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How my daughter became my partner (part 1 & 2)

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First off, I would like to warn the readers that want a hardcore story to continue searching, this is not the one for you. But if you are like me and want something as rare as a actual real story, and are happy with a very stoft story then you should continue reading. As I am writing this, I am a 45 year old man and my daughter Rebecca is 20. This story starts 6 years ago. I was then 39 and my daughter was 14. From a young age, when I first discovered porn, I was always drawn to incest porn. Any kind and variation. But, it was just porn to me, I had never actually thought about acting out on this…fetish…with any in my family…well, not until now. My daughter’s mother and I had split up many years ago and my daughter stayed with me, as she did not want to leave her friends and start a new school. The first time I started thinking about my daughter in this way was when I came home one day after I had some beers with a few friends. I was not drunk, but I would lie if I said I was sober. I was going up the stairs to my bedroom, when my daughter came out of the bathroom heading to her room, going to bed as well, dressed only in her underwear. It was nothing unusual about that. She came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek, made a comment about me smelling like a brewery then went to her room. When I went to bed I started thinking about her in her underwear and why I had not noticed until now how she had started the transformation to womanhood. I felt how my dick was starting to react. I felt really bad about thinking of my little girl this way, so I put those thoughts aside and went to sleep.

In the days to follow, she appeared in my thoughts more and more, and it got harder and harder to put the impure thoughts aside. When watching incest porn, I was also now watching more and more father and daughter porn, and less other variations. I tried to avoid the hallway between her room and the bathroom in mornings and evenings, tried to suppress the feelings that had started to dwell in me, but after a little while I found myself more and more often trying to catch a glimpse of her anyway. It continued like this for a few weeks, until I one day fucked up.

It was a Friday, and I had been out with some buddies again. This time I came home wasted. It was late and the house was dark and quiet. I went to the couch in the living room downstairs and started up my laptop. I was horny af. After a quick search I found some good father and daughter porn, got my dick out and started jerking off. I then started thinking about my daughter again. I found a picture of her on the beach, that a friend of her had taken that summer. She was in her bikini. It really turned me on, and started jerking to my little princess for the very first time… Drunk as I was I must have passed out, because I suddenly woke up being slapped hard across the face by my daughter. Tears were running down her face. She had woken up, heard noises and came downstairs to find her father with his dick in his and, and incest porn running side by side with a picture of her in her bikini. I got instantly sober and my heart was just crushed seeing my little girl this way. She said nothing, just ran back up to her room. I decided to let her get some space and time to digest what she had just seen.

When I woke up the next day she had already left the house. When she came home she went straight to her room, not saying a word. I knocked on her door, begging her to let me in so we could talk about what she had seen the night before, but it was no response, I guess it was understandable and I should give her the time she need until she felt she could talk about it. Days went by without us talking at all, she only came out of her room to get food or other necessary tasks. My attempts to say something kept being met with silence. Then days turned to weeks and even months. It is funny how anything becomes the “new normal” given enough time.

Continues in part 2

Part 2

One Saturday, it had now almost been 4 months since that disastrous night now. I was on my way to my room to fetch my sweater and was then going for the mall to do some shopping. I heard my daughter saying “dad?” from her room. My heart jumped as it was the first time I heard that beautiful voice say that word for all these months. “Yes” I responded. She then asked me to come into her room. She was sitting on her bed and asked me to sit down by her desk. My daughter looked right at me, and it felt like she was looking into my very soul, then asked me if I can imagine the betrayal she felt when seeing what she had seen. I had a hard time holding back my tears, so I just nodded. She proceeded to tell me that her first thought was to expose me as a freak to our family and friends, and to tell her mom, but that I was still her father so she decided against it. She then told me that when her worst anger had started to cool down, she had started googling incest fetish to try to get some kind of understanding of why, and that she was surprised of how common it was. She then told me that after a while she had become more curious and started watching a little herself and that it had grew a bit on her, and now she was no longer that disgusted by it. When she told me she forgave me, I could no longer hold back my tears. She smiled at me, her first smile for four months. It was by far the most beautiful smile I had ever seen. “I accept you as you are dad. Nothing will happen between us ever, it is important to me that you understand that, but I am ok with you thinking and fantasizing about me or using my pictures when you are by yourself, just don’t tell me about it and make sure you will not be as careless as you were again” she said. There my 14, soon 15 year old daughter were talking to me in such a mature and reflected way. I had a hard time processing it all. “Does this mean you are talking to me again Rebecca?” I managed to stutter. “yes” she said, “I want things to go back to normal again dad”.

