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Halloween fuck with sister

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I was never the slim effeminate type
I was and still am the short stocky cuddly type.
Back in the early 80,s when my world changed I was a fat one as well.. With moobs and big round bum and belly..too many years of over eating.

I was drafted into the school rugby team and my size there helped my fit in apart from in the showers, where I soon realised not all men are created equal.. And I am a grower not a shower. This combined with almost no body hair and my long dark often made me a target for jokes from the older 6 form students.. I would get showered quickly and leave to get dressed.. Often with a slap on my bum..or a grab of my moobs, As I passed the in crowd this was always followed by laughter..

Halloween was not a time for us to dress up in the UK, but we had an American student who started in our high school. A tall blonde surfer type called Steve who was instantly revered for his good looks and friendly nature.and after getting over the fact we didn’t wear pads to play rugby because one of our star players in the older guys teams.

He some how convinced our teacher to have a fancy dress party in the school gym for Halloween, a first in a small mining village in Yorkshire

Myself and the other members of my team talked out our lots but finding costumes was not the easiest thing to do!

We Where given a list of proposed costumes to choose from all including cartoon characters and as we were the younger team we were told in no uncertain terms they had to be female characters..

After talking to my older sisters.. I came from a large family and have five of them.. They mulled over it and found me a costume..

Daphney from scooby do, it was a simple thing a bright orange sweater and short skirt plus black shoes with a little heel, as i put this on they turned me around commenting on my figure and how it looked.. Needs a bit more oomph.. I thought I looked fine..
Nope more is needed.. I was told in unison from them..
A bra..
Nope.. I’m not wearing a bra..
Oh yes you are.. The jumper was pulled off and one of my sisters stood behind me.. And I felt her hands on my moobs weighing them..
Bloody hell they are as big as mine she shouted.. And a black bra appeared and I was shown how to put it on.
The feel of the silky material material against my skin felt amazing and I could feel my little cock start to twitch.. As my sister took care of how they fitted over my moobs.. My nipples harded.. And see pinched one grinning at me..
Putting the jumper back on I looked down and I had boobs!
Let’s look at you..
I stood back..
Not bad but bad at all.. Looks like we have 3 girls in the family!
I blushed and said I’m not going if your going to take the micky out of me!!
My eldest sister said you do look like one of us..give us
A twirl I did so reluctantly the feel of the skirt swishing about my thighs felt delightful,
Now lift your skirt let’s see what your wearing.. Of course I had my boy pants on..you can’t wear them they can be seen when to twirl. My youngest sister was sent off on a mission and returned with some black silky French knickers with red Bows on them..
These will cover your fat bum.. Now get them off.. I started to protest once more but I was held down and my under pants pulled off.. Luckily my cock had subsided by now.. And my sisters said well at least your bum will fill them.. As there isn’t a lot in the front!
Once again my cheeks flushed red and I pulled the pants on.. And was ordered to turn around and bend over.. One of my sisters smoothed then over my cheeks.. Look like they where made for you.. I stood up the silk against my cock and balls plus the rubbing of the skirt made my cock leave a little bulge in the front..
My edlest sister patted it and said better have a wank before you get dressed up Friday for the party.. This brought more redness to my face and howls of laughter from my sisters..
I ran upstairs to remove the costume.. My sister who was only two years old than me followed me and said don’t worry they are just jealous because you going to have fun.don’t worry Friday will be great..
After school Friday she decided to take charge of dressing me after a shower and in the confines of my bedroom she had one more suprise. As I stood before her in the black silky knickers.. She passed me an elastic body stocking.. And then helped me put in on over me head.. I could hardly
Breathe.. And as I looked in the mirror I could see it had given me a waist and my moobs did look like proper boobs.. My cock though was making a proper tent of the knickers.. As i could not resist stroking the new look on my chest.
I think you better put your the rest of the costume on she said eyeing me with a smirk on her face..
On went the bra skirt and jumper, with white long socks and my borrowed shoes.. An old pair of nhs glasses with no lenses completed my costume and I must admit I looked really good even to my self..
She dragged me into her room and made me sit at her dressing table.. Time for a little makeup.
By this time there was no argument..
She was trying her best to get it right and finally in exasperation she turned me and said sit still.. And legs together she then sat astride my legs on my thighs. She was dressed in a mini skirt and vest her boobs kept pressing against me as she moved applying herself to the task in hand.. My cock was raging against the shirts i was wearing.. And against her as she wiggled on my lap.. I was trying my best not to cum.. My Young hormones creating havoc with my body.. Finally she stood up to survey her handiwork..
Very nice very nice indeed.. She then brushed my hair bending down towards me I could see her naked boobs swinging around in front of me..
My sister was a knock out.. Taller than me with long blonde hair and great boobs.. And we had played around a bit kissing each other when we were younger before she became a teenager..
The tent in my skirt was so obvious now and she touched the front of my skirt..
This looks bigger.. Luckily behind me was her bed and she pushed me back onto it flicking my skirt up in the process.
Wow.. A lot bigger. Her hand pulled the black knickers over my throbbing cock releasing it from the silkiness.. And five inches of solid cock was in her hand.. My balls still trapped inside.. Within seconds she made a decision and lowered herself onto me I could feel her panties rubbing against me.. She fumbled under her skirt and within seconds I was inside her the heat from her wetness intense on my cock. She leant over and kissed me I could feel the taste of lipstick from my mouth as it smudged and her tongue was in my mouth as she Rode my cock.. I didn’t last very long and exploded inside her as she gripped my head with her hands.. My cock didn’t even her soft as she came over my cock.. Kissing me deeply biting my lip gently…. Her eyes where sparkling as she whispered I thought I better help you out best way I know how..

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