Life as a female medical rep (29f)

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So these stories really happen to me, this one just being the first. It’s what it really takes to be a successful sales rep as a women in medical

Little about me. I’m 29. Workout all the time 5’3 and petite but work hard on my butt cause it’s all I got.

It’s been a long day working at the office, spending most of the day avoiding Dr Smith at all costs I had been relatively successful, and continued thinking he doesn’t realize who I am. Ashley comes to the back and asks if I’m almost done, I tell her I need to clean up the patient bathroom, and she asks If I would mind if she steps out for a minute to take something to UPS, but she will come back and close the office. No big deal, I tell her. I start cleaning the patient bathroom, and all of a sudden the door shuts behind me, and locks. I jiggle the handle trying to get out, and the next thing I know Dr Smith pulls the curtain back from the window in the wall of the lab. He says “Hey there…Amy.” Nervously I respond, asking why I’m locked in the bathroom. He tells me he doesn’t appreciate that he had been texting me so long ago and I had stopped responding. I try to lie my way out of it as politely as possible, but he’s not buying it. He pulls his phone out and snaps a photo of me. I tell him to stop, and he just smiles. I ask to be let out of the bathroom, and he tells me no. That I’m going to stay in there and do what he tells me to do until he’s satisfied, otherwise I’ll be in there all night. He tells me I need to “make up to him for not answering his texts”. Frantically trying to figure out how I’m going to get out of there, I agree to pacify him for the time being. Thinking surely it won’t get too bad. He starts telling me to take pieces of my clothing off, shoes, cardigan, pants, shirt. I’m standing there in my bra and underwear while he keeps snapping photos, still in a panic I try to reason with him to let me out. Again, he tells me no. He says now you really have to do what I say because I will tell everyone you’ve sent me all of these photos of yourself, what do you think people will think then? I convinced them you were texting me for ulterior reasons before didn’t I? Think of how bad this will be with these pictures. I hold back tears worried what is to come. I agree, hanging my head. He commands I look up at him and take my bra off, and underwear. He tells me to spin around so he can see all of me, commenting on how he never thought I looked like I do under my work clothes. Now crying, and begging him to stop – he says absolutely not. You’ll do as I say, telling me how he can’t wait to show all of these pictures to his office manager in my other office if I don’t do what he asks. I dry up my tears, because they’re not helping my case and reluctantly agree once again. He tells me to sit on the edge of the sink, with my heels up on the sink, and tells me to touch myself exactly as he says. He starts by telling me to rub my clit, slowly. Asking me if it feels good, telling me to keep going. My eyes are closed but I open them slightly and I can see him filming me. He tells me to slide one of my fingers inside myself, and use that finger that’s nice and wet to rub my nipples. Commenting on watching them get hard, he stops yelling at me to open my eyes and look at him. I do as I’m told. He tells me to keep rubbing my clit, and keep sliding my fingers in and out. It goes on like this for a while, until he seems to get angry. He leaves the window and a moment of relief comes until I realize he’s opening the door. Still in his scrubs, he grabs me by the hair and jerks me off of the sink, shoving me to my knees, ripping his scrub pants down to his ankles he grabs the back of my head shoving his hard cock in my mouth over and over, begging him to stop, crying, he pulls it out yells at me to look him in the eye and says there’s only on other thing to make this stop. I notice he’s still filming me, he grabs my hair again jerks me up off my knees and violently bends me over the sink, my face pressed up against the glass mirror. He spreads my legs and ass cheeks apart shoving as many fingers inside of me as he can fit, I gasp in pain. He tells me how wet I am, and how I must actually be enjoying this like the dirty nasty sales rep I am. He stops for a second, and the next thing I know he’s ramming himself inside of me as hard as he can, grabbing my throat and covering my mouth, telling me how much he wants to hear me scream, but he doesn’t want anyone calling the cops he goes as hard and as fast as he can until he blows his load inside of me, pushes me up even further into the sink, pulls his scrub pants up and walks out of the bathroom leaving me there naked with the door open.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    hope you get your tight ass raped as well!

  • Reply Salesrep ID:nc3ozwhk

    My iud stops thst. But this is just one of the stories. It’s not easy keeping employed

  • Reply Salesrep ID:nc3ozwhk

    Lucky for me my IUD prevents that or I’m sure he would have by now. This isn’t the last time he has.

  • Reply T ID:7zv2ykgd9b

    Nice I would of done even more to you. Hopefully he at least put a baby in your belly