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Mom forced to pretend with son

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This is a made up story just a fantasy nothing I. This story is based on any true event

I saw a mom and her son at Walmart one day. She was in her early 30s her son was probably 11 or 12. I always had this fantasies of watching a mom with her own son. She was about 5 foot not tall nice tight ass and small titles. Her son was just a little shorter cute as can be looks a little like his mom same blue eyes.
This got me follow them around. I followed her home, I know creepy. But hey I watched them for a week. Saw when her husband left for work and when he got home. I made a plan and followed through. I knock on door on Tuesday morning after her husband went to work. She answered the door. Of course I knew her name now. Her son was still in bed.
I say Tina I need to talk to you she surprised me by opening the door and letting me in. We stood in kitchen and I immediately tell her if she don’t want to hurt her son or herself she will listen and do everything I say. She literally was so scared I thought she was going to owe her self when she realized in her half awake state she had let a stranger in her house. Me saying her name caught her off guard for a second.
She said . What do you want? Well first stay quiet so your son don’t wake up. Second let’s go to your bedroom.
She started trembling and sobbing saying please don’t hurt me.
I said I am not going to hurt you. I am not going to rape you. I won’t touch you. But you have to do everything I say. And I mean everything. She nodded and took me to her bedroom.
She had on a robe she answered door in. I told her to take it off. She protested saying you said.. I cut her off , I’m not. She had pajamas pink and white silky shorts and matching shirt under her robe as she let it fall off her shoulders she was visibly scared.
I told her to sit on edge of bed and don’t move. I said . Okay today if you do everything I say
I will leave here in a few hours and no one needs to know I was hear. I will not touch or your son. If you do everything I ask.
Any questions? She said what do u want me to do?
I pull out a Bluetooth out of my pocket. I want you to in a few minutes out this in your ear. And I am going to talk to you through it. You will do whatever I say. This will be going getting your son. What is his name? Billy. You will go get Billy and bring him to this room. You will not cry for his sake. You will not try and run for both your sake. You will bring him back here. You will be smiling. You will be the best actor you can be.
And you will undress him suck him and fuck him.
When I said this her eyes went wide open and she shook her head no.
I said you will or I will tie you up. Bring him in hear.
Feed him viagra and fuck his ass hard and when he gets hard make him fuck u anyway.
She got quiet. You do what I say. He won’t know I am here. And I will leave.when we are done . And we will be done it will be over no one will know.
I handed her the Bluetooth.
I told her to stand and face the wall.
I set my camera on dresser and turn it on when she was not working. I tell her when I tell you to do something you do it and make it look real. Smile fake enjoying it. Got it! She nodded her head yes. Go get your son I will hide in closet when u come back turn on tv so he can’t hear me telling u what to do. He won’t see me.
She was back in a few minutes I watch through slits in closet door. He was half awake. Asking what are we doing?
I said tell him we are going to play a game.
She looks at him smiling and says we are going to play a game. I was excited cause I didn’t know how this would work till I saw her tell him this and it looked sincere.he said I have to pee. I tell her he can go tell him to come right back. He left and she looked at closet. I said you are doing good. She put her hands over her face trying to compose herself.
Billy came back in. I said shut the door. , from this point she does everything I ask like a well trained robot.
I said now take your shirt off facing him.
She pulled her shirt off without much hesitation and Billy is standing looking at her. What are you doing Billy said?I am getting undressed . Okay what game ? I told her to tell him it’s a secret mom and son game.she does we can’t tell anyone about this. She repeated. Doing good. It’s like she’s doing it on own.
Take your bottoms off. She did ,I am rock hard.at this point. She was shaved smooth her tits were small but round and pointing straight out. He hips wet smooth and round and tan.
Her pussy lips were like I said shaved but also alittle puffy.
Go to him pull his under wear off and set him on edge of bed o your knees suck him hard when he is hard have him get on bed and you climb on top of him. Sh stood still. I thought she was going to back out. Billy was red faced and staring at his mom’s tits.
She then went to pull his underwear off. I say answer any questions he has . He asked why she was pulling his underwear off. She said well I am naked is it fair you are?
He said okay. She sat him on bed and got down on her knees and dove straight down take him in her mouth. She started bobbing up and down.. He asked what are you doing? She looked up pulling off of him and said. We are playing a game.
Down she we went Bobbing up and down..
If he’s hard stop and have him get on bed. She pulled off him. I was surprised. He was 12 but he was all but 4” maybe 5
It was skinnier but not bad for his size.

