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I fucked my daughter by mistake

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So I am 47 , and I had a wife ( Juliane) who died 3 months ago , she was only 31 , we got married when she was 21 and I was 37 . When we were dating she was 15 years old . Juliane was very hot for someone who is 15 . I still remember when we first met , we were in a theatre, there weren’t much audience, we were sitting next to each other . At intervals she wanted to go outside so she got up , she was struggling to walk in between the seats . So when she was passing from my seat her ass was facing towards me , I wanted to grab her ass so badly . So when she came back and was in same situation , her ass was facing towards me , so I got up , pressing my bulge on her ass and grabbing her ass . I apologized so that she wouldn’t make any fuss out of it . Now during movie , her hand was on armrest, so I just started touching her arm with my fingers . She pulled back her hand , I thought she was annoyed I should probably stop . But then she got down on her knees in front of my seat and then she touched my bulge . Then I popped my dick out , I thought she was gonna give my handjob but she without hesitation took my dick in her mouth . She sucked my dick for few minutes and I came in her mouth . I didn’t really ask her for her phone no. Cuz I thought she was just a whore who just sucked my dick . Few days later we met again in theatre but this time we weren’t sitting next to each other . I was sitting in the middle of the theatre and she was sitting way back . During the intervals I saw that no-one was sitting next to her . I went to her and sat next to her . Now movie started and I made a move , she got up and kneeled down and was ready for blowjob . She sucked it for few minutes but then I told her that I wanna fuck her . She lowered her pants and started rubbing my dick on her pussy then inserted it . We fucked , it was a great sex , she had tight pussy . After movie I asked her for her number cuz I thought that whenever I am horny I could fuck her . Next day I called her and told her that I wanna fuck her . She said that her parents are home , but then she suggested that I should climb through her window . Now in room she was studying. I asked her what college she is in . She said that she is middle school . I was shocked but not ashamed. I asked her how old is she, she replied that she was 14 years old . Then I got an idea , I asked her to wear her school uniform while we are having sex . I fucked a school girl in a uniform. It was one of the best sex I ever had. This went for few days , then one day at around 3 am when everyone was ASLEEP at her house , we had sex and she said that she have to study, I told her that I am thirsty, she told me to go downstairs and grab a bottle . When I was going downstairs a bedroom door cracked open . I peeked and someone was sleeping, I went inside, I pulled a blanket a bit , and she was Juliane’s older sister ( Judy ) who was 18 I guess. So she was wearing panties , I started touching her ass . I slid her panty and stuck my dick in her pussy and started humping . After few humps she was getting conscious, she started moaning, I covered her mouth and fucked her hard , she never saw my face . Juliane and I fucked many times throughout that year.

Now a year later she got pregnant so her dad invited , he wasn’t quite happy to see me as I impregnated her 15 years old daughter. We had a dinner and we decided that we would co parent that child . After dinner I went upstairs to pee , then I heard bathroom door creeking , I thought she was Juliane but it was her sister , I yelled at her “what the fuck are you doing can’t you see I am taking a piss in here ” , she grabbed my dick while I was peeing . I got some piss on her hand , then she got down on her knees and licked my dick and said “You think I don’t know that it was you who fucked me that night ” , I didn’t say anything cuz I was enjoying that blowjob , I came in her mouth. After that we swore that we would never do that again . Then my daughter Betty was born , I love her with all my heart . Then years passed and after 6 years Juliane and I got married . Then 8 years into marriage , we started having marriage problems, so one day I was drinking at late night , and I was horny, but I was half conscious, I went to Judy’s house , when she opened her door I jumped on her and started kissing her , then I got little agressive and then I fucked her , next morning when I woke up , I had heavy hangover, I was naked and Judy was doing yoga naked , I got up in terror and started dressing she came to me . I said to her that it was a mistake, she agreed and then she smirked and said Juliane doesn’t have to know. I starred at her then I kissed her and fucked her again . We took a shower together and again fucked in shower. I went home , Judy and I started having secret sex . It went for few years . Then one day Juliane asked my if I was cheating on her , ofc I denied, then she said that all she have is me . I felt terrible. This was one day before her birthday, so next day in morning I messaged Judy that we shouldn’t have sex anymore . So that day Juliane had plans with her friends for a whole day and then we would go on a date at night . At evening I was all alone then I heard doorbell and it was judy . She was there for sex and she said that we can’t just quit it . She started seducing me , I slapped her , her eyes was full of tears , I grabbed her arm and pushed her ass on my dick and then fucked her . I couldn’t quit having sex with Judy , we decided that we would continue but Juliane mustn’t know about this . When Juliane was 31 we discovered that Juliane has cancer stage 4 . On her deathbed I wanted to tell her that I am sorry for everything , I couldn’t tell her that I was cheating on her , I just couldn’t tell her that only person she loved cheated on her . She died few days later. I cut off my relationship with Judy and moved to different state with my daughter Betty.

