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Janine 3

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Head master and Ms complete part of her education

As Ms was frigging her fingers into janines violated cunt.
She undid the wide belt holding up her own skirt letting it do to the floor then she unzipped her skirt and it let fall pooling around her high heels..
She stood before the Young crying girl.. Who was still impaled on her headmasters cock buried deep in her ass..
Her legs encased in green stockings showing below the flaps of her short blouse, a full red Bush Moisture dripping off of the hairs between her long legs.. She opened her legs and placed two of her own fingers inside her hot cunt, soon they where covered in her juices..
Open up slut.. Your going to get a pretaster of what that rude mouth is going to find between my legs
With that she forced her fingers into janines mouth
Clean them you slut.. And if you bite ill make sure you can’t sit down for a week..
Janine stretched her tongue over the fingers feeling the tart pussy juice off a woman for the first time.. The fingers writhed in her mouth making sure to get every bit of cunt juice tranfered onto the young tongue.
As soon as she was finished Ms climbed onto the desk and spread her legs.. Fingering her own cunt..
The head master lifted her bodily without taking his cock out of her.. The pain increased with ever jolt of the hard ness inside her..
Forcing her down over the desk between Ms legs.. Her legs not reaching the floor as he held her down onto its surface.. Ms grabbed the back of her head and forced janines mouth on her cunt.. Covering her mouth.. Lick you slut get your tongue in my pussy..
Janine did as she was told too afraid not to.. She buried her nose in the red wet curls her tongue licking for all she was worth..
Oh you fucking slut.. Your doing well a natural cunt pleaser.. Ms was bouncing on janines tongue holding her face as the young girl struggled to gather a breath.
The head master started fucking her ass with long strokes her legs hitting the side of the desk with every thrust.. Holding her legs open while his balls bounced off her ass.. Then she felt his hand spanking her hitting the already painful welt left there by the cane.. She cried into the wet gushing pussy on front her.. Trying to please Ms.
The cock inside her stretched her ass she felt the blood sliding over her pussy lips as her head master ripped her hole hammering hard and fast inside her..
The cubby in front of her started to squirt over her face Ms bucking against.. Oh you fucking slut… I’m Cumming.. Eat it you cunt.. Lap it up.. You Dirty whore..
As the cock inside her drew back it head leaving her.. Ms held her head tight.
And she felt the huge cock invade her virgin cunt in the hard thrusting Charge busting through her virginity in one go hitting some thing inside her the pain making her scream.. Then in no time she felt the cock harden and fill her Young fertile pussy with its seed..
Her head master..groaned as he released his hot load inside the tight hot cunt….

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I hope Ms uses a strapon and fucks her ass while he fucks her tight cunt