Get on him. She straddling him didn’t wait on me another surprise or she was just trying to get it over. She lowered herself on him and started rocking her hips. Mom?
Shh she said. Are we supposed to do this? She said
Yes we are. tell him it our secret I say.
She continued rocking. Tell him how good it feels.
She did but in a normal voice. I said tell him in a voice like you are horny. She did tell him how big he feels.
She did. He said something else and I didn’t hear. I just said tell him to stop asking questions and let mommy enjoy this.
He started to say something and she shh him again.
Move faster I say . At this point she was rhythmically just rocking her hips. I am throbbing in my pants.
She started getting aggressive to my surprise she takes his hand inner twine her hands and leans forward hold him down.
Now thrusting pretty aggressively. I start to tell her to start panting breathing harder but stoped because she was
She was thrusting her hips back and forth the length of him was almost coming out and back in all the way.
I said slowly build to a orgasm talk dirty to him. She just kept rocking. I said tell him to fuck mommy. She did say it.
I will come out. She blurting out in almost a panicked scream. FUCK MOMMY!!!!! Say oh baby. She did.
Oh baby over and over building to a orgasm and when you do jerk and tense up tight against him.
She played it out
Oh baby oh baby oh oh Billy
Tell him you are cumming
She kept rocking oh Billy yea yes mommy is cumming. And she jerked and tensed up and held tight against him and collapsed on him. Tell him you love him.
I love you I hear her whisper to him. Send him to his room tell him to go get a shower. When he left she was on bed naked I came out and she pulled blankets over her tears in her eyes.
I say look. I show her the camera. If you think you are going to tell on me this looks like a mom raped her son.
She nods her head. I a ready to explode. She was naked I said lay down. No you said . I cut her off I said I won’t hurt you
Our touch u well sorry
I need to release you are one hot mom.
I got on bed and shove my 7 inch fat cock in a very surprisingly wet tight pussy. She was soaked I pumped in her as fast and hard as I could and explode in her about the same moments hear her suck in her breath and tightened up. I look at her she was holding beer breath and her eyes were tight shut and then her hips jerked up to me her body giving her up. And she moaned out just for a sect and held her breath pushing her face sideways into the pillow and exhaled
I said you orgasmed on your son was real wasn’t it?
She took both her fist and hit my chest several times holding her breath I was still going soft in her felt her tense up on my soft cock and she thrusting her hips again in another orgasm.
She squirts so hard it shoots up my belly and on to her chest.
I laughed and took her juices and smeared it all over her. I get up pulling my pants up and she lay crying one hand over her mouth and one over her pussy. I get up to leave but stop looking at her on bed I lock door and take her again she was on her side I just rolled her on her belly her crying and standing on edge of bed start fucking her again she was crying and racist he hips at same time I pull out and slowly shove it into her ass. Sh let out a grunting moan and pushing against me let’s me fuck her ass still crying as she orgasmed again.. I can hear the shower running . I tell her go get in shower with your son so I can sneak out. She nodded her head and I watched as she slipped into the bathroom.
I went to leave but turned and went down cracking the door open see her getting in shower with her son and hugging him. I watched for about 5 minutes and left.

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  • Reply PO469 ID:7zvj3yct0c

    It ‘could have’ been a good story. How many times did you proofread it?

  • Reply zandy ID:16oihueov9c

    Difficult to follow at times but great idea for a story

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Great story only thing I would change is at the end I would have her watch me fuck her son in the ass

  • Reply Alone boyy ID:2run3g6ic

    this is a great story if you want to have fun girls