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How my daughter became my partner (part 3)

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While in the shower, my brain was in high-gear, trying to figure out what this meant. Sooner or later my daughter and I would have to face each other, so I decided to get this over with right away. I got dressed after the shower, then knocked on her door. “oh fuck…” I heard her whisper, then the door got unlocked and she said I could come in. She was sitting on the side of her bed, looking at the floor like she was trying to use her gaze to dig a hole she could disappear in and her face was redder then I had ever seen her. I sat down in the chair and told her I wanted to thank her for the amazing gift she had given me, letting her know it was the best thing anyone had ever gotten me. She breathed out, like she had been holding her breath since I entered her room. She started twitching a bit like she was getting even more uncomfortable and her voice was unsteady “I….uh…the last few days I…well…I kinda been fantasizing about you seeing me naked, and watching me while I play with myself. I had no plans to do anything about this fantasy, but then I found the camera…and I just went for it. My heart was pounding out of my chest the whole time, it felt even better then in my mind, but it also felt really scaring. So it was just as much a gift for myself dad”. It sounded like she was about to say something more but then stopped herself, surprised that she had even said that much. She looked down again, still just as red. “you know honey, if you would ever want to do something like that again, maybe I could watch you live?” I was a bit scared that I went to far suggesting that. She finally turned her head, looking right at me. “I was lying in bed with my head buried in my pillow the whole time I knew you were watching me. Never been so scared and embarrassed in my life. Then, when I heard you moaning I knew I had made you cum…and I really can’t believe I am saying this to my father, but I got really horny”. It looked like she wanted to turn her head back to the floor, but she kept meeting my eyes. I smiled. This conversation had started making me extremely turned on. “So, are you still horny honey”? I asked her. She just gave me a little nod and a shy smile back. “Are you hoping that I will ask you to play with yourself in front of me right now”? She nodded again, then open her mouth like she was about to say something, but she shut it again. I had been leaning a bit forward in the chair this whole time, trying to hide the hard boner in my pants. I leaned back so she would notice it, and I told her that if she wanted to do that, it would be like a dream coming true. She smiled again, took up her phone and turned on some music, her whole body was shaking, she was so nervous. She was wearing t-shirt and sweatpants. The chair I was in, was about 10 feet away from the bed. She got further into bed, sitting down using the head of the bed to lean her back against. She started removing her t-shirt, exposing her perfect young breasts. Her hands were still shaking as she started touching them, squeezing them, circling her fingers around her nipples. She kept this up for maybe 3 minutes, she seemed very eager to proceed. She started pulling down her sweatpants and her thong at the same time. Throwing them at the end of the bed where her t-shirt already was. She was now shaking like a leaf in the autumn wind. A mix of being a scared, nervous and very turned on. Her legs still closed, and I could only see the top of her shaved pussy crack. “Honey…” I said slowly. “yes dad”. “Please let me know if you feel uncomfortable with me asking this, but can I take my cock out and jerk off while I watch you?” She simply smiled and nodded to me. It felt amazing to open my zipper and take my cock out in front of her. When she saw it, she gave a little moan and instantly spread her legs and started slowly rubbing herself. Her eyes fixated on my rock hard boner, biting her lips, breathing heavily. “I have a confession to make dad…” she almost whispered. “what is it honey?” “well, after you went to bed yesterday, I carefully pushed your door just a little bit open, and I watched you masturbating…while touching myself. Knowing you were fantasizing about me just made it all even more exciting. And…I was thinking about making some sounds, so you would catch me doing it, but I chickened out” confessing that seemed to make her even hornier, I could see her fingers were soaking wet from her pussy juices, and her heavy breathing had turned to small moans. This was getting to much for my cock to handle, I knew I would not last much longer before I exploded. “you are gonna make daddy come soon honey” I moaned. That apparently topped it off for her, I saw her pussy contract, her thigh muscles tighten and her toes curl as she let out a loud scream while she orgasmed. I let myself go so we would come together. I came so hard that it almost reached all the way over to her, but hit the floor right before the bed. When her body calmed down, she looked at the cum on the floor, then giggled and said “maybe you should sit just a little closer next time dad”. My smile almost reached the whole way around my head. “So, there will be a next time?” I replied.

We kept this up for days. Every day, some days twice a day, we would masturbate together. Either watching each other or watching father daughter incest porn. We were both happy with this, feeling satisfied. A Saturday night, I was watching a movie while having some wine. My daughter came down wanting to watch with me. She asked if she could have some wine too. She had tasted alcohol before, but never more then half a mouthful. I was a bit tipsy already, so I thought why not, and poured her a glass. Did not seem like she liked it to much, but she drank it. When the movie was over, we put on some music, and I asked her if she wanted to taste tequila and do some shots with me. She only had two glasses of wine, but she was already starting to be quite drunk. She said that ofc she wanted to do shots. I watched her shot the first one, sure she would throw it back up. She only made a strange face, then held out her glass for another. I remember laughing but also being a bit proud of my little girl managing to hold her alcohol down, even if it was her first time drinking. She had a couple more shots, but if my memory serves, it could not have been more then 3 or 4 in total, but she was completely wasted. Within 15 mins she was passed out asleep on the couch. By this point, we had masturbated so much together, that I knew she would not mind if I jerked off with her passed out on the other end of the couch. I got my dick out and started stroking it slowly. It felt good just sitting there gently touching myself while looking over at my passed out little girl, smiling to myself thinking about how lucky I was, having such a beautiful and amazing daughter. After sitting there a bit, I started wondering if maybe I could touch her just a little bit without her waking up. So I moved closer to where she was lying. I had already seen she was not wearing anything under her t-shirt as her nipples had been hard most of the evening. I worked up the nerve, then pulled her t-shirt just a little up, and ran my fingers over her belly. Her skin felt so smooth. My heart was racing. We had pleasured ourselves together so many times, but not even once had we touched. I would be lying if I said I had never thought about it though. I then started thinking about those perfect breasts I had seen so often and started wondering how they would feel to my touch. I started moving my hand up her t-shirt until I reach my target. Slowly I put my hand around it and squeezed carefully. My cock was harder then ever, so turned on by having my daughter’s breast in my hand, feeling so warm and soft. I managed to lift the t-shirt enough to expose them. Watching my own hand caress them sent an amazing sensation through my whole body. I leaned in and kissed her nipple, then putting it in my mouth sucking it carefully. She made a little sound. I quickly came to myself, afraid she was waking up, and pulled her t-shirt back down, a bit ashamed of myself, as I knew she had never given me permission to touch her.

Continues in part 4

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