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I rape her trying for breaking in my house

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I raped this girl for breaking in my house and and dropping my ps5 that I just got.

Sorry bad grammar and misspelling but I don’t give a fuck

This happened on December 2020 when I was starting staring to get ready to go to bed after I finish playing with my new PS5 that I just got.

As I was getting ready to go bed I heard my back door windows broke I freaked out thinking that somebody had broken to my house.

I grabbed my Remington 870 that I keep under my bed just in case some dumbass decides to break in. As I was loading up my shotgun with buckshot bird shot I went downstairs quietly and I was right someone is in my house stealing my games including my PS 4, PS5 , Xbox One, and my laptop I was getting really pissed of I was getting ready to shoot this son of a bitch.

I cocked my gun and said stop what you’re doing and put them down that stupid bitch dropped my ps5 that I just got shattered some pieces off I was very fucking pissed

Me: you stupid bitch

Robber: am sorry I’ll leave

Me: you’re not going anywhere put your hands up right now or else I’m going to fucking shoot you.

As I approached her I hit her in the head with my butt stock of my gun knocking her out unconscious. As I was getting ready to call the cops. I got curious what she look like wearing that face mask, I took off her mask revealing she had a very cute face and a nice figure very curvy body and nice tits when I pull up her shirt started groping them and her ass.

I was getting a lot of fucked up thoughts about raping her after she dropped my fucking PS5 that I just bought recently thought I should teach her a lesson I drag her down to the basement placing her on the dirty floor. I search for duct tape to tie her up.

When I finish tying her up. I yanked down her pants and her underwear forcing my cock inside of her little asshole of hers and started fucking her hearing her groaning and moaning was turning me on

I whispered down her ear, this is what you get for breaking in and stealing my shit you fucking whore.

I kept fucking her so hard that I end up cuming inside her ass, I turn her around to face her to see those tits of hers she woke up with her wide eyes looking at me and started crying she silently said am sorry.

Me: I’ll forgive you once am satisfied you fucking whore.

I kept fucking her tight pussy until I was about to cum, shot my load on her pretty little face made her my cum bucket slave after being stuck in my basement for a week.

Stockholme syndrome was creeping on her asking me to fuck her in exchange for me not to call the police on her and I had to say she had a best damn pussy and ass I ever had.

I was about to let her go but she takes off her clothes and bends down and tells me that she wants to stay here because she has nowhere else to go. I was very hesitant thinking what is this girl up to so I said ok but don’t try anything or else you’re going to get it far more worse than just getting fucked in the ass.

I put my knife 🗡️ on her shirt cutting open leading down to the basement and began to violently fucking her now she’s my loyal fuck toy girlfriend that does what I say

Guess she learns her lesson not to steal shit again.

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    rape that bitches ass! email me!

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Why bother writing if you don’t care about the quality of your work, just shows how dumb you really are. Piss poor story BTW

    • sus ID:x1fuw49j

      Kill yourself