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Me and my little sister

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How I convinced My twelve year old sister to give me her virginity

Sara My twelve year old sister was always wanting me to play with her, me being her older brother was always trying to get rid of her until that summer when our mother got sick. Our Dad he left and was never seen during mom’s bad health, this brought me and Sara closer than we had ever been.
We began spending every day doing something together to help each other with the hurt we felt loosing our Mom so we were always out in the woods or in our Barn living on a farm has many places to go, me going through puberty and being 17 was always horny so I started getting Sara to go swimming with me she was starting to develop breast and I noticed. I let her swim in her clothes the first few times but I wanted to see what her growing breast.
The next time we go out to the swimming hole I told her we have to take our clothes off because it’s too much laundry when we have wet clothes and have to change as soon as we get home, she was so young and did not think anything was wrong with the idea. I was so excited to see her remove her shirt sis did not have a bra on and seeing her young breast with her small nipples that where hard the sight of them enlarged my seven inch dick so as I watched Sara remove her shorts and panties I was removing All of my clothes I seen my little sister’s hairless pussy and I ejaculated without even touching my self to my horror Sara had seen my explosion and said bub what was that.
I told her that boys do that when a girl is close by and she needs to get the juice from a man to keep her from getting sick she didn’t want to be sick like Mom and ask what she needed to do so she would not be sick I told her that I have to put something inside of her she looked scared so I pulled her close to me so she could feel safe I said it would hurt a little but that it would feel good after a little while she would enjoy it I had her she was convinced that I was going to save her so I started telling her that I would have to touch her down there but we can not talk about it she agreed.
So using our clothes as a blanket I laid her down told her to spread her legs so I can get her ready Sara did everything that I asked I could not believe that I was going to fuck My kid sister I began licking her pink little pussy and pushing two, fingers inside of her tight virgin pussy until I can’t take it I move into position to put my seven inch dick inside of my twelve year old sister I was so excited that I cum on her stomach but thankfully I stayed hard as a rock and used my sperm as a lubricant as the Head of my member slides between her perfect pussy lips I feel Sara pulling away from me and I have to grab her little waist and hold her in place that was all It took and I entered My Sara Beth for the first time .sis are you okay I asked Sara said it hurts bub I moved in and then back almost out of her as I remind her that it will start to feel good soon.as I say this to her I can feel her getting wetter and she is moving in to me as I am entering her All the way to my balls I pick up the Pace and Sara’s reaction tells me that she is loving her brothers Big dick inside of her tiny pussy.
I fuck her with everything I have harder and harder she is moaning crazy like as she cums All over me her little Virgina is so wet but so amazingly tight I can’t hold my load I cum all the way inside of My sara Beth she’s still holding me inside of her when I stop twitching and feel her orgasmic twitch continue that is all it takes for me to get hard again I rolled over and pulled her up on top of me my hard dick drives into her easy now and Sara ask me what she is to do I move her up and down on me and sis understanding want to do takes over and started slamming her pussy down on my cock as hard as she was going I fucking Lost it and nutted inside her again this time she said bub you have filled me up with your medicine I can feel it running down my but bub having her say that I pulled out of my sister and look at my cum running out of my little Sara Beth oh what have I done is all I can think everyday after that Sara wants me to go with her to swim so she can get her brothers dick. I’m new to writing and hope to get better but I want to tell you about my real life incest with my sister and now daughter so please let me know what you think and I might tell you more about the thirteen year of loving my sister Sara beth

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    good work nice teaching hope you do more with her and make her sleep with you

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    love to hear more. please continue.

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    i sucked on my older sis tits when i was 10 and she was 13. i got some great incest stories

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    I wanna fuck my lil sis so badly

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      Do it use force if you have to

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    Ok story. Need to work better on using punctuation marks, not just at the end of a paragraph. Also be a bit more detailed.

    Hopefully in your next story you will breed your sister

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      Nasty pedo

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