Growing up with Dr Jenny: 2

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To quote a Momma’s and Papa’s song Break up, make up, everything’s a shake up.

Jenny and I dated all through high school. I loved her. I wanted to plan my whole life around her. She was going to go to Harvard and I was going to join the Marines to pay for my education. Her dad did not like the idea of his daughter being with a soldier. Her dad told her if she wanted her college paid for she would have to break it off with me. He made her choose between her family and me. She broke it off with me. Saying I was going into the Marines anyway and we would never see each other. Saying long distance relationships rarely work. I was devastated. I spent a couple months in a deep depression. My mom was trying to make it better by telling me I’ll meet someone else. “Did you really think it would work out? She is going to Harvard and you are going to the Marines.”, she said. “You will find someone else and fall in love again.”

I served in the Marines as a combat medic. Many times when we had downtime in the field I would dream of her again. Driving in my Jeep with the top down. Feeling her silky skin making love to her in the thin Rocky Mountain air. One time when we were 16 we started started making out in her car. I felt her beautiful breasts. I started sucking on them as she unbuttoned my pants. She started rubbing my dick as I undressed her. Her warm silky body was so lovely. Her beautiful black haired mound looked so inviting as I spread the lips and started eating her out. Ah she was so sensuous. Her pussy smelled like heaven. I stuck my fingers in and started rubbing her clit as she sucked my dick. She moaned as my thumb circled her clit. She grabbed my shaft and started jacking me off while licking the head. She knows what that does to me. I don’t last very long after that. I shot off into her mouth. Her legs locked around my hand and her head went back as she reached her orgasm. We laid in the backseat kissing and relaxing a bit getting ourselves ready for round 2. I hopped on top of her and rubbed my dick against her pussy. She gasped as I shoved it in. Her pussy always felt so good. She put her hands by her clit and masturbated while I slid myself in and out. I felt myself about to climax and did my usual finisher. I came down and started french kissing her. I don’t know what it was but that always brought me to orgasm. We climaxed together and we sat in the back of her car holding each other and watching the sunset over the Rocky Mountains.

I used my GI Bill to pay for college. I became a registered nurse. I got discharged and moved back to my hometown and got an apartment. My mom could tell I still carried the hurt from 8 years ago. “Why don’t you call her? She graduated med school and is in residency in Denver. She is living back home now. I am sure she would be happy to hear from you.” Mom said. “Fuck that!”, I said. “She hurt me and you want me to go crawling back to her?” She gave me a lecture about using language like that in front of her then called me a fool. “You are either going to wind up angry, divorced or alone. Maybe all 3!” That hit hard. I dated other people but never felt anything for them like Jenny. “She made a mistake. Forgive her for it.”, she said. “Well what about her? Where is she in all of this. I don’t see her making any effort to contact me either.”, I said. “Because she is being as dumb as you are.”, she said.

Mom got stupid with it trying for a reunion. Telling me her dad needed a nurse and wanted me to apply. I didn’t fall for it. Like I would really go work for him after all this. She arranged a dinner with my sister and I. I came in and saw Jenny’s dad and then stepping out of the room was Jenny. The tough Marine was reduced to tears when I saw her again. I went and hugged her and she kissed me. “I knew it.”, my Mom said. Mother always do know best I guess. Her dad apologized to me. Saying he was wrong about me and should have never interfered.

