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Making babies part 4

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Making love to my submissive mom and allowing her to have an orgasm for the first time in weeks

The following morning I woke up with a hard on, instead of jerking off, I put on my shorts and went downstairs looking for a pussy or mouth I could use to release my morning load.
I got to the kitchen and mom had made breakfast, so instead of getting my rock off first I opted to eat breakfast first.

As I was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast, for some reason mom looked extra hot today. It wasn’t that she had changed her hair, or was wearing some new sexy outfit. For some reason I couldn’t keep my eyes off her, while we ate breakfast.

After I was done eating, mom came over and cleared my plate and went to the sink to wash the dishes. As she was turned away from me washing the dishes, I couldn’t help but want to fuck her real bad. I was horny, my dick was really hard, there was nothing stopping me from fucking the hell out of my mom that morning.

I got behind mom and started fondling her all over her body, while I was grinding my hard cock between her ass. I had my hand inside her nightgown playing with her big juicy tits. I was kissing her on the neck, she had her hand on the back of my head and we were making out like passionate lovers.

This went on for a while, and I was ready to fuck. I turned her around and took of her silk nightgown to reveal my mom’s gorgeous naked body. I picked her up and sat her on the kitchen counter. When began making out again, and this time I began playing with her pussy. Mom’s pussy was already dripping wet, so after a few minutes of passionate making out, and pussy rubbing. This went on for a little more while, until mom had her first orgasm of the day.

Although she was already wet, I knew she was now ready to be fucked, like the slut she is. In one motion I had taken off my shorts and had my raging cock ready to penetrate mom’s wet pussy. I placed my cock at the entrance of her pussy and rubbed it a few times to get nice and wet. With one powerful thrust I had my whole cock inside my mom’s hot, wet pussy. I  held my cock in her pussy for a while, and then I withdrew my cock from her pussy slowly, just as the head of my cock was about to leave her pussy,  I went back in again with another powerful thrust.  I loved how mom was holding on to me so tight like a baby who didn’t want to be separated from their parent. Each time I would thrust in her, mom would basically scream in pleasure. And, as I held my cock in her she would breathe heavily on my neck.

I kept this up for a while until I started to increase the pace. Slowly but surely I increased the pace until I was fucking mom hard and fast. At this point she was basically screaming not moaning.  I kept fucking her until she had an orgasm. I didn’t stop and kept fucking until she had another orgasm back to back.

At this point I could feel the pressure in my balls build up.  I pulled out of mom’s pussy, because I didn’t want to cum yet. I flipped mom around and bend her over on the counter, since I didn’t want to cum yet I began to eat her pussy to another loud orgasm.

As soon as I was ready, I positioned my cock at her pussy entrance and began to fuck her in abundance. At that moment I was in love with my submissive sly of a mother. Nothing mattered at that moment than fucking the woman that gave birth to me. I was moaning so loud, it felt like heaven.

I kept fucking her for a while more, until I was ready to cum. This was it, I was going to cum in my mom’s wet  practically leaking, hot pussy. After a couple of hard strokes, I couldn’t hold it anymore. I unloaded stream after steam of hot baby making juice inside mom’s pussy. I was groaning like a wild animal cumming in mom’s pussy.

Although mom is my personal pleasure toy, once every few weeks I would treat her like my lover and pleasure her in return and allow her to have an argasm. After Cumming in mom’s pussy I heard someone  clapping, and that brought me back to reality.

I looked around and saw my little sister maddie sitting on the kitchen table giving a round of applause for such a wonderful performance.  I asked how long she was there, she said since I started playing with mom’s pussy.  And she didn’t say anything because she was enjoying the show.  I couldn’t complain, the fact the she enjoyed watching me fuck our slut mom, made me happy.

Mom was on her knees cleaning my wet cum covered cock without me telling her to do so. While I was talking to my little sister. I was telling my little sister what a good slut mom is. After mom sucked me dry, she kept play with my cock rubbing it all over her face and sucking my balls until I was hard again. 

I told mom, to got get a shower and get cleaned up. With any hesitation she pick up her nightgown on the floor and  I watched as she went upstairs to get cleaned. With my  cock hard, I turned and looked at my little sister and said “it’s time for you to get fucked “. She couldn’t help it but blush like a little girl (I guess she was a little girl).

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