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Knocked her up

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Young homeless girl asking for money…

I live about 40 miles from the city but on Sundays I drove to the less than best parts of our city looking for girls homeless or doing drugs and down on their luck. I give them money to fuck them I had been doing this for a few months so I know the regulars now. Well then one time I saw a younger blonde I had never seen before she was holding a sign asking for money. I pulled over called her over gave her 5 dollars and ask her if she wanted to make more. She said no. Next week she is there again I call her over no money this time but show her a hand full of money and ask her if she wanted to get in. She opened the door I know I getting at least a blow job but I really want to fuck her before she is used up. I ask her where we should go she says she is unsure. Very good sign a working girl knows where to go and so do I.
I tell her we can drive a little till we find a place. As we drive she ask if I would buy her a sandwich from McDonald’s. Of course I will she is a little innocent still. I am so hard I now have to fuck her. She eating very fast I am making small talk and driving her into a shut down business parking lot quietly. I stop and I can tell she is now nervous she not really talking or looking at me. I hand her 300 because I really want her pussy she takes it and I asked her to get in the backseat of my truck. I undo my pants and pulled them down my underwear she is still dressed. I can see how scared she is so I nicely ask her to get undressed so we can have sex. She takes off her shorts and panties I put weight on her so she lays on her back then I push up her shirt and bra and started sucking those young tits I ask her to spread her legs as she does she ask me if I have a condom. I tell her no she says please pullout when you are going to cum. Could I really be this fucking lucky as I start to fuck her I ask her do you have any kids. She says no I ask her how old she is 19. Then finally the big question are you on birth control. NO BINGO I am definitely going to cum in this pussy. Omg a dream come true pretty, homeless inexperienced. Fucking a man 30 years older than her and she doesn’t even know my name. Well I’m not passing this opportunity to try and knock her up. So I feel I am almost ready to cum. I pull her free leg up with my arm her other leg is pinned between me and the back of the seat. I start kissing her neck as I know I’m about to cum. Then I cum I can feel her tense up try to push her leg down I hold it strong. Then the sweet sound of No pullout I look at her she has a few tears in her eyes. I’m still inside her I tell her to relax she going to be even more beautiful pregnant. Even when my dick gets soft and falls out I still lay on top of her I need to let my sperm do there job lol. All the way back she is just looking out the window. I tell her I’m willing to fuck her every week she still won’t look at me. I drop her off about a mile from where I picked her up at. I felt she needed the walk. I went back the next Sunday but didn’t see her not sure if she is a full time working girl now or just moved to a different corner. It’s been 6 months so by now she should have a belly 🙂😉

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  • Reply Ralph ID:4o717tkqm

    Damn! You are taking an awful risk I’m doing a homeless person like that. How do you know she’s not HIV positive? Or hep C or some other sexually transmitted diseases. Do you think you’re the only guy she did that with?

    • Andrew ID:42p6pzb0c

      Relax Ralph it’s not a real story lol im a happily married man.

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Omg I love this story