We left my Mom’s wanting to talk alone. We headed for my place. She apologized to me for what went down. I accepted and I said I understood. I said “there was not a day gone by that I had not thought of you.” “Same here” she said. “Before we go any further I need to know if you still care for me?”, I asked. She just started going for my pants. I moved her hand away. “Jen.” I said. She kept going for it. She slapped my hand away. “Jenny answer me!”. She just laughed and unzipped my pants and she started sucking my dick. “Jenny! Come on. Answer me.” She said, “I am! Actions speak louder than words. Still tastes good by the way.”. She smiled sarcastically. She could always make me laugh. I loved her playful side because she was such a serious person. Her silly side was so much fun. What came next was total bliss. The make up sex was the best we ever had. She started sucking my dick deep throating me. Licking the head. Deep throating me. Over and over. She came back up and came to me and started kissing me. I started undoing her clothes as she kissed me and rubbed my dick. I started lifting her shirt and cupped her tits and rubbed her nipples. I slid my hand in her pants. I started rubbing her clit. She unbuttoned her pants and slid them down and took them off. I told her to get in bed. She said, “mmmmm mmmm.” Waving her index finger at me. “No. No. No. I owe you. I owe you big time.”. She shoved me down onto the bed. “Jen. What the hell’s gotten into you?” She shushed me. We never had rough sex. Taking her finger and running it down my forehead and nose to my mouth. She took it and rubbed her pussy. Then stuck it in my mouth. “I owe you. Just relax.”, she said seducticely. She started sucking my dick until I was hard. She did a move she did our first time together. Plugging herself in and rocking up and down on my dick. She squeezed my cheeks between her hands. “Have I been a bad girl?”, she asked. I did not say anything. This is a side of her I have never seen. She squeezed my face harder until it hurt. “Have I? Answer me!!”, she said. I just said “yes”. I don’t know what the fuck happened to her. We never ever had sex like this but it was totally hot and scary at the same time. She told me to spank her. “Huh?”, I said. “Spank me! Like this” and started slapping my face gently. Do it now!”, she said. WTF? This sweet little nerdy girl went psycho in the past 8 years. I did as she asked. I started spanking her gently. “Come on!”, she said. “Do it!” I started whacking her ass and she got totally turned on. “If I remember someone likes French kissing.” She said. We started. The flood of warmth started filling my body like it always did when she kissed me. She gently grabbed my tongue between her teeth and pulled back. It was so fucking hot. She started bouncing on my dick. I tried rubbing her clit. She pulled my hand away. “No” she said with a seductive look. “I owe you.” She playfully slapped my face. I tried again. “No! I am in charge”, she said. “What the fuck has gotten into you?”, I asked. She grabbed my face puckering my lips with her hand and thumb. “You don’t like it?” She asked. I said, “no I just never seen you like this before.” “Then you like it?”, she asked. I said, “yeah it is hot!” She said, “then enjoy it!” She let go of my face and slapped me playfully. She came down and started french kissing me. The whole thing was just to hot. My dick just blew up inside her. My head went back and I felt like I was having a seizure as by cock let loose. The best orgasm I ever had. She kept going and she let out a scream as she
threw her head back as she came. She was playing the seductress as she rubbed her finger down my nose to my mouth. “Any good?”, she asked. “Fucking amazing.” I exclaimed. “Good”, she said as she turned around. My dick was going flaccid. “Oh no!”, she said, “not yet.” She started blowing me. She started rubbing her clit. “I can do that.”, I said. She slapped my hand away. “No. No. No. Bad! I owe you!”, she gave me a nice blowjob as I watched her masburbate. Just watching her do that was hot and I came a second time. Shooting my load in her mouth. She laid on top of me. Kissing my cheek. “What do you think?” She asked. “We need to break up more often.”, I said jokingly. She laughed and she got up and punched me in the shoulder. “You are an asshole.” We did a couple more rounds of makeup sex and spent the night in my apartment. Once again everything was right with the world as I got the love of my life back. We have been back together for a year now and planning to get married after she is done with her residency.

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  • Reply Gonzo ID:fx7italhk

    Hey Jenny!, loved it very much and I am so happy for you both. The story was good and I hope to hear more.

    After all these years i think I finally found a good one. Shes 4’11”, 100lbs and really cute with butt long hair. We have been talking every day and I am so excited on the prospect of meeting in person. Funny how love works as she wasn’t going to commit on a meeting so I didn’t message her for a day. Seems her heart came a knocking on her brain and the very next day we talked and she confessed her feelings to me as I did to her. It was the fourth of July celebration as fireworks exploded.

  • Reply Jenny ID:4o717tkqm

    He embelished a little on the beginning bj. I already told him I cared. Lol. The rough sex was because he was a muscle bound hunk now and it was a turn on to push him around.

  • Reply JeffCity ID:161rgapbd9i

    Again a very nice story. You must have done well in English. Have you always enjoyed reading and writing ? My name too is Jeff. I began reading at an early age. I began writing short stories and poetry and have always been a avid writer. Keep up the great work. My email is [email protected] if you would care to chat.

  • Reply Jenny ID:4o717tkqm

    Men! It was not “oh Jeff lets go to your place so I can jump your bones.” Like this sounds. He kind of conveniently skipped over the 3 hour talk we had about our relationship and what we wanted to do with it. I was not that easy! LOL I’ll give him a 90% on how I remember that night

    • JeffCity ID:161rgapbd9i

      Hello Dr. Jenny I just want to say how proud I am of you. I am into women who are natural as God intended. That you have kept your hirisuteness amid the shave craze. My sentimates are a guy must have a short hose and a hair trigger if he doesn’t like female fur. Than those that complain about hair in their teeth. My thoughts are they must approach oral sex with all the gusto of a hamster. I enjoy your open-mindededness and not being judge mental. You and Jeff are great together look forward to more from you two. You may find this hard to believe , though I like what I read pertaining to your exploits. I am really into the actual story lines. I left my email with Jeff, but I will give it to you also [email protected] if you would ever like to chat. PS I new you weren’t the promiscuous type from the get go.