So 1 month passed since Juliane died I couldn’t cope up with it , so I started drinking , I was drunk most of the time . I didn’t had sex for few months , one day I was so drunk , I came home and j passed out on a couch , I woke up at midnight and was heading to my room , I was going to Betty’s room to give her a goodnight kiss , but I noticed that light in her room was on ,I peeked through the door , and there she was Betty, just got out from shower , her body was wet , her hair was wet , she was covering herself in towel. The she dropped her towel and I saw Betty naked for a first time in a while . All I could see was that she is a spitting image of Juliane . Her boobs were big her ass was popped out , her unshaved pubic hair . I got hard , I continued watching her . Then I realised it’s Fucked up I went to my room removed my pants and started jerking off to Juliane’s pics , I couldn’t jerk off , so I grabbed juliane’s panty from her belongings and started sniffing but yet nothing was happening with my dick . So I just went bathroom and took one of Betty’s panty from laundry basket. I jerked off while sniffing her panty then I came on her panty . At that time all I was thinking that I wasn’t doing anything wrong I was just jerking off on a girls panty ,Its not that I wanna have sex with my daughter .

Few days later , I was drunk , Betty and I were watching tv on couch , it was around 8 pm , then she said something to me and then she went upstairs. I didn’t heared her , I was so drunk I can only remember pieces of that memory. So then I after 2 or 3 mins I went upstairs and peeked in her room and she was naked getting ready for shower . I saw juliane’s face on her , I went inside , she yelled “dad I am naked ” . I kept saying ” I missed you Juliane” and before she could say anything I already had my fingers in her pussy . She in breaking voice said ” Daaadddd…….uhhhh……. pls….sttttoooop” I just wanted to have sex with Juliane. I kissed Betty and licked her tits . Then I started fucking her , I was fucking her in missionary position , and her arms were all around me , then I realised that she was enjoying it . Next morning I woke up naked , and found myself spooning Betty who was also naked, my dick was between her ass cheeks, I was so shocked ,I kept thinking that “we didn’t , we didn’t no no no we didn’t”. She was holding my hand so I couldn’t get up without waking her up , and I was thinking that I she wakes up and find my like this she would be ashamed of me . I was waiting for her to set lose my hand . I was hard as fuck , and my dick for pressed against her ass , and I was having an urge to fuck that ass . At that point I realised that I don’t wanna fuck Juliane, I just wanna fuck Betty. I started rubbing my dick on her pussy , she started forcing her ass on my dick , I was sure that she is awake, I inserted my dick in her , and started fucking her , I fucked her for 2 mins then I came in her pussy. She turned around we started at each other for few seconds then she started kissing me . We took a shower together, we fucked again , then I took her to get plan B . And we got packet of condoms . Later that night I was laying on my bed , she came to my room and asked if she could sleep with me , I wanted to say no but I couldn’t , then she started touching my dick . She removed my underwear and wanted to fuck but I told her that she could only suck my dick.she sucked my dick and I came in her mouth then I took her to bathroom and then I pissed in her mouth . We started having daily sex , both of us wanted sex ,so none of us was feeling bas about it . Few days later I had an urge to eat her ass. I told her to lean her ass towards my face then I licked her asshole , ahe was amused by it . I licked her ass for half hour . Since then most of the time she wants me to lick her ass. Every night she sits on my face and farts . Then yesterday I told her that now I wanna sit on her face , when I say on her face she grossed out and said that it stinks . I forcing my ass on her face , then I farted on her . I have been having sex with my daughter for 2 months now .

I haven’t had this type of sex since Juliane , should I stop and send her away to her aunt , or should I continue.

The end

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  • Reply Anonymous ID:3yvnnkcd4

    Not bad for something you wrote in only 30 minutes o.o

  • Reply Snake ID:3zxjrennoik

    When I buckled up for the daughter sex story I didn’t know I had to read a long story about you and your wife first…… that was boring as hell

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1rou10zl

    Horribly written but a good story. I could see me getting my twins all pregnant but i never had seen them to this day. It would of been nice to fuck all four of them and their two mothers. Cock a doddle do, I would fuck them and you too!

    • Phil ID:7ezdmj7d9c

      I wrote this in 30 min , sorry for weak writing, I promise next time I’ll spend more time 😏

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Like most stories on this site, it’s plagued with plenty of grammar and spelling errors.

    Could have been a good story otherwise

  • Reply Lauren ID:2x0gjo7hhrb

    If you and her are enjoying it, don’t stop. It’s totally awesome amazing

  • Reply Lauren ID:2x0gjo7hhrb

    Dad/ daughter taboo is absolutely amazing. I’ve been active with my biological dad since 9 years old, and we have 2 kids together. We don’t have any regrets about it.

  • Reply ... ID:4hv8vgcd4

    If you both enjoy it dont stop

    • fuck you ID:577aplt0c

      im calling the police

  • Reply Shaggy44 ID:4lnu6pbv3


  • Reply Danny1003 ID:305dce2k0j

    Omg that’s great