Lactating sex

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I had sex with lactating female .I did not know that .it is 40 years back incident .

I was a student and studying in college .I was staying in one room .on rent .I was so depressed due to dome reason so I took sleeping pill’s to comit suicide .but luckily it didn’t happen.I got side effects of drug .I was not getting sleep .hand shaking eyes big.my classmate helped me in that situation .I asked him do bring one girl to my room .he brought a married Lady young .I started playing with her undress. Her and started shucking her ripple milk started coming out from her breast I drank her milk one by one I emptied her both breasts. Now I took my erect cock and started fucking her for three hours but I was not getting ejaculation.due to drug effect .it was erect .she started crying .let me go I can not do further.but I was not leaving her .keeping my cock inside her I started shucking her breast again they were full again do I drank her milk .and started fucking again after 30 minutes I ejaculated in her . and I pulled my cock which was erect .she requisted me to leave her my child will be hungry and crying .so I let her go .but my cock remained erect for five days

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    When my wife was working one day at our neighbors house the maintenance guy came to work on the back patio door we had just moved in the house and he was fixing all the odds and ends he was an older guy but when he asked me if I wanted check everything off on the list I was happy to help with that he went into the bathroom and asked me if I wanted to go get him a few paper towels and when he came out of the bathroom he was wearing panties and asked me if I licked it when I got my pants off he was nice and hard and I went upstairs and opened my wife’s dresser drawer I just took a pair of panties out and put them on it felt so nice and when he moved his panties down and took his cock out I got on the bed and spread my panties down so he could put his cock In from behind I heard the front door open and when I looked back my wife was standing there in the hallway she could see me talking his cock in my ass and she just watched for a couple of minutes when I got up to put my panties back on the maintenance guy told me to pull them down and start sucking his balls so he could cum in my mouth when I got ready to take his cum in my mouth my wife moved out into the hallway and watched me get cum all over my face I licked it all up while she watched