Im turning 17 soon and all i want is to loose my virginity to an older man

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Im 16F and I turn 17 soon, and all I can think about is being used by an older guy before I get much older 😉

I, 16f have always been hypersexual as a kid. I was shown porn at around 6 or 7 and ever since then I have been interested in sex. Around 12 I really started getting out there and talking to older guys and sending nudes & dating people almost twice my age.

I used to get catcalled around 10 years old and it made me so horny. And any chance I have gotten Ill accept freind requests on snap, skype or discord hoping its someone looking for someone young. I always fantasize abt being used as well and abt so many different kinks.. I love watching and being watched. I love being looked at like im a piece of tender prize winning meat.

Im, for lack of a better word, thicc, have a brown hair that goes a few inches past my shoulders. I have double d’s (everyone thinks theyre bigger than that tho)
I feel that only older guys rlly appreciate big girls or young girls 🙂

I have a girlfriend atm however i just cant help that older guys give me the attention i crave. ive messed around a little before but I can never get turned on because all I have ever really wanted is someone older.

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    email me

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    I’m 13, my snap is triciavgb13

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    Sent a message on snap ,, I adore thicc girls

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    I’m looking for yng on snap babygirl

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      I’m 12 if you want to talk lragabi1

  • Reply Bearclaw ID:fzq6k718i

    You’ve got the idea. But need to go more into detail. Your cravings of what you want the older man to do to you. More about your body and things you do to yourself while dreaming of older hands on you. Wickr me!
    If you’d like ideas to continue your story.

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    What’s ur snap I’ll fuck u good as ur gf watches

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      my snap is binoflizards
      anyone can feel free to add me <3