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How he turned me into his wifey

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This is a story on how I became boywife of the gardener…

I am skinny and 18 year old..So I left home to study in a nearby town, but little did I know that it was going to change my whole life. So I rented a house actually which was surprisingly not that costly, since it was just a small house with a gardener (29) who would clean the garden and keep the house neat and clean. So when I moved in the gardener started having butterflies in his stomach after seeing me, he started having deep insane lust for me, he would quitely watch me through the window and jerk off. So it’s been like 6 months and now he couldn’t hold it anymore he needed to confess it to me. So one day, instead of heading back to his home he instead stayed back and hid himself inside my room quitely waiting for me to sleep.
And when I did, and it was already around 11pm so he came to my bed and slowly started unzipping and taking off my pants (I didn’t wore any underwear) and started jerking my cock and when it got hard he started sucking and licking it. He licked my belly and my tiny nipple too. And then he took out a condom from the whole packet that he bought only to fuck me whole night and then he put it on his cock and put some oil on it and undressed me fully and he spit on my asshole and slowly started fingering for few two mins and slowly started inserting his cock inside me!! And started taking it in and out slowly and slowly and pushing it deep inside…. And then once it became quite loose he started doing it hard and fast…. Which woke me up!! And I started saying wtf Are you doing!!!?? But then he hold my neck and choked me.. and kissed me.. pushing his cock deeper in my bussy and then I also started getting horny… And kind of started to enjoy whatever he was doing to me. And seeing he started telling me how he got immense lust on me from the time he saw me blah blah…and then he said: from now you are my wife, and he suddenly choked me by holding my neck(felt like he forced me to say yes) so I said yes I am your wifey from now. He said call me your husband, and I said ji pati dev and I could feel and see that he got more hornier and started doing it harder and harder ….
We kind of had sex the whole night till the morning…
And slept till afternoon 2pm coz we were so much exhausted…
And from that day whenever I wasn’t going classes he would make me wear girl’s cloth that he bought for me, blouse, bra , panty , sari, etc and I would treat him just like my real husband because I was also seeing some gay hypno and sissy hypno videos that helped me to treat him well.. it went on and on fucking day and night, yes even during day time coz no one actually visited so we were husband wife inside.
But one day he asked to actually marry him and I was kind of shocked to see that he was actually serious and I said how is it even possible? And he said I already made plans so don’t worry at all, and that we will get married at the temple (but I was a Christian). And after thinking for a while I agreed! Well I was kind of skinny but there were women who were skinny like me too so I didn’t cared wore the red wedding sari and put some make up and a wig so that no one recognises me and he took me to the mandir and we got married!! Yes finally felt kind of happy too because slowly I was falling in love with him now.

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