After that everything was fine. Things went back to normal like the last 4 months had never happened. The only difference was that I felt liberated that my daughter had given me her permission to think about her in that way, and every single night when going to bed I jerked off to either my incest porn, pictures of her or just closing my eyes fantasizing about my daughter. It did not take long until I started wanting something more though. After several days of discussing with myself, and warning myself about ruining our relationship ones more, my horny side won. I ordered a small camera online, installed it in the bathroom, hidden and pointed at the shower. For almost 3 weeks I watched when my daughter showered. Her naked beautiful body. She had now just turned 15. She has brown long hair, she is short and quite skinny, but not too skinny. Jerking off to her in the shower was a hundred times better then any incest porn I had seen. I started getting rock hard every time I understood she was heading for the shower. I was in heaven.

Of course, nothing lasts forever, so one day I was sitting working at my desk at my home office, I turned around as the door was opened. There she was, a big towel wrapped around her body, water dripping from her long brown hair. Her face was bright red, and she was looking down at the floor. “I found your camera” she said, “were you watching me right now”? I was busted, so it was of course no reason to deny it. “no…I did not even know you were in the shower” I replied. “Is the camera recording too, or is it just live”? I cleared my throat, still not sure how mad she was: “yes, it does record”. Her face got even more red, if possible. “you should watch it then dad” she said, still looking down then turned around and hurried to her room and I could hear her lock the door. I found the recording and started watching. It was after she was done showering that she found the camera. She looked confused at first, like she didn’t understand what it was. Then she looked like she was deep in thought for a while, and I saw her face already then started to turn red. She sat down on the floor, with her back to the shower cabinet and slowly started spreading her legs. I had seen her sweet pretty pussy before, when watching her on the camera feed, but never like this. She had not spread her legs wide open. She started touching her breast, carefully caressing her nipple with one hand, and the other she put on her knee, then started sliding it up her thigh. Her head was kind of tilted forward, but her eyes was looking straight at the camera. It was like she was looking right at me. I was getting so fkn horny that I was almost feeling high. I could hardly think. My cock was throbbing hard inside my pants, it felt like I was about to cum even before I even managed to get my zipper open. Her hand had now moved to her pussy. Her fingers were just playing around with her clit. This was insane. Just a few weeks ago my daughter did not even talk to me, and now she was rubbing her perfect pink pussy, knowing I would watch her. I got my dick out the same time as she let one of her fingers slide inside herself, and she smiled shyly at the camera. I started jerking off like there was no tomorrow. I am not lying when I say I probably came after only 3 or 4 minutes. I moaned extra loud as I came all over my desk and keyboard, I wanted her to know that I came while watching her. I sat there watching and enjoying the rest of the recording, then went to the shower.

Continues in part 3

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  • Reply Michael ID:p9aj5cm99

    ..interested in incest porn for 35 years. Silent about it but masterbated more than 500 times to my lovely imaginings.

  • Reply wikrme14362 ID:4j4sii78k

    Hello anon822, I am the author of Family Ties here. So far I have only submitted 1 and 2, but they are true stories from my own experiences. I will write more as time permits. Seem we have a very common thread. You can also contact me directly if you like.

    • anon822 ID:h81heou40

      Thank you wikrme14362 We are looking forward to read your story together when we both get home from work today.

    • TJ ID:ffh2ubrzj

      Bravo! BRAVO!!