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How it all began

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The true story of the first time with my real daughter and the beginning of our sexual adventure

Hi I’m going to keep my name a secret since I will be using my daughter’s real name It all began when she was eleven years old and I had been gone for a few years on business that I had to attend to when I returned her mother had remarried and I was alone with Ashley at my house in a different town than her mother so My daughter was able to be herself and do whatever she wanted because she new I could not tell her no I wanted to give her everything that I could to show her how much I loved her and just hoping to be forgiven for being gone for so long it was nice she stayed with me for a month the first time and asked me if she could go back to her mom’s house but she didn’t stay there long until she was calling me wanting to come back to My house and that’s when it happened she came in the house after our long drive from her mom’s I was happy to have her with me and Ashley was just as excited to be there she ran upstairs and jumped in My Hot tub something she had done many times the last time she stayed with me our rooms are upstairs and I went to go lay down as I got to the top of the stairs the door to the bathroom was still open a little bit I heard the water running but I knew she turned it on as soon as she got in there it’s a big tub and takes a while to fill up I started to open the door more to ask her a quick question and as I did there she was completely naked looking at herself in the mirror she could not see me from the angle she was in but I could see everything on her beautiful little body she was perfect on public hair smooth skin small but very nice round titts My dick did not have a chance it was hard before I could react I watched her for about two minutes she would touch her nipples and look at the mirror then she would touch her virgin Virgina to My amazement she actually inserted two fingers in and played with herself for the rest of the time I watched I had to go to my room I was going to explode in my pants I didn’t last long thinking about her and I ejaculated More than I had ever.after an hour she came from the bathroom and asked me if she could stay in my room that night she was always scared of storms and tonight was a good one I was so conflicted because of what I had just witnessed but I let her stay I was already in bed I that was a problem I sleep in the nude so I told her I didn’t have my shorts on and she said it was okay Dad I don’t like wearing clothes to bed either but I will keep my night shirt on and it will be okay I caved and let’ her get into my bed me naked and her just a thin shit that didn’t even cover her butt all the way she left the door open It was just us there and she said she wanted the lite as she laid down I saw her pussy immediately and I was erect harder than any of my other sexual partners had ever made me I could not get the thought out of my head how it would feel to fuck my own eleven year old daughter as she laid down a big thunder clap hit and she rolled over on top of me we where both under the covers now and she was lying on me her vigina touching my completely hard dick she giggled and said it’s okay daddy I love you I could feel her wet pussy where she had just been playing with herself and as the tip of my cock reached her wet little lips I was past the stoping point I pushed up as she was pushing her butt down to me and I was in her All the way up to my balls All seven inches of my manhood inside my Ashley she let out a small cry oh dad I didn’t expect it to hurt that much I told her it would stop hurting and feel good soon as I pushed in and out of her I could feel she was enjoying the experience and as I had had just masturbated I did not get off for a while and when I did it was because Ashley was having her first of many orgasms she she was holding my shoulders as I drove into her I felt her cumming on my dick and I could not help It came inside her tiny womb for the first time that night were made love till morning and I discovered that My little girl could suck dick better than her mother and her beautiful body wash way better God I could not believe it I was fucking my real eleven year old daughter and she wanted the same thing we continue every time we are together

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  • Reply Just me ID:2wcg8yx3hm

    Even if English isn’t your first language please get somebody to proof read and correct you spelling and punctuation before posting, this is painful.

  • Reply pete ID:7ylren88ri

    I loved it i hope you have a baby with her

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

    I sure hope we write more

  • Reply Adrian ID:46kqr4ir8rc

    My daughter saw me naked when I was coming out from the shower and there was no towels there she got me one and she entered stared at my semierect cock. She just said: Wow! Dad! That´s a good one! And left to her room. Later on I heard her moaning. She was masturbating!

    • Zack ID:99uwotzm

      I did the same to my niece when she was 12 now 16 we fuck like animals still

    • Licker ID:wxwbugxid

      Did you walk in on her and fuck her !?

    • Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii

      I hope you walked in her room and watched

    • Onesickdude ID:10zh6qgib0i

      Adrian I hope you took that as an open invitation to fuck her

  • Reply ANON. ID:pvl4r2ehj


    • ANON. ID:pvl4r2ehj

      This person should learn how to write a story. No sentenses, no paragraphs, no punctuation. WTF

    • A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

      Totally agree with you, it’s just one long run on sentence. Impossible to read