friend Angie.”, she said. “Oh hey hi.”, I said nervously. I opened the gate and let them in.

Angie was 18 and smoking hot. Bubbly blonde hair, gorgeous face with succulent lips. Beautiful breasts and tight round ass. Jenna came by me and whispered “Might wanna put your tongue back in your mouth and eyes back in your head.” and smacked me on the rear.

“Angie have a seat by the pool. Jen can you help me get drinks?”, I asked. We got in the house. “What is going on here Jen?”, I asked. “What I cannot get my F.T.F. a gift for his birthday?”, she said.

“You never take no for an answer do you?”, I asked. “NOPE!”, She said, “What you don’t like her? I can always take her back and exchange her.” She laughed “But I notice you never took your eyes off her since she came in. Checking out her ass and stuff. I know what you like Mr. B! Thought I would have to do CPR. Just like the first time Kate brought me here.” I blushed getting called out on that. “What? I never checked you out once”, I exclaimed. She put her hands on my chest and kissed me. “LIAR! You still do!” I smacked her on her beautiful ass. She laughed, ” Relax we will have a fun time.” She kissed me again and helped me with drinks. “Shall we?” Motioning to the door.

We all hopped in the pool and played around with a ball. Angie comes up to me. So “Mr. B.” What is your real name? “Ralph”, I said. She laughed. “You’ll shoot your eye out kid!” She said sarcastically. Quoting “A Christmas Story”. “Still got the BB gun?”. She laughed again. “One of my favorite Christmas movies!”, she said. “Ha ha ha funny girl!”, I said, “Sexy and funny. Great combination.” “Right back at ya Ralphie.”, she said.

“Like what you see Ralphie?”, she said. “Imagine me without the suit.” I felt something grow. “In due time Angie this is his birthday weekend. I arranged this as a little gift! What you say we really get him going?”, Jenna said. Jenna started french kissing Angie. “Lets go inside so we are not making a show for everyone.”, I said.

We all toweled off and went inside. They took off their swimsuits and started making out in the bedroom. Jenna and Angie started making out again. Angie was right. Her 18 yo body looked amazing. I wanted her bad. “I think someone likes you!”, Jenna said pointing at my dick.

“May I?” she asked Jenna. She replied, “That is why you are here.” She squatted and started sucking my dick. Jenna got underneath her and started eating her out. Fuck it was hot.

I actually liked Jen’s blowjobs better but she did ok. Angie was grinding on Jenna’s face. Angie started shaking and put her head into by stomach as she came.

Angie hopped on the bed and motioned me with her hands. She spread her legs and her shaved pussy looked to inviting. I stuck my dick in her. Her young pussy felt so great around my cock.

She took a deep breath as it entered in. “Oh wow” she said. Jenna came in and started kissing Angie and caressing her breasts. Angie and I tried to finger Jenna. Her fingers and mine got into a fight over who gets Jenna’s clit. I let her have it. It was easier for me to do her that way anyway.

Jenna was reaching her climax. I shoved two fingers in her and she collapsed onto Angie smothering her as she came. She was kissing Angie more wildly and passionately now. Jen reached down by my cock and started rubbing Angie’s clit.

I started ramming Angie. She let out a passionate loud moan. Jenna straddled Angie and Angie ate her out. Jenna started making out with me and then hit that special spot on my neck. I felt my orgasm coming and I just planted my tongue into Jenna’s mouth. “Oh fucking hell”, I yelled as I came like a madman into Angie. I emptied my nuts into her.

I collapsed on the bed. Jenna on one side. Angie on the other. Both kissed my cheek. “How is your birthday gift?” Jenna asked. “Totally awesome.” I said kissing Angie’s face.

“Ready?”, Jenny asked Angie. “Oh yeah!” She said. “You will like this”, Jenna said to me.

They grabbed my sagging dick and got me hard. They both started licking my pole. One got to the top and tongued my head and licked down my cock as the other did the same. Then they started deep throating my dick.

Jenna said, “watch this.” She took it and did her finishing move. Starting at the base she slowly moved her lips towards the top. About halfway up I felt it coming on as I unloaded into her mouth.

Jenna and Angie did a private session after that letting me watch. Damn these girls were great.

Jenna spent the night and Angie left. “I like her.”, I said. “Yeah I saw that.”, Jenna said and laughed. I wanted to give my friend a great birthday. “You did babe. You sure did. Thank you.”, I said.

She stayed with me and left in the morning back to college. I always felt a little melancholy when she left. I could not wait for her return. I told her before she left she was the best F.T.F. I ever had. She cracked up laughing. “That is because I am the only F.T.F. you ever had. We laughed. She kissed me and said, “Next week?” “Text me.” I said. I watched and waved as she pulled away.

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    Fucking great story and am sooo game for any threesome. Had a foursome once and will never ever forget that till i die.
    Keep up that great work! Love that young pussy always!