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Mom only needed laid

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I was abuse by my mom when I was in my early teens
Mom and dad got divorced when I was 12.
Mom became very abusive to me. She would keep me grounded for the least things. She would tell me how I looked just like my dad and he was worthless and I will be also.
A year went by of this and one day things took a turn.
She was drinking and she came to my room ranting and raving after I had went to bed how dad was worthless and she hasn’t had a man since he left and I needed to go live with him so she could have more time. Then she looked at me stoped and pulled my blankets back looking at me laying there she went to reach for my underwear and started pulling them off. I stoped her holding her hands. She said let go and I did and she pulled them off. She grabbed my dick and said this is nothing but trouble for you. She said stroking me. I was scared but I started getting hard. She got angry so you like your mom holding you. What are you sick?
I said no and she laughed and leaned down licking me and then started sucking on me.
It was happening so fast I didn’t have time to think
She stood and took off her clothes. Climbed on me just looking at me not saying anything. I froze still and felt mom lower herself on me and watch as she goes from mean and nasty to moaning and begging me to make her feel good.
Her eyes changed from angry to loving and kept saying oh honey I’m sorry. I’m sorry . Over and over. Till she tenses up and jerks and has a orgasm she had ahold of my wrist and she squeezed as she was Rocky and then she locked her hips tight against me and I thought she had peed cause I felt it running down over my balls then she jerked a couple times holding tight against me. And inaudible words and she flooded me again. I didn’t even realize it but she was holding her breath the entire time and when she came down off of it I felt her body go limp and she collapsed on top of me laying on me breathing uncontrollably into my neck. When she caught her breath she said it again she was sorry. Begging me to forgive her holding me crying then thanking me for giving her something she hadn’t had in years.
She slept I. Bed with me and woke me in the morning kissing on my neck. She went down and I got hard again.
She then had me get on top of her. We fucked for hours that day. I got sore I never came I was just waiting for mom to flip and be mean again. She didn’t and when she don’t said come on baby come in mommy it was like she knew and I unloaded so hard it hurt.

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  • Reply Friendly mom ID:2liqqdmkh

    My sons friends always stared at me whever they came around since they got to high school. Probably cause they were in puberty by then.
    On many occasions they would pop around when they knew my son wasn’t around and say they wanted to use the pool. When they got to around 16 they would flirt with me when alone and touch.
    As each one turned 18 i found myself giving each of them the best 18 bday gift before they left to universities.

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    • dudelookingformilfs ID:2bgot7xv9a

      Would you steal my vcard

  • Reply Mark ID:bo2qeoyql

    Mom just needed a good fucking and I can relate to this from my childhood after my dad died for real
    [email protected]

    • Eddie ID:135zg02im2

      Please do tell