Jubilee celebrations

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Went to Lonon for the music, but wife got much more

Although Pete and I were disappointed we couldn’t get tickets for the jubilee music extravaganza, we were determined not to miss out. With this in mind we boarded the early train and arrived in London mid morning, and were really quite chuffed when we found a reasonably quite place at the edge of the Mall amongst the tree’s with a big viewing screen right opposite. We had brought our own food and drink and where we were we could for the first few hours at least use our collapsible seats.

Oh let me introduce myself and hubby, I’m Jan 34 while Pete is 37 and a great partner. We still have a hot sex live after 11 year, he loves my 34c tits and is always trying to get in my pants, and I knew today would be no different the excitement was already giving us a good buzz. We were surrounded by a good crowd, and no one seemed to mind when people disappeared into the small copse of tree’s when we needed a call of nature.

By 7 O’clock the crowd was much larger, and I was sort of split from Pete but I knew he was keeping an eye on me, more out of hope than anything else. You see although he loved sex and everything with me Pete was a bit of a cuckold and after just two years he’d told me how he loved to watch me getting attention from other men. Normally it was just touching and chatting but on our last two holidays he had persuaded me to think about going with other men and on both occasions I ended up being fucked by men I had picked up and taken back to our room.

What surprised me was how much I enjoyed the teasing and chit chat and the sex with strangers was so special and I knew straight away I would do it again and maybe more often….anyway back to the story I was chatting to the three guys closest to me, they were three serving soldiers who had been involved in the previous days parade’s all three were Irish guardsmen and very tall, Kem had hold of the lead of a large Irish wolfhound the regimental mascot he explained in detail. They were all full of complements, full of flattery straight from the blarney stone, great dress Mickey smiled a big welcoming smile, shows of those tanned legs so well Kem whistled a giddy Jan was loving it. The show was underway and so were the wandering hands.

First round my waist then rubbing just above my ass cheeks, I was wearing a button through denim skater dress four inches above the knee, I felt fingers trying to undo the bottom buttons, at first I put up a bit of a fight but soon weakened, I glanced across at Pete and saw that familiar look on his face full of lust he was loving my prediciment. I got a shock Kem cupped my chin and bent low kissing me full on the mouth, so shocked my lips opened easily our tongues entwined it seemed to go on forever I was lost, my pussy had been leaking before with their complements and roaming hands but now it was gushing and my nipples were painfully hard, Kem came up for air and Buck took his place his tongue lashing against mine dancing to the music of queen on the screen.

I didn’t object or fight as I was guided into the tree’s behind us, one or two people may have noticed but nothing was said. The three soldiers didn’t notice the shadowy figure follow and move behind us where he couldn’t be seen. The kissing continued one after the other my ears neck lips, my dress was fully unzipped exposing my skimpy blue bra with nipples poking through hard and tingly and a soppy wet G string barely covering my neatly shaved pussy lips red and swollen with excitement. My bra was pushed above my firm tits and a mouth and fingers latched onto those nipples biting pulling god it felt so good, even being called a filthy married slut didn’t spoil the thrill.

There was no resistance when hands pushed me be down to my knee’s I’d already had roaming hands fondling hard cocks through trousers. It was much more of a step to lower those zips exposing what my body was craving. What I felt and then viewed didn’t disappoint three fat rock hard 7” plus pieces of cock meat pre- cum flowing from each one I didn’t hesitate tasting each one in turn lapping at each pee hole tasting their juices before taking them between my lips. Hands still squeezing my tits pulling at my nipples, while someone was moving behind me fingers tracing a line along my thigh right under my soaking wet panting that were hanging away from my body I was so wet. My mind was screaming when he stroked my swollen cunt lips..she’s fucking loving it the bitch is sopping, it’s pouring down her legs back here listen he shoved I don’t know how many fingers up their not only could you hear it all squelchy but you could smell my need.

I was fully on my knees now, still with a cock in my eager mouth, but I could feel another stroking along my pussy lips from my clit to my arsehole, I felt myself pushing back trying to get that cock I really needed it, I pulled back from the cock in my mouth…fuck me someone fuck me I heard my moans. They did just that I was full then empty then full again two of them were fucking me in turn…keep fucking her mouth the filthy slut will scream the place down if you give her chance, fuck my cock covered in her cum, your fucking turn Buck ram it home she’s fucking cumming again. He was right I was more than cumming I was squirting juice everywhere I could feel it jetting down my thighs, so good my mind was racing loving every second not wanting it to end.

It seemed to go on forever, and then one after the other they grew hard up my cunt, then one at a time they filled me shooting rope after rope of spunk into my gapping twat, I was cumming yet again when I felt someone else lapping at my swollen hole oh it felt so good…your turn know Seamus… Seamus who the hell was Seamus then I realised it was the dog no no no!!..don’t fight you fucking whore you’ll fucking love being dog fucked…Mickey kept his cock rammed down my throat, my mind was screaming Pete Pete why wasn’t he saving me from this. Then that tongue right inside turning me inside out, upside down so good better than the fucking I had just had so rough and so exciting and so dirty….then once again I was empty but only for a few seconds.

Up boy, I felt the dog claws at my waist pulling at me, he was so heavy such a big dog, Buck guided his fat dog cock to it’s target. She’s the best yet Ken fucking gapping come on Seamus fill your bitch. Then I felt him the tip of his dog cock on my thigh, I managed to spit Mickey’s cock from my mouth, I needed to see…god he was big big and so red and slimy. I wanted it, all 10” I just took Mickey back in my mouth and pushed my arse backwards at the same time spreading my legs wider. Then Seamus entered me no thought for me he rammed all the way in fast like a jack hammer in and out and so hot not like any man anywhere stretching and filling my cunt his balls bouncing on my thighs.

Then he seemed to get bigger and was pushing harder, he was filling the neck of my cunt. I know now he was knotting me before a continuous flow of dog fluid was pumped into my cunt making me feel even fuller and causing me to orgasm time after time. I was so torn with lust I didn’t notice Mickey shooting spunk all over my face, nor the new cock enter my throat. I’m not sure how long it was before Seamus’s cock slid from my body, but what came with it must have been amazing dog spunk poured from my gapping minge and the dog was licking me clean…god I came again.

It seemed like seconds but I know it wasn’t, I was alone except for Pete who’s cock it was that had filled my mouth after Mickey, and was now spreading more sperm over my face. It was 15 minutes before I was clean enough to appear from the tree’s to the sound of god safe the queen. I had missed the concert, but god what a night. We watched the blurred phone videos of that night a number of times before we decided to buy our own dog, but that’s another story.

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