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I took in my special needs niece

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I took in my niece because my sister didn’t want her so I took her because of the lockdowns.

Sorry for the bad grammar I know am shitty terrible story teller please bear with me

This started in the beginning of 2020 my name is Larry 26m and my niece is named Jessica we live in the countryside of Montana. this started when all the covid lockdown crap was starting. My sister called me in a very pissed of tone telling me her daughter is running her life because she’s a special needs mentally retarded has a mine of a 6 Year old she’s 12.

She’s is very cute has a nice figure cute ass has no cross eye she looks normal but her brain is not working right, she’s very friendly hugs me and other people without hesitation if you show her something she just stares at it and when you tell her to do things she’ll do it.

Anyway my sister told me that she doesn’t want her daughter asking me if I can take her I was hesitant at first knowing how on Earth I’m going to take care of her so. I said yes and after that my sister dropped her off at my house without any warning and just left she blocked my number and I didn’t see it’s like she just disappeared I never saw her again.

It was so weird it’s like she just completely disappeared she deleted her Facebook her Twitter tiktok and everything like she didn’t want to be found ever again. So after that I sat down next to my niece looking at her she looks at me she jumps on me starts hugging me playfully on top of me and that’s when I started getting hard.

I was so excited that I started to grope her brest and her ass I kept playing with them so much that I was getting so hard that my cock was about to rip my through my shorts.

I slowly took off my shorts revealing my hard dick in front of my niece she stares at it I started to twitch my dick in front of her, she giggled, then I tell her hold it slowly stroking her hands are so soft that I was ready to cum on her innocent little face of hers.

When I was ready to cum I stop and went to the kitchen to go grab some honey to rub on my cock so she can lick it and suck on, I put honey on my dick and made her suck it her mouth felt so amazing that I ended up Cumming in her mouth so much. Lucky she didn’t get scared or scream but the good thing is, that I live in the countryside I don’t have houses live next door to me I only own 3 acre lot and there are nothing but woods.

She coughed and gagged some cum out of her mouth and spilled it all over her pants and some on her jacket . I grabbed some paper towels and start wiping the mess out of her.

As I was done wiping the mess out of her clothes I took her clothes getting getting her ready for her to take a shower I get naked to shower with her when I look at her body she had the most amazing fucking body I’ve seen for a 12 year old.

I started massaging groping and fucking her thighs that I came twice on her that I lost track of time that I was in the shower for an hour and a half.

As we finish took a shower we got dried up I picked up her naked fragile little body into my bedroom place her down gently on my bed covering her with my blankets I turn off the lights and get in bed with her completely nude.

She stares at my cock playing with it smiling.

I get on top of her on missionary style looking at it directly in the eyes and slowly put my dick inside of her little preteen pussy I slowly thrust my cock inside of her she had looks of pain then a few minutes later it turned to pleasure she started moaning so loud I didn’t cover her mouth as I didn’t have to worry about neighbors hearing the commotion because I live in the countryside.

As I kept thrusting in her I was about to come I pulled out my dick and came so much all over her preteen belly and some of her face then an hour later I started fucking her more I came in her so much leaked out of her that we all passed out asleep out of exhaustion , and then I wake up in the morning of her masturbating on my bed which that was a great sight to see I made her addicted to sex

I was worried I might get her pregnant but she didn’t.

It’s been now a year and a half and I still haven’t heard a word for my sister so I guess my niece is now my personal wife now that takes care of my needs I’m training her to be a cook and teacher all the nasty stuff that I want to do to her.

We watch porn together we have sex outside it’s so refreshing great experience we walk naked in the house that we actually became nudist and have a free use policy in our house.

I love my little niece pussy I’m going to breed her so much that she’s going to have my baby

I am so lucky that I have her

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  • Reply Polska ID:aly275d3

    Damn, thats messed up

    • Urmom ID:1dgqm1vkytx2


  • Reply Bob ID:ffh2ubrv1

    You are one lucky man.

  • Reply Anon ID:4kemr1p8m

    I have a relative that has a brain injury from SBS that happened when she was 4 or 5 months old. As a result she is a vegetable and also blind. Parents went to jail, and she has been cared for by her grandparents. She can’t talk, doesn’t make a sound just kinda sits on a wheelchair and drools on herself. I was at their house for a picnic when I was around 27. She was about 10 at the time this happened. I had asked where she was and was told they had put her to bed for a nap, and they were keeping her in the house because of the heat. I was going in to use the bathroom and her grandparents asked me to check on her as her room was on the second floor next to the bathroom. I used the bathroom then looked in on her and she was sleeping. It’s a shame what her parents did to her because she really was a cute kid. I don’t know why I got the thought in my head and I felt like the world’s biggest piece of shit for it but all I could think is I wonder is if her pussy was functional. Everyone was outside and I was asked to check on her so it wouldn’t have been hard to explain why I was in her room in the unlikely event someone actually came in. I pulled the blanket back and stuck my hand down her pants and played with her pussy. To my shock she actually got wet. I got hard and figured why not, why let a perfectly good virgin pussy go to waste. I know it’s absolutely horrible but I had to I pulled my cock out and shoved it in her. Within a few pumps I was balls deep in her. She woke up when I started raping her. She gave a few quiet grunts and just laid there. I came pretty quick because of how tight she was. I know it’s so wrong but it was some good pussy. I fucked her for many year’s before her grandparents got to old to care for her and had to put her in a nursing home

    • Khaki jake ID:2t4wnafik

      Wow. Sounds like a dream to just be able to use her whenever and she can’t tell anyone. Your own live sex doll for many years

    • Bob ID:ffh2ubrv1

      Love to put a vibrator on her clit and force her to orgasm. I’d love to watch her face and body respond to that stimulus. Love to hear her as she cums.

    • [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

      The dream! Id rape her asshole daily!

  • Reply Gonzo ID:vuf0ihrc

    Yeah a little not right but a lot so fucking hot. No matter what shape the brain is in the bodies sexual cravings take over over riding everything else. Sex is so natural as is nudity so and am glad someone gets it in this world of sick elite control. Live free, die free, fuck free.

  • Reply Horny uncle ID:99uwotzm

    Your are so lucky that your sister gave her daughter to you to play with and have so much privacy in the countryside

  • Reply Jack ID:42osdka8i

    Oh yea that’s hot