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Mom came in my room one night

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It was in January I remember dad was working graveyard shift.
Mom was watching tv all covered on blankets when I got up to go to bed. She said good night as I walked by to my room.
I was 12 or 13 at time. I was just about asleep when I heard my door open and mom came in. I saw her outline from the hall light when she shut the door. I said mom when I heard her come to beside my bed.
She shh me and I asked what she was doing. She said just be quiet in a whisper I don’t want your sisters waking up on other room.. Mon was slim 5 foot nothing but she was my mom I never looked at her sexually.
I heard her moving around beside bed and then felt her pull covers back and crawl in.
She was naked and warm against me I asked why she was in bed with me she just shh me. Not saying anything she slide her hand down my stomach and into my under wear
I laugh and try to pull away and she sternly said hold still.
I did and she started stroking me.I feel her go under blankets and pull me underwear down to my knees and felt her start sucking me till I got hard. She pulled off me and immediately
Straddling me laying forward on my chest took me into her she sat up rocking on me breathing hard and Rocky faster
Then moaned out tensing up on me the lay silent on my chest. She gets up and walks out just as quiet ast she came in. Never said a word about it since.

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    Du musst es ausnutzen das deine Mutter eine Schwanzgeile Schlampe ist benutze sie und ihre Hurenlöcher zeige ihr wer das sagen hat