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how I (13F) got blackmailed by my brother for daily head

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my brother found out I had been talking to men online and blackmailed me

This story took place around about 2 weeks ago.

I’ve always been a sucker for pleasing men, I love the thought of an older guy taking advantage of my underage body and using me as his little sex toy, it’s so hot to think about! That’s why I find myself sexting a lot of men who show interest in younger girls, I love the thrills of getting them off. Normally I sext these guys on my phone via Reddit or Kik but there’s this one guy I talk to on Discord. I don’t usually use Discord as a way to speak to these men that I like to please but this one guy is so kind and caring that I can’t help myself. unfortunately, I have been using discord on my laptop recently (mainly because my phone is slow and downloading a whole other app would probably ruin the damn thing.) which I didn’t know my brother also occasionally uses.

So on the day that he found my messages with the guy from discord, it began like any other in the holidays, I got up and mainly just talked to the men I know on Reddit and Kik! eventually, during the day, I had to go down and get some breakfast. While I was getting breakfast my brother went into my room and took the laptop (which I was still signed into Discord on) and when he turned it on… Boom, all my messages with this man popped up and he read through most of them, seeing all of the stuff we had been saying to each other.

After I’d had breakfast I returned upstairs and messaged the men from Reddit and Kik again when suddenly my brother entered holding my laptop and showed me the messages. I didn’t know what to do and I freaked out, telling him he can’t be looking through my stuff. He then said the words I was dreading to hear “I’m gonna tell mum.”

If my mum found out I’d be done for, all the relationships I had built with these men who wanted me would have all been for nothing and I’d probably be grounded until I was 100! I desperately pleaded with my Brother but he refused to budge. I offered him money, I offered to do his chores for a year but none of them interested him. well, that was until he said he could think of some way to get him not to tell mum.

My own brother told me I’d need to fuck him every day for a week, I bargained with him to make it so it’s only mouth stuff to which he replied fine but I’d have to do that every day for a month, which I agreed to.

so there you have it, I’ve been sucking my brothers cock daily for the last 2 weeks and I also get to keep chatting to all the men who want to take my virgin pussy for themselves.

If you want me to write anything about any of the encounters with my brother let me know and I’ll write a few of the extra special encounters down for you guys and if you’d like to message me (eg. sexting) my new Reddit account (my old one got reported) 🙁 is: Ruby_d00by_d00

I hope you enjoyed the story! 😉

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    I want to watch you blow your brother

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    I don’t know where else to ask but i (13yo girl) have been talking to some guys on snapchat, but I had my phone taken off me (long story) for like a month, and now I’m not sure if i should answer because they’ll probably think I just ghosted them or something. I was going to just leave it be, because it takes up way too much of my time, but then I kind of remembered what ot felt like so I don’t know….

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      Whats ur snap?

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      What’s your snap?

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      If you want you can add me @ grimmest1

      If you message once in a while thats fine. We all have lives to live. Ill understand. It wont ever be awkward.

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    Hey 15 m if you ever wanna fuck jacobthegod6969 ( idk how to change it I got it in 6th grade lmao) I’m down

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