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I’m in love with my cousin (part. 1)

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I fall in love with my cousin and I want to kiss her

My cousin’s name is Alexis. She is cool, (sometimes) kind, funny, takes things too seriously sometimes, and sometimes has a dirty mind. I joined her club that she made recently, and I thought to myself, “Damn, she’s cute,” and I had a crush on her since the beginning of her club. I never really got to see her that much, so it was fun. Yesterday though, I actually fucked her. Three days ago we were cutting paper and folding it to make a heart that we could write to our crush or someone important to us anonymously. Apparently she can recognize my hand-writing, despite my best efforts to try to change it. She confronted me about it the day after.
“Why did you give this to me? You know we can’t do that!”
My face was beet red and my eyes wide open. How did she know?
“W- well, you see, uhhh…” I trailed off, looking for an excuse.
“I’m gonna tell your mom about this! You’re so weird!”
I quickly thought of something.
“It was a joke, obviously! Why would I have a crush on my cousin, right? That’s incest…”
“Well it better be! If you did like me, I wouldn’t want to talk to you for the rest of my life!”
Since my face noticeably looked more dejected, I think that if everyone wasn’t outside, waiting to be picked up, and was still in the classroom, I would probably be sent to the school’s therapist for incestuous thoughts, be cast out a the school’s weirdo, and not have any friends (pretty similar to my situation already, which is a stark contrast to my cousin, who is basically the opposite of that). After that, I left the classroom and thought about whether I should go back or not.
I decided not to. Somehow though, Alexis figured out that I actually liked her (how?) and that maybe, she liked me too.
The next day rolled around, and I was laying on the ground, looking nowhere, because my eyes were closed.
“Hey, snap out of it! I’m trying to talk to you!”
I looked up and saw Alexis covering the sun with her head.
“Stop sleeping! Get something to eat, at least.”
I sat up.
“I know you’re here for a reason, not just to tell me this. What is it?”
“Listen, I… Just meet me in the gym under the bleachers after school, ok?”
“Am I in trouble or something?”
I saw her walk away to her friends, so I slowly got up and walked to the bathroom to splash water on my face.
Later that day, I went under the gym bleachers to meet up with Alexis.
“Hey, listen… there’s a reason why I called you down here.”
“Yeah? What’s the reason?”
“Just come closer and close your eyes.”
Nah. She kissed me on cheek and said that she loved me. That’s it. My heart was beating, I was even making the kissing pose with my lips in the air, my head outstretched like a chicken’s when it walks. I felt like a chicken, too.
I got home and watched some comedy-horror movies to cheer me up and to also forget about the day. Just when I was just getting ready for bed (my only good habit), the knock on my window sent my soul flying. After a couple more knocks, I finally realized it wasn’t a horror movie but a person. I opened it up, and to my surprise (now it actually seems unsurprising but still) it was Alexis.
“Uh, how did you get up here and why?”
“Well, there were some things I wanted to talk about…”
“Yeah that, but how did you get up here?”
“There was a ladder… and then… you know.”
“Oh uh, yeah. Of course.”
“Look, I’m just here to say… I just wanted to say… Ijustwantedyoutoknowthatialsolikeyoubutidontwanttolikeyoubecauseyou’remycousinandthatwouldmakeeveryonethinki’mweird!”
“Wait, you do?”
“Does that mean I can kiss you?”
“Well… ok… I guess it’s fine…”
“I thought you liked me?”
“Ok then, yes! I do! I’ve wanted to do it since I’ve known you! Don’t you remember anyways? We got ‘married’ when we were 4!”
“Oh… oh yeah.”
The air was unusually quiet.
“So, are you gonna kiss me or what? Didn’t you say you wanted to?”
I grabbed her and kissed her furiously on the lips. It was unlike anything I’ve ever felt (especially as my first kiss). It was like you’re on an F-1 race car winning in 1st place while trying to get the world record for eating a tub of ice cream as fast as you can. It’s short, intense, sweet, and makes your heart beat faster than it has ever been. Our faces were right next to each other’s.
“So, are w-“
“What doe-“
“It means shut up.”
I wish I had more to write but I’ll see what happens after this.

p.s. Alexis, if you find this then don’t mention it to me, because this is pretty cringey

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