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My best friends mom – part 2

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Debbie and I got caught in the act by her daughter Jodie, now she joins in on the fun.

After Debbie dropped me off when we got home from the camping trip, I spent that night at home, and I jerked off quite a lot that night, having discovered how good playing with my cock could feel, and especially having sex, I couldn’t get enough, and ejaculating it the most incredible feeling ever, it’s a shame that feeling only last a few seconds though.

The next day I went round to Simon’s house, he hadn’t got back from his dad’s yet, so I knew Debbie would still be home alone, I knocked on the door, she opened the door with a smile, “Hey you.” She said, seductively, then she grabbed my shirt collar and pulled me in to the house.

I tripped and fell on to the floor, she sat on top of me and kissed me repeatedly, “I missed you last night.” She said.

“Me too.” I replied.

She stood up then picked me up and threw me over her shoulder like I was a sack of potatoes, she carried me up the stairs and threw me down on to her bed, “Strip!” she ordered while quickly removing her own clothes.

I obeyed then she jumped on to the bed just as I’d finished taking off my jeans, she gripped my boxer shorts and yanked them down my legs, my erect cock sprung up like a coiled snake, ready for her to use and abuse, this time she did something different, she put her head down and slurped my cock in to her mouth and started sucking on it.

“Ooh God! – Ooah – Wow.” I gasped, this was new and exciting.

The inside of her mouth felt a lot like her pussy, but it wasn’t as tight, and the way she swirled her tongue around my tip was just, “Oooh!” so good.

Then she got on top of me, sitting on my cock and she rode me, and rode me hard, “Your cock feels bigger than the other night. It’s growing.” She said, and she wasn’t wrong, I had also noticed that my cock was a bit longer when erect after our sex in the tent the other night, she must have put my puberty and hormones in to overdrive accelerating my growth.

I came inside her and then I pushed her over and got on top of her and I started fucking her again, without any rest in between, my cock just stayed hard the whole time, I was so comfortable with Debbie now, I wasn’t shy anymore, I pumped her pussy fast and hard while sucking and biting on her ample boobs.

“Oh, Callum. Sweetie, you have no idea how good you are. Holy crap.” She gasped, catching her breath after I came in her for the second time.

We decided to take a break and we went downstairs to get a drink and snacks, she gave me one of her robes to wear, we went down in to the kitchen and drank milk and had a ham and cheese sandwich while standing at the kitchen counter.

Then my robe fell open and Debbie saw my cock, she couldn’t resist and got down on her knees and sucked on my cock again.

I was standing with my back against the counter with my eyes closed, enjoying getting sucked off, when I heard a voice, “Mommy?”, I opened my eyes and we both looked to the side, Jodie was standing there, gobsmacked and staring at us.

“Jodie?!?!” said Debbie, in horror.

Jodie has been dropped off by her dad, luckily he didn’t come in to the house with her, we both looked around expecting to see Simon, but he’d decided to stay with his dad for a few more days, to our instant relief.

“Why are you biting off his pee-pee?” asked Jodie.

“Uhm…” Debbie uttered, then she closed my robe up and walked over to Jodie, “…Come with me in to the living room.” She said, taking Jodie’s hand and walking her out of the kitchen.

I sat at the kitchen table very worried about what was going to happen now that we’d been caught, they both returned to the kitchen about 20 minutes later, but it wasn’t as bad as I’d expected, it was so much better in fact.

Debbie had explained to Jodie what she was doing and that she wasn’t biting my pee-pee, she was sucking it, because it tasted nice and it was fun, Debbie had convinced Jodie to keep it a secret, but on condition that she was able to try it, I had to let Jodie suck on my cock.

I pulled out my chair but remained sitting down, I opened up my robe and Debbie and Jodie kneeled in front of the chair, Debbie instructed Jodie on what to do.

Jodie opened up her little 7 year old mouth as wide as she could and took my cock inside, her small mouth was so soft, it took her a couple of sucks before she started to like it, but then she really got in to it and gave me an even better blowjob than Debbie did, she even swallowed my come when I shot off in her mouth, she gagged a little but got it all down.

I went home after that so Debbie could talk to her some more and make sure she didn’t tell anyone our secret.

I went back round the next day, hoping for some more sex, but Debbie had been called in to work, she apologised and said she’d be back in a few hours, then we could have some fun, “Watch Jodie for me until I get back, okay. Thanks sweetie.” She said, kissing me before heading off out the door.

I was sitting in the house alone with Jodie for about an hour when she came up to me and asked, “Can I suck your pee-pee again?”, I was really horny so I said yes, we went upstairs to her bedroom and I sat on her bed, pulled my jeans and boxers down, then she kneeled in front of me and started sucking, I placed my hand on the top of her head and tried, gently, to force it down to get more of my cock in her mouth, I managed to get it deeper and could feel my tip hitting her uvula.

But I didn’t want to be just sucked off, I was craving pussy, so I stopped her, “Take your clothes off, Jodie.” I said.

“Why?” she asked.

“I want to have some different fun. You’ll like it.” I replied.

“Okay.” She said, and she stripped, as did I.

I got her to lay down on her back on the bed, she looked a lot different to her mom, obviously she was too young for boobs, her pussy was totally bald and smooth and her skin was so shiny and silky.
I got on top of her and was pushing my cock against her pussy but I couldn’t get it in, her hole was very small, I licked my finger and pushed that inside her instead, she whimpered briefly, “Its okay.” I said, and I continued to finger her, it took a while but she relaxed in to it and started moaning and like it, so I put 2 fingers in and slowly stretched her hole out.

As she lay there gasping and licking her little lips, I tried again, this time I managed to squeeze my cock inside, “Ooo – Ungh – Ouch.” She moaned, I kept inching my cock in and out slowly, and gradually her hole opened up enough to get my cock inside about 3 inches of it.

Then I just started fucking her, she was small underneath me as I held her tightly, with her little legs up in the air spread wide apart, and I pumped her little pussy for a good long 5 minutes before shooting off inside her, “Ooah – Oh yeah.” I groaned.

Little Jodie liked sex as much as me, and we fooled around and had more sex for hours until Debbie got home.

Debbie caught us in Jodie room having sex, she wasn’t angry, she was actually delighted and happy, “Can I join in?” she said, taking off her clothes and joining us on the bed.

I got to fuck both of them for the rest of the afternoon and we’ve had lots of threesomes together since.

Simon is still unaware that I’ve been fucking his mom and baby sister all these years.

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