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I didn’t think his friends would join

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Femboy mason thought it was a threesome he thought wrong

Being a 15 year old Femboy isn’t easy I was bullied and made fun of. I met a boy he was 17 Johnny he said I looked girly enough to be his girl friend, he took me to a party I drank a lot of vodka and was trashed my ass was falling out of my booty shorts I was stumbling him and his friend Ray grabbed me and took me to the car I was put in the back seat. They were driving I was falling asleep.
Ray said “ hey your girl friend is falling asleep she looks fine as hell bro you fuck that yet?”
Johnny: “not yet I was planning on it tonight if you wanted to join I can’t fuck that by myself, look at that ass”
Ray was rubbing the inside of my thigh and was slipping his fingers inside my shorts touching my thong
I sorta of woke up and looked at him
Ray:”we’re gonna flip you tonight” I was just ready to lay down and sleep. We arrived at someone’s house I was carried into the basement I was little but with a thick ass petite frame. I was laying on a couch and my shorts were pulled off it was kinda dark.
I’m laying on my back one of them starts kissing me and another is pulling off my thong
Ray:”a fucking Femboy I’ve never fucked a ass before I don’t want to be gay but you do look like a girl anyways”
Johnny:”it’s tighter than pussy try it”
I start sucking johnnys dick while ray eats my ass licking my hole and fingering it.
I’m drowning in my saliva sucking johnnys dick moaning and crying from being eaten out
Ray pulled out a thing of lube and fingered me and rubbed his cock I’m sucking Johnny’s balls and stroking his 8in Hispanic cock.
Ray pushes the head of his cock in I yelp and tense up
Ray:” this pussy is tight calm down you’ll enjoy this”
Johnny pushes his cock to the back of my throat as ray pushes more of his 6in cock in me I couldn’t cry or say anything they both start pumping me I’m in missionary still being stretched and fucked.
Johnny pulls his cock out ray pulls out
I get flipped into doggy and it’s johnnys turn to fuck me
Johnny enters me and starts giving me back shots after 8-9 pumps. Some one says “are we going to get a turn”
It’s 3 other guys 2 black one Hispanic 18-20 years old
Ray:”please help yourself plenty of lube”
Johnny grabs my hair and starts really forcing me to take it he’s hitting my wall and spanking my ass
Johnny:” god fucking damn it I’m cumming take it you Femboy bitch relax and arch your back good girl”
I took 4 loads and swallowed 1 guy.
They were playing rap music and smoking weed while fucking me I was high and drunk the 2 black guys took videos and posted it on Snapchat
I was getting called a snow bunny and cum dump
At one point cum wouldn’t even stay in me
One guy kept my thong my shorts were covered in sweat and cum. I hope they don’t talk about it at school

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