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Me and my older stepbrother pt. 2

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The first time I sucked a dick the background to me and my step brother how we met is in the first story so I recommend reading that first.

⚠️(This story is true about me in this case I am the younger one and I did enjoy it in no way does abuse have to do with this story. Currently I am under 18. Read the first story I posted for the background of my and Shawn)⚠️

It was a summer day I was 11 at the time and Shawn was 13. they had moved since what happened in the last story. This house was big fairly long driveway, big front and backyard but the house was still visible from the street and we could see the neighbors from the house. It had 3 floors up down and basement with a finished basement. The basement was our chill spot most of time time and other times we were in his room. His room was upstairs the upstairs had a small hall but there were 4 doors 3 bedrooms and 1 bath upstairs his room was the only one on the right side and it was across from the bathroom the hall has a small turn I’ll just show u…

His Sister’s door *| | his door |
__| |____/ ___|
Parents door * |
| ____/ ___
Stairs end | Bath |

Each bed room was big Shawn had a full sized bed and he had a big tv and a Xbox and in the basement was a guest room I never slept in and a 2nd family room with a sectional couch and a big tv and the computer from the old house…

It was a sunny day so we decided to ride our bikes (I didn’t live with them I brought my bike from my house) when we got on our bikes we would go around the corner there was a park there. They also had a lot of trees in the backyard it was alot of space than in the back of the backyard there was trees if u go a little into the “forest” there would be a gate and u hop that it would lead to the park but we didn’t do that cuz we had bikes but anyway we would go to the park and play he had friends there but I was kinda anti I only talked to Shawn really but we would also swing and do challenges. After we were done playing we finally sat down Shawn got on his phone and said “Oh shit” I said “what” “it’s 8:11” we got up almost in sync with each other got on the bike and rode home as fast as we could. Our curfew was at 8pm so we had to hurry my dad also got off work at 8 and he’s the one that made the curfew and doesn’t play about it. We got home at 8:18 and beat my dad there his mom was up in her room sleeping so I don’t think she knows when we got in. 2 mins later my dad walked in he asked was we alright we said yeah. Than he said “have y’all been out playing all day” we said “no we got in at 7:50pm” than he said “so basically yeah” we laughed than he told us to get in the shower and Shawn got in first I went to his room and turned on GTA I played until he got out. He got out the shower and walked in the room with dark blue pajama pants on and a black T shirt. He came and sat next to me I waited until I died on gta than walked off and got in the shower. I got out with dark red pajamas on button up long sleeved top. We played the game for a bit than at 10pm on the dot my dad came in and said it’s time to go to bed he asked where I wanted to sleep and that it’s up to me I said I would sleep in Shawn’s bed he said ok he already had pillows in his hand in case I wanted to sleep in the basement and it would have been in the family room because there was a tv. He walked over to me (in Shawn’s room he was standing at the door at first) and gave me a pillow and sat the blanket down Shawn obviously already had sheets and pillows I took the pillow got in bed my dad said “alright goodnight y’all” and walked out I turned on YouTube Shawn got in the bed next to me. I asked “what u wanna watch” “I don’t know just go down the list” we decided to watch ridiculousness they had 16 min clips of eps and it was our favorite show to watch we would do try not to laugh with water in our mouth… but not tonight I wanted to do something sexual I still haven’t done anything serious with clothes off yet so I just wanted to touch him and him to touch me than we would go to sleep I guess… but we watched tv for a bit than I laid on my side with my ass facing him (if your laying in the bed on your back the left side is right next to the wall) and I was on my side facing the wall and he was behind me I think he was playing subway surfers and he said “u bouta go to sleep” I said “no” he just said ok after 2 mins I moved back bringing my ass closer to him u wanted him to touch it or rub his dick on it than I just moved back until it touched him my ass was on hip now… he yawned and stretch as he stretched he laid on his side than his dick was already hard and in between my cheeks with clothes on btw he was laying on his side and on his phone I started to move up and down rubbing his dick with my ass he put his phone down and starting