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My Chinese neighbour

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It started with me when I was 10ish my Stepfather used to make me wank him when my mother was at work by the time it was a every other day thing .
Things changed when I was 12 as one of my mother’s best friends husband left her and her daughter and they could not afford to live in their home so my mother sorted out for them to stay with us my Dad was OK with it and they shifted in, the daughter shared my room she was 10 and the mother had the spare room.
My Dad still had me wanking him but was harder as Constance was around the daughter (I forgot to say they were Chinese) so he made me do it in the bathroom it was just normal to me I didn’t mind didn’t know any difference, it was the winter when things changed and I noticed my Dad took more notice of Constance when we were sitting one night on the Sofa Dad in the middle of us two and his hand was between her legs and he motioned for me to put my hand on his crotch, Mother and Sian were not back from work that was the time he always made me do it butt now he had moved onto her and I was excited watching.
Constance just let him rub up her legs, under her skirt she was smiling and I was looking I didn’t know what a girl had down there , but I knew it excited my Dad and me.
He didn’t do much except for put his hand in her panties and I had my hand in his boxers wanking him.
That night while we were in our room I asked Constance about what happened and she said it was secret and nobody can know else her and her mother would go to prison, I told her I had secret to about wanking my Dad and I was the same, she smiled and said she didn’t mind as my Dad pays the bills and she gets treats. I asked if I could see between her legs and I would show her mine. She smiled and nodded I dropped mine and she lifted her skirt and pulled her panties down it looked beautiful she had a few black hairs around her pussy and I looked closely at it and I was beautiful. Constance was looking at cock which was not hard and I have quite a few light coloured pubes she reached forward to hold it as she did i sprung to life and she started to wank me so not to feel left out I started to finger her tight pussy, it felt so nice getting wanked and fingering her I was on the verge of cumming and I’m sure she was as she was grinding on my hand and all of a sudden I shot my load and she climaxed too.
It was amazing and we both fell backwards on the bottom bunk and looked at each other smiled then i lent in to kiss her, we had a good snog and after we agreed our secret and we will do it whenever we want .
The following few weeks were the same wanking my Dad and he fingered Constance then when in my room we played , I was wanting more but wasn’t sure how to go ahead with it.
So one Sunday morning I knew my dad would be at football and everyone else asleep so I crept into Constance bed and started feeling her up she looked lovely long black hair small boobs I instantly had a hard on and was lying next to her and stuck a finger in to make her wet as I did she woke smiled at me and closed her eyes it was then I climbed on top off her and slid my cock in her pussy it was in all the way I’m only 6 inches hard but got years to grow as I pushed in and pulled out and in and out it felt amazing so tight it was as If cock was getting gripped and I could feel my balls tighten as I looked her in the face she had her eyes closed as I felt the first lot of cum shoot up her pussy then the next and eventually 4 lots of cum, I had never felt anything like it I just wanted to do again but my cock was soft and i kissed her and she kissed back.
It was my first fuck and hers and I hoped not the last . We sorted ourselves out got dressed and went down stairs smiling to each other I was so happy I had fucked a 11 year old we sat at the table still no one up and I had my hand up her skirt I could feel how wet her pussy was and I was getting hard again but could not risk getting caught.
My Dad continued to finger Constance and got me to wank him he had no idea we were fucking, we fucked nearly every night for ages and it was getting to Constances 13th birthday and she came to me shocked my Dad had said now she was 13 she would have to let him fuck her, she didn’t want to and i didn’t want him to either.
We come up with a plan to tell what my Dad was doing to both of us and let our parents sort it so we told my mum first she was so shocked she confronted him also we told Constance,s mum too she was shocked but for some reason didn’t want to confront him, we found out why when my mum confronted him he had been fucking Constance,s mum since she shifted in mum was livid and kicked him and her out, Constances mum wanted her to go with her but mum told her she could stay and they could leave .

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  • Reply Dave ID:7zv2u2dm99

    My dad had me wank him often and he also had me suck him off depending on the day mostly I just put my mouth on top and jerked him. It was the best way he liked it. I never told anyone too embarrassed and really Dad was okay just looking back he was nice to me just need release

  • Reply dave ID:1idz4hgf8rb

    My Daughter when she was 15 years old she said she was watching porn and wondered what a mans cum tasted like and it really turned her on seeing girls swallowing guys cum.

    I told her not all woman like it because some men are very salty while others are not.

    She then asked me what was mine was like. I was a little quiet at first and then a little salty.

    How much she asked. I told her about 3 teaspoons.

    At the time she was in her nightie and her nipples I could see went rock hard.

    She then then said that she never swallowed a mans cum and if could keep it between the two of us she would like to try mine.

    I was a little in shock and I told her ya as long as you keep it discreet.

    She then asked me to take off my clothes. She then took off her nightie and at the time her tits were almost a medium size and her nipples were a nice size.

    I didn’t have to tell her how to suck on my cock she went down on my cock and in 5 mins I cumed in her mouth and she swallowed all my cum. She smiled and put on her nightie and went to her room.

    My daughter is now 18 and she still sucks my cock and cum almost daily when my wife is at work.

    She has a boyfriend and sucks other men now and then.

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    • Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

      That’s one amazing story

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Breed her

  • Reply Z ID:15eyje2woii

    Not how I was expecting it to go but I enjoyed it. Good ending.