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I want a dog to fuck me

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Hey everyone, this is less of a story and more of a confession. I want a dog to fuck me. Im male, nearly 17 6 feet tall, little heavier. a while back I got into discord roleplays fucking dogs dogs raping me, and being so turned on, I came to so many text chats it is unbelievable. I would go out to the porch at 3:00 am and jerk off the dog trying to turn him on, he’d always get hard but never wanted to fuck, it was disappointing, being curious and horny, started watching zoo porn. It turned me on, ALOT. I had dogs at the time and I wanted them to fuck my ass. I tried, and failed, shortly after we got rid of our dogs do to an upcoming move. So we only had one left, I tried over and over to have him fuck me and failed, I sucked his dick and made him cum in my mouth, biggest boner ever. I tried after that and he licked my asshole but nothing else happened. And now I’m moved and have no dogs. This is quite upsetting to me, I go on this site and read all the beastiality stories and jerk off to them. If anyone who’s into this, just comment with an Instagram or something like that and we can talk. I’m currently jerking off thinking about a dogs dick in my mouth and ass. I want the cum to leak out of my ass so bad, I’ve fucked my self in the ass plenty but it would be so much better to have the heat and cum of a dog.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:gqnbabj3mva

    I need to get fuck by a dog

  • Reply Emily ID:1eclfzwf7u3t

    Having sex with a dog will be the best fuck you will ever have in your lifetime, I know as I only have sex with my dog he gives me everything | need the orgasms are intense like nothing you will ever have.

  • Reply Illvp 59 ID:1ctzol0rucyj

    I have had real good luck getting dogs to fuck me. Been doing it ever since i was 10. Im 59 now and own 6 male dogs who love to fuck all the time and 4 female dogs who take my 8 inches nicely even fuck some of the males.

  • Reply Meat ID:6lz47c1fib

    Big cock 12 I’m ready for you you can f****** anytime

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  • Reply Meat ID:6lz47c1fib

    Big cock 12 you can f****** with your dick

  • Reply Wert L. ID:2wcg8yx49j

    It’s the dog. Not all dogs will fuck humans like you’re trying to get yours to. Some, all you have to do is get on all fours, and you’re about to get fucked in your ass. My girlfriend told me one time that she caught her sister letting her dog like her pussy when she was 14 and ever since then she had thought about letting a dog with a big dick fuck her. It took us a while to find one that would do it. The rest just acted like they weren’t interested. This one dog, my brother’s dog actually, not only would happily fuck her, he wanted to do it 4 or 5 times in a row. So, point is, you just haven’t found the right dog yet but you will then it’s game on, my friend!

    • Andy ID:1d99qj9lt737

      Would he be interested in sharing those dogs

    • David ID:45xyt8gf8rc

      (Hi, I would love to fuck your dogs please. Where are you based?

  • Reply Meat ID:6lz47c1fib

    Yes I’d like to be f***** by a dog and suck his cock

    • Ashok Famble ID:1da8jiuovg5g

      DM me

  • Reply Meat ID:6lz47c1fib

    I would like to be f***** by a dog anybody out there let their dog f******

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    I want to be fucked

  • Reply Derek ID:ajg2r4vq

    I have been fucked by a dog it was fantastic l had the biggest orgasm ever

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      Hmu LETS talk about it

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      I want to fuck you in your ass

    • DogCumReservior ID:bqg3ej8m

      I am in a search of trying to find a dog trainer that has a dog that is willing to fuck me.
      Please reply if you can help me find a dog.

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    What’s your snap? I’d like to tall more about it with you

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    Heyy do you have discord Zerefjay#5056

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    I don’t like you….

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      No one said you have to?

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      something a 5 year old would say.

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      i want to have sex with you and suck your toes kiss lick an suck your feet and your ass

    • Meat ID:6lz47c1fib

      I need a dog cock

    • Meat ID:6lz47c1fib

      I would like to suck a dog cock to you

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    Whats ur instagram
    We should talk more about this dog sex

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      Hey I want to talk to you more about dog cuz I’m into that stuff to

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