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Me my friend and her dog

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(This was a couple years ago I am now 19)
I was 14 at the time I had a friend she was 13 she texted me she needed some company because her parents were gone for the weekend. The day came when I was going over her house I woke up that day extremely horny. When I got to her house I knocked on her door for 15 minutes I figured she was showering or sleeping so I made my way to the back of the house she told me she would leave the door open for me just incase when I walked in the house I called her name no response so I thought she wasn’t home so I made myself at home first thing I did was head to her bedroom to lay on her bed until she got home. As I was approaching her room I heard soft moans her saying “good boy max” that’s when it clicked in my head shes having sex with the dog I got extremely turned on by that. I then opened her door and she start freaking out saying “it’s not what it looks like I promise he just took advantage of me while I was changing” with a smirk I said “let him finish inside you like the good little slut you’re” she turned bright red she was blushing it’s like it turned her on even more I made my way to the side of the bed and pulled my cock out and I put it in her cute little mouth. While she was sucking on my cock max was fucking her good small moans were escaping her mouth as she was drooling all over my cock max finished then I pulled my cock out of her mouth put my fingers on her chin lifter her face up and said “good girl” and gave her a kiss on the lips. I walked max out of the room I then turned around locked the door and said “it’s now my turn to make you my cock sleeve” she turned around laying on her back and spread her legs I could see how wet her pussy was and it made my cock throb so much she then saw my cock and said “please take it slow it’s much bigger than maxs I don’t know if I could handle it” I said “you don’t tell me what to do slut just take this cock like the slut you’re” I proceeded to slowly put my hard throbbing cock inside her pussy I could feel her warm pussy mold around my cock she looked really nervous when I got halfway there she was already moaning legs shaking and everything. I didn’t want to keep her waiting so with a quick thrust I inserted my entire cock inside of her I felt her pussy squeeze my cock real tight. She screamed then bit her lips. She wrapped her hands around my back locking her legs on my lower thigh begging me to fuck her harder “oh fuck yes” she screamed while I was pounding her wet pussy I could feel her getting more wet after every thrust and I could feel her pussy begging for more dripping wet begging me for more she pulled me in and we started making out. She stopped and told me she was going to squirt I went even harder and faster make her eyes roll to the back of her head she started shaking I pulled out and she squirted all over the bed and on my cock seconds later I start licking her pussy. I turned her around face down ass up and I started licking her pussy while rubbing her clit she was moaning her brains out barely able to get any words out of her mouth. After I was done I slowly put my cock inside her molding around my hard throbbing cock. As I was slowly putting my cock in her pussy It’s like her body melted she let out she longest moan and her body went limp barely being able to hold herself up and while grabbing the sheets she said “this pussy belong to you daddy I’ll let you do whatever you want to me” that is what did it for me I felt a shock going down my spine I was about to cum I pulled out turned her around and shoved my cock inside her cute little mouth and exploded filling her mouth she swallowed and said “I belong to you now daddy” we both laid in bed exhausted naked for hours. Later that night I said “what if you suck my cock while max licks your pussy” she then said “I’ve been waiting for you to bring that up” I called max up to the room I laid down with my cock hard and throbbing she started sucking my cock I could feel her tongue circle around my cock. She then went down and started sucking on my balls while stroking my cock. Max was licking her pussy she could barely suck my cock cause of how much she was moaning after max got tired I decided I wanted to finish so I decided to fuck her cute little mouth and cum down her throat. Tears going down her eyes from gagging and saliva everywhere I could tell she was enjoying the hell out of it I exploded but this time deep I’m her mouth all the way back in her throat so she was forced to swallow as I pumped my cum down her throat I pulled out gave her a kiss on the lips called her a good little whore and we went to bed.

Unfortunately this was a one time thing but, If you’d like do chat drop your snap down below and I’ll add you 😉
Hope you enjoyed my story and if you’re wondering yes this story is 100% real.

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