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Making babies part 3

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I’m back sorry for the long ass wait, please forgive me. Open to chatting with anyone Contact at: [email protected] Hope you enjoy my story.

The rest of the summer I would spend fucking my mom and sister (Maddie 13). Any chance I would get sneak into my little sister Maddie’s room and fuck her in every way possible. Other times I would spend almost the entire night eating her pussy out, making her cum over and over again.

With mom it was different I liked dominating her. She almost had no say in when and how I fuck her pussy. All she knew was that she had to be ready to pleasure me at any given moment. In the mornings she would give me blowjobs in the kitchen while she’s making breakfast,  and sometimes we would almost get caught by my little sisters.

Mom never particularly like anal, so the first time I fucked her ass she was fighting me and begging me to stop. But, the more she struggled the more horny I became and I’d fuck her so good until I came deep in her ass.

For weeks I had it good. I was fucking a 13 year old pussy secretly, and I had a 42 year old submissive pussy. By the last week of summer I knew I had my mom and little sister where I wanted them. It was finally time to have fun with the both of them at the same time.

So one night before summer ended Katie my youngest sister was at a sleepover. Maddie, mom and me had already had dinner and we were ready to call it a night. Maddie and mom were in their rooms and I was watching a movie in the living. I suddenly became hard (tbh: I was always hard or semi hard most of the time). I took my shorts of and sat there with a shirt and naked from the waist down. Instead of jerking off I texted mom to come down stairs.

It took mom 15 minutes and a second text to come down stairs. I was pissed because she knows full well that nothing in her life is more important than pleasing me. This past weeks of summer I’ve been teaching her that her top priority in life was my sexual pleasure, everything else was secondary.

When mom got downstairs she knew she had messed up, and was apologizing profusely, begging me not to punish her. But, I had to punish her, for being a bad slut. So I told her to get the wooden spoon from the kitchen so I can dish out her punishment.

She got the wooden spoon so fast I was impressed. So I decided that for her punishment, I will only spank her. She took off her silk night dress(she had no panties on) and bend over my lap ready to receive her punishment. Then I started spanking her beautiful round ass, with the wooden spoon.

Each time I spanked her she was screaming louder and louder and tears were rolling down her face. Seeing all that my dick got harder. Lost in all the bliss I didn’t hear my little sister Maddie come downstairs. It took a little while before mom Maddie and jumped from my lap in shock and tried to cover herself. When I realized what was going on I saw Maddie there with the most shocked face I’ve ever seen.

When she asked what was going on, I simply told her there truth, “your slut mom is getting punished for keeping my hard dick waiting without relief “. Maddie seemed even more confused. So I told mom to clarify things for her, “look Maddie my priority is to satisfy your brother’s sexual needs, whenever and however he wants”. Before she could continue I cut her off, “Look Maddie mom is now my personal slut and that’s all there is to it”. Before she could say anything I pulled Maddie by the hand to sit next to me on the couch, then I think for the first time she noticed my huge steel hard cock. In that moment I could see the lust in Maddie’s eyes. It was gonna be a great night.

I turned my attention back to my slut mommy, and told her it’s time to suck my cock. Without hesitation mom got on her knees and took my cock in her mouth and started sucking me like her life depended on it, Man I was in heaven. After a while I noticed my 13 year old sister playing with her pussy over her pajamas. I started kissing her passionately while mom was sucking my dick. I was so horny I couldn’t hold back anymore. I felt pressure started to build in my balls, mom sensed it and started sucking me harder, I was moaning like a wild man. I had to release,  I grabbed my mom’s head and started face fucking her harder and harder until I released streams of baby making juice down her throat, filling her mouth and some leaking out and dripping down her chin to her tits. All the while Maddie was sitting there watching in amazement.

Mom always swallows, but this time I told her to hold my cum in her mouth. Then I told Maddie to get on her knees. Like a good little girl she did. “Now kids each other” I told both Maddie and mom. They looked at me surprised. ” Go on do it” I said with authority establishing who was in charge.

Without missing a beat Maddie and mom were making out with ferocious passion. I couldn’t believe it, my 13 year old little sister and mom were making out like long lost lovers. After a while of witnessing such erotic sight I felt my cum covered semi-naked dick come to life. After I ward hard again I told Maddie to take off all of her pajamas. While she was getting naked, I took of the last piece of clothing I had on. Now the three of us were naked as the day we were born.

I told Maddie to switch positions with me. Now she was sitting on the couch with her legs spread out display that sweet young pussy. It was no surprise that Maddie was already wet. “Eat you daughter’s pussy “, I told mom. She looked at me like she couldn’t believe what I told her. With a slap across her face I told her again, “eat Maddie’s pussy!”. Maddies seems to be turned on by my dominance over mom.

Mom then delve deep in her 13 year old daughter’s pussy eating her out like never before. I stood there standing watching the most beautiful erotic scene and it wasn’t even a porn movie, it was real life. After a while Maddie had her 1st orgasm of many that night.

After Maddie calmed down from her orgasm mom was about to stop, and I spanked her ass and told her to keep eating her daughter’s pussy until I said stop. Mom got back to eating my little sister’s pussy with a passion bringing her to another orgasm. While mom continued to eat maddie’s pussy, I got on the couch and started fucking her mouth. I fucked Maddie’s mouth for a while and I knew I didn’t want to cum in her mouth so I pulled out and told mom to stop and sit on the opposite couch and watch me fuck her daughter.

Maddie and I changed positions. She got onto of me and started riding my dick like a pro. The room was filled with moans of pleasure, from the most taboo things ever, a brother fucking his sister, while their mother was watching and not allowed to touch herself.  Maddie and I fucked in a different number of positions, until we settled in doggy style while facing mom directly.

All the while mom was so horny she was begging me to let her finger herself so could have an orgasm, but, I shut that shit down. I wasn’t gonna let her touch herself and have an orgasm. The last time I let her have an orgasm was 5 days ago. She was sexually frustrated it was driving her nuts. After while of hard pounding my 13 year old sister I felt my orgasm building up. At that moment I locked eyes with mom while fucking Maddie like a mad man. After a couple of hard pounding strokes I released rope after rope of hot cums into my 13 year old little sister’s pussy.
That was enough to drive my submissive mom over the edge and have an orgasm without anyone touching her. Watching it happen was enough to make me have a second orgasm just seconds after I’ve already had an orgasm. As for Maddie I’ve lost how many time she orgasmed.

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    Hallo John nun der kleine Arsch deiner Schwester freut dich bestimmt auch über einen harten Schwanz und deine anderes Schwester ja gerauches die auch zeig ihr das alle Frauen nur Huren sind die uns zu gefallen haben wie wäre es wenn du die huren in deiner Familie in natursekt einführt auch wäre es geil wenn du zum Beispiel mit deiner huren Mutter in den Park gehst und sie dort von alten stinkenden pennen benutzen lässt

    • John Wrights ID:mzgdgchi

      Unfortunately pee, and dirty smelly type things, turns me off

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    What about taking Katie next. Please continue.

    • John Wrights ID:mzgdgchi

      That’s the plan

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    Absolutely amazing story thank you for sharing I can’t wait to hear more about how you dominate that slut mother you fuck the hell little sister can see a gangbang in Their future

    • John Wrights ID:mzgdgchi

      Giving me some ideas…
      Hey if you ever want to chat hit me up at: [email protected]