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Me and my cousin show true feelings for each other..

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Me and my cousin try out something that’s been on my GAY cousin’s mind…

It was a tiresome day since I was packing up to go visit my aunt with her one son ( my cousin) who I was going to stay with while my parents went on vacation for 2 months. My aunt had driven to my house to come pick me up since my parents had already left and called my aunt beforehand to let her know they were leaving. It had taken at least a nice 20 minutes for my aunt to arrive at my house. Once she found parking she called me to come down the block because the parking was packed. I grabbed my luggage and went outside. I started walking down the block and from a far I saw her waving. I quickly picked up my pace and got to her not so long. We hugged and I got inside the car. The drive from my house to my aunt’s house was very long, about 2 hours because when my parents were leaving she had already started driving towards my house. Fast forward and we made it to my aunt’s house. I walked into her home and quickly unloaded my luggage onto her couch. She told me I can set my stuff up at my cousin’s room since that’s where I’ll be sleeping for the next few months. I asked where my cousin went and she said that he is coming home from school and should be here slowly. My cousin is 12 and I’m 13 years old. I finally finished everything I had to do. My cousin walks in. “Hey! I missed you!” “Hi, how was school?”
“Good, how was unpacking.. Long?” “Yep, very time consuming but I got the job done.” “Well I gotta take a shower. I stink from gym class, have you taken a shower yet?” “Nah, haven’t got the chance yet” “wanna take one with me?” “Umm, i’m not sure if your mom’s gonna be ok with that.” “Forget about what she says, i have something to show you anyways” ” fine but if we get in trouble you take the blame.” “Door has a lock and plus mom goes to sleep early, no need to worry” “let’s do this now then. I replied so quick but confused as to why he wanted to show me something in the shower. We went to the bathroom and he told me to look away because he was getting naked. I replied with “sure” , still confused. He then said it’s fine cuz I’m gonna have to look at him. I say ok and I begin pulling my clothes off one by one. I bent over to turn the shower on and his asshole showed as well as his balls. His ass and balls were hairless and had a girl-like ass too. I felt my face become red and my cock hardened a little. He looked back and said “that’s my butt!” I looked away and said sorry for starring. He quickly replied saying i have a nice looking butt, kinda hard not to look at it” . He felt the temperature of the shower and said I could get in. He grabbed his phone quickly and started typing aggressively. I got in the shower and asked if he was ok. He said he was fine and was looking up this video he had watched on his alone time. ” Have you seen porn before?” He said in a whisper. “Yeah but not a lot because my friend was watching it and turned it off one time, i know what cumming is and a vagina that’s all really.” He said “well this is my favorite and i wanted you to try it with me. He played a gay femboy hentai video from xvideos and fast fowarded to a part where he was stroking a guy’s dick.” Let me do it to you, I’ve been practicing “”sure, looks hot” he grabbed my dick and started fiddling with it. It got hard and it was abt 5.5 inches long, not major but decent for my age. He looked at it and said ” I’m gonna suck your cock now” . He put his lips on my tip and opened his mouth. He wrapped his lips around my tip and started licking it which felt nice. He pushed more into his mouth as his tongue slid on the bottom of my cock’s shaft. He then started bobbing his head while more of his spit filled the bottom of his mouth. The spit was so nice and warm. I couldn’t take it anymore and started to moan softly. ” I can’t take it, it feels so good!” ” he stopped and asked what else is in the video for me to do? “I looked down at the phone and skimmed through the video until i got up to a part where it showed the femboy in missionary being fucked in his ass fast. I told him the video shows a guy fucking another guy in the butt. ” he said “yes!” And he got up from his knees. He got out of the shower and grabbed the lotion on the sink counter. It read “KY Jelly” “external & internal use.” I took the lotion and poured a nice amount onto his hand and began rubbing the liquid on my erect penis. My CS (cousin) bent over and rubbed LOTS of lotion on his ass and took his middle finger and jammed it inside. He fingered himself and then stuck finger out. My cs told me to stick it in and wagged his ass. I got so horny and grabbed his waist. I pulled him towards me and aimed my dick and pressed it against his asshole. He begged to put it in. My cs told me to push slow at first. I began pushing in and my tip slipped in as I pushed the remaining inches I had. As I pushed I felt his push out and it gave more room for me to slide it nicely. I got it and he couldn’t have been more hornier. He said start thrusting. I gave in to his words and the feeling of tightness around my dick and started thrusting. I was slowly thrusting and then he started moaning and breathing heavily. My cs screamed out faster already! And he was right. I was holding back. I pushed all of my inches inside his ass and thrusted hard and fast. He started screaming “mhmm! Fuck my hole daddy! Just like that !” “Your so tight and you feel go–od!” “Oh my god this is sooo good! My ass!” I pumped him more and more. His cock was bouncing up and down in the rhythm of my pumps. His cock started leaking lots of pre-cum. I grabbed his left shoulder and grabbed his right ass cheek and squeezed “how does my cock feel?” “A-amazing daddy” I grabbed his cock and stroked it fast and let it go with my right hand. He said ” I can’t take it, I’m gonna cum daddy! Cs started pushing his butt into me and his dick started bursting white streams of cum. I felt my balls slap against his while I pumped his ass. Eventually the video had changed while i was fucking him. The femboy was hopping on the guy’s dick. Cs looked at the phone and said i wanna do that so stop humping me. I pulled out of him and he told me to lay down in the tub. He turned the water off and was just a full tub of water with my dick sticking out. He pushed my chest back and sat on my dick. He grabbed my shoulders and hopped up and down. “Grab my hips and lift me up and down on your cock daddy.” “O-ok” I replied. I was stunned, the feeling was unexplainable. It was completely erotic and it made me feel a new type of pleasure. We stared at each other, he was biting his lip while i was completely in euphoria. He leaned in for a kiss and i did too. He stop hopping and he stopped lifting. We started to make out. We open our mouths and french kissed. Our tongues were wrapping around each other’s. He leaned away and said ” I love you” “I love you too,” I said in love with what happened. He grinded on my cock as we made out again. “Wait, i feel my dick pulsing” “im gonna cum!” “Yes! Breed me you whore! He grinded faster and started thrusting too. ” It’s coming!” ” his tongue was sticking out from peer pleasure. “Ahh-” I pushed all the way inside him and cs started moaning. My cock pulsated and felt a big hot slimy load filling my slut cousin’s ass with my cum. Cs Laid his head on my chest. He started stroking his flaccid cock slowly as his dick poured out bits of cum while I was still pouring more into his guts. My dick flopped out his ass while white liquid rushed out from his pulsing asshole walls. We eventually cleaned up. By taking an actual shower and going he went to bed soundly. I stayed up that night thinking. “I fucked my cousin.”

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