humping he was 13 going through puberty his dick was a little thicker now still about 5-6 inches also I think he watched porn so he knew what to do while I thought what we were doing was sex… he started going faster I started to quietly fake moan he stopped and said “you ok” I said “yeah him “can u put it in your mouth” Me “put what in my mouth” H “my dick” I said ok than moved over he moved to the middle of the bed sitting up a little and I was next to him he pulled his drawls down just enough to show his dick and balls he held it up for me and was looking for something to put on the tv than I put the tip in my mouth than took it back out and said “there” he said “it felt good can u do it again” I did it again and took it right back out than he said “no can u put it in your mouth than go up and down” I said “ok but why” he said “cuz it feels good” I said “well ok” I put it in my mouth than went up and down over and over again for about 20 seconds than I got up to spit in his garbage can than brought the can next to the bed the spit was building up after having my lips around his dick for so long he told me “next time just let the spit come out on his dick” I said “ok” sat back down next to him and and leaned over to start sucking again I put it in my mouth and starting moving my head up and down not letting it go to deep after about 15 seconds of doing that the spit started to build up I let it out of my mouth than it dripped down to his balls and got on the bed I kept going than I took it out of my mouth spit dripping from my lips and said “my jaws are tired” he said “ ok move down a little and lay on your side and put your head on the bed no pillow” I did that he moved his dick by my face and said “ok now put it in your mouth” the wall was behind me only a few inches from touching it I put it in my mouth and he started to stroke my mouth with his dick he was going slow I just closed my eyes until he was done after about 20 seconds he started going to deep the the first time he did I gaged a little my head was under the covers we did that just incase somebody walked in his door didn’t have a lock but after he went to deep I put my hand on his hip and he said “sorry” than kept going I kept eventually the bed was really wet from all the spit and the side of my head and he started going to deep again I started to move my head back and he was moving up than the back of my head hit the wall softly and he kept going all of a sudden He put his dick to the back of my throat 2x off of reaction I pushed him than grabbed the garbage can which Was next to the bed and was gagging a lot and almost threw up… After a min I got back on the bed and it had spit all over it I didn’t know it was that wet he said “you ok ” I said “yeah I almost threw up u went to deep ”he said “sorry and can we do it again I was almost finished” I told him “yeah but don’t go to deep” he said ok I laid back down on my side and put his dick in my mouth it was taking a long time for him to “finish” I started to get sleepy and closed my eyes and just let him do it than he said lay on your back and I did than he got on top of me put his dick over my mouth than slid his dick in my mouth and started stroking he started going fast and a little deeper not to the point where I gagged but I was just a little scared because I thought we would get caught my mouth was making sounds and the bed mattress had a kinda crunch sound and u could hear it as he stoked my mouth than all of a sudden he put his whole dick down my throat my eyes shot wide open and I gagged on his dick which made a lot of noise and it was alot of liquid coming out of his dick while it was in my throat I tried to swallow just off reaction and he moaned a little than he slid it out and saliva was dripping down off his balls onto my shirt as he was over me my chin and neck was wet but than I was coughing and gagging after a few seconds he said “sorry I couldn’t help it” I said it’s ok and asked “did u pee in my mouth?” He said “ew no it was cum” I said “what’s cum” he said “it’s what people use to have babies” and “I asked so that means I’m pregnant?” He said “no cuz boys can’t get pregnant especially kids but it also basically mean we done doing it” I said “ok” he went and grabbed a dirty shirt and whipped his dick off than pulled his pants up I went to the bathroom got a napkin and whipped the spit off my chin and neck than went in the room and laid back down and went to sleep.

Thank you for reading I wasn’t allowed to post the link so I made a discord I will post when I’ve posted a new story also images that go with the story will be there including the link from the last story add me on Discord at ShawnUnkown#1210 and I’ll invite u to the sever or how ever it works I’ll figure it out you don’t have to download the discord app you can use google for it but thanks again for reading

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