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I’m daddy’s rape kitten

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Hi, I’m Katie but my daddy calls me Kitten. I’m 11 years old. I love my daddy, he is the best! Daddy takes care of me alone since mommy left. I miss her but its okay because daddy makes me feel special and good and doesn’t even make me go to school! Instead I get to stay home while he works and when he gets home we play lots of games. When daddy is at work I spend all day eating snacks, watching cartoons, taking naps and playing with toys. My favorite toy is a big stuffy unicorn. I like to cuddle him and rub my privates on him while I bounce on him like a real horsie. Daddy says the wet spot where my cunny rubs on it smells so good. MY favorite shows are spongebob and blues clues. I also have to do a little chores, like making sure I have a bath, clean up the house, and have my kitty outfit on by the time daddy gets home. My kitty costume is SO CUTE!! It has white and pink ears and a matching collar with a little bell. It also has long white socks with pink bows and pink kitty paws on the feet. The last part of it is a pair of pink soft panties that have a hole in them for my kitty tail. The kitty tail is white and fluffy and has a little metal ball on the end that goes inside my butt. It took practice but now I can put it in all by myself. The ball is usually cold when I put it in so I suck on it first to get it warm and wet so it’s easier to put in. Daddy also likes it when I take it out and suck on it like a paci. I also have a few normal pacis. I know pacis are for babies but daddy thinks I look cute sucking on them, or putting them in my pussy when my pussy is horny. Anyway, the ball thing tastes icky but it’s fun to watch his pee pee get hard when I do it. By the way, I LOVE my daddy’s pee pee. I would do anything and I mean ANYTHING to make his pee pee feel good. He told me how he put his pee pee inside mommy’s pussy and it made me. And since his pee pee made me it’s only fair that I belong to it. It’s so nice, I begged him to do the same thing to me one day. Every night when he tucks me in, I give his pee pee and balls a good night kiss.

When daddy gets home from work, he usually gives me dinner in my little kitty bowl on the floor while he eats his. Then he sits on the couch with a beer and puts a porno on the tv. I take my place on the floor between his legs, take his pee pee out of his pants if he didnt take his clothes all off already, and kiss and lick it while he drinks his beer. Sometimes he gives me sips of his beer. It’s yucky but not worse than his pee, and the fuzzy way it makes me feel helps if he decides to do me really hard that night. While I gently suck his pee pee, I hump my privates on his leg. When he’s ready, I go get my pussy pump and lay on his lap. His pee pee presses against my back while he helps me pump up my pussy and we watch the porno together. My pussy pump makes my privates get big and sensitive which daddy loves. It’s even made my clitty bigger over time and daddy says that makes it a lot more fun for both of us to play with. He pets me, and plays with my nipples while my pussy is sucked up and we watch the porno. Sometimes its a video of adults and sometimes its kids like me and sometimes it’s both. When he decided its done, he has me stand up on the couch over his lap and gives me special kisses on my swollen pussy lips. It feels so amazing how he sucks and licks my private parts, I get so horny I beg him to fuck me. He throws me down onto the couch and gets on top of me while I spread my legs eagerly around him. His thing is so big, and he usually forces it hard into my little kitty hole that I scream and moan in pain and pleasure when he takes me. Daddy fucks me in and out hard and fast, and I beg him for more. He likes to hit me while he does it, slapping my face and nipples, punching my tummy and reaching down to hit my clitty. The pain makes my pussy squeeze him harder and makes both of us feel amazing, so I beg him to hurt me bad while he rapes me. Or sometimes I beg him to stop. Either way I get tortured more until he finally fills my little pussy with his sperm. Afterwards he pulls it out of me and lets me lick our mixed up sex juices off his pee pee while I tell him thank you. Sometimes if I didnt do good, he’ll force my head down and pinch my nose shut while peeing in my mouth as punishment. But if I do good, he’ll suck my pussy, getting a mouthful of his sperm and my pussy juice and kiss me, using his tongue to pleasure my mouth and feed me our sex juice while he finger and rubs my pussy till I cum. He whispers what a good kitty I am, that I’m a good rape slut and he loves me so much and it makes my pussy orgasm hard on his fingers. After that I usually color or play with toys while he showers, and then he puts me to bed.

That’s a normal day for me! If you have any questions or anything I’ll try to answer and I’ll proabbly post more about special games he likes to play sometimes or anything else.

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