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I’m a slutty 14 year old

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So I figured I’d admit it this here but I’m a 14 year old girl and I crave dick. Yesterday I was talking with my boyfriend online and he sadly lives in another state. I love him and he loves me we’re the same age and so he understands I’m horny so we agreed that I’m allowed to get fucked as long I record it. I don’t mind but recently I’ve gotten really horny and just last night I masturbated for nearly two hours I feel like I need dick and honestly I just want to get fucked by somebody. Last night as I was laying there masturbating I recorded myself shaking my ass and fingering myself for my boyfriend after I sent it to him he jokingly told me to send it to somebody. So I did I sent someone those videos and it was awesome he sent me dick pics and I loved it I got so horny I took my ps4 controller and stuck it in my pussy. It was bigger than what I usually use which is just one lt two fingers I shoved that controller into my pussy as I looked at the dick pic and it was so good. I got so horny I just went crazy and started craving a big dick inside me it got so bad I started licking the photo and I won’t lie I’m soaking wet just from talking about it. What should I do, is there anyway I can get fucked.

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  • Reply Jaylen ID:30rxwbbem1

    I added you on snap chat

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    Set up a gangbang. Your pussy deserves the best

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  • Reply -God ID:4kedvg3d1

    ….smh look at all you men. What has happened to us

  • Reply Jerry lebo ID:5plh00rk09

    Isabella I sent you a friend request on Snapchat.

  • Reply John ID:bifp5n7d9c

    Go find a gas station in a not so good side of town. And get paid for sex and maybe you will get really lucky and get pregnant. Old men love to fuck pregnant girls

  • Reply ditto1215 ID:15exwlyxxi9

    Love it my kik is ditto1215, would love to fuck ya

  • Reply Nerddom88 ID:bo1uhdn43

    Anyone heard from her?

  • Reply Skye ID:2rvannpqm

    maybe but can i have the videos lol and maybe if ya ask u will @[email protected]

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ifi9

    Isabella: Seek and ye shall find!

  • Reply Yup ID:3057ccf2zm

    Send us the video

  • Reply Aguy ID:8b9dmj9hr9

    This is hot! Wish I could fuck you!

  • Reply TennesseeTallMan ID:bo1u8y58l

    Loved your story, I can definitely help you take care of all your needs and desires 🙂 and teach you a lot to,
    Kik AaronMcgee155

  • Reply Mediumd66 ID:3zxise2woii

    What state do you stay in?

    • Isabella ID:7zv3fpxs8j

      Arizona so if anyone lives in Arizona and is in my age range please text my snap.

    • Bj ID:1ovk77qk

      I live in arizona whats your snap

  • Reply D ID:3uv9st9lfia

    Do you have snapchat

  • Reply Mmm yummy ID:2auer1820d

    What’s ur Snapchat I’ll come fuck u till my balls r empty

    • Isabella ID:7zv3fpxs8j

      isabellav202492 is my snap if anyone wants it