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Granddaughter – Kelly – Day 1 Chapter 2

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This is Part 2 of day 1. Kelly came to stay with me on the farm during the Covid Pandemic _ Lockdown. Day 1 Part 1 was posted on 7 June 22.

Granddaughter – Kelly

Sorry for only posting now as it was hectic around the farm time was very limited.

Day 1 chapter 2.

Pops!!!! She called out again as she swung around skirt flaring exposing her beautiful thighs for a moment. standing with hands on hips. I was dumbstruck as the rays of the late afternoon sun caused my mouth to drop open as her legs, thighs and pussy was perfectly silhouetted through the thin material off her skirt, my head still spinning after that kiss. Goodness, I thought I feel like a 12-year-old schoolboy, “wow what a kiss bloody hell and I enjoyed it” and now this view.

What is wrong she asked?

Nothing my darling I muttered smiling, as I got out of the truck, I was distracted uuuhm by you!!

By me? Frowning. I noticed her eyes gazing downwards then, realizing to late that the bulge of my throbbing cock and the precum spot on my faded jeans will be clearly visible in the fading sunlight and no way I could hide it now, why Pops?

I uhm, (lost for words) got distracted by you Kelly, first that kiss and now I was admiring how beautiful you are I managed to utter softly still thinking about the trip. Bloody hell I can’t believe how weak and helpless I felt swearing silently at myself and now you are blushing like an idiot (thank God it is warm I need to get into the pool the cool water might help) I tell myself.

Thank you, Pops Kelly said as she came closer stood on her toes hugging me pushing her body tightly against me, looked up and gave me a kiss on my chin. Wrapping my arms around her I hugged her tight against me for a while enjoying the soft warm feeling of her body.

Can you unlock the door for me please Pops she asked nature is calling urgently?

I gave her the keys and security code for alarm system and said run ahead I will take your luggage inside, as she walked away.

I quickly unloaded her luggage left it in the living room will take it to her room a bit later I thought what I need now more than anything is an ice cold beer went to the laundry changed into shorts and then to the bar (my man cave) taking a beer sat down on a bar stool enjoying the cold liquid and the view of the late afternoon sun casting it’s golden rays over tree tops and bush, (what I did not mention is that I stay in Africa the game farm is almost 5000 hectares of bushveld with various species of animals and reptiles).
Deep in thought regarding the happenings of today the silence was interrupted when Kelly called “in the Bar I replied” and looked up as she entered “wow” so beautiful I thought.

My darling I said let us take a walk to that ridge over there it is overlooking a watering hole maybe we can spot some game and enjoy a cool drink before the sun sets.
That would be great she relied excitedly, I packed ice, soda and beer in a cooler Kelly hugged me from behind Pops, she asked may I have some wine, pretty please? leaning forward standing on her toes and kissed my cheek.

You are still too young to be drinking alcohol young lady I said now turning my head enjoying the closeness our noses almost touching.

BUTTTT, I am not a child anymore with a serious expression on her face and you know it is almost my birthday.

I started laughing, so are you a woman now and do you want your mother to kill me if she finds out?
(She knew she was winning and knew that she had me wrapped around her pinkie Pops is done for the barrier is slowly losing strength).
Pops she will never ever kill you because she will not find out I will never tell besides I sometimes do have some wine with mom and dad at dinner time, while looking at me with those big puppy-like blue eyes smiling and pouting her lips and nobody will touch you making fists and laughing now wrapping her arms around my neck kissed me on the lips. Don’t I look like a woman Pops she asks stepping back posing? Oh my God she is beautiful I thought, “yes my darling you do and very beautiful” I replied without hesitation.

You are really fucked, and she got you completely wrapped around the pinkie going through my mind thinking what the hell let she have some by the way “you stole your fathers alcohol at 14 for the first time and your backside was burning for a week” smiled and said ok my darling suppose you can have some but must not become a habit come on grab some glasses before it is too late and started walking, Kelly rushed to my side took my free hand locking her fingers in mine looked up at me with sparkling eyes laughed and said “now you are my hot boyfriend”. I could only shake my head and smile not taking it serious, but happy to have some company around but strangely felt as happy as a fish in water (schoolboy after first kiss, never going to wash my face again feeling).

We got to the ridge took position in a natural hideout overlooking a small valley and watering hole I sat down with my legs widespread across a log whispered to Kelly to sit down as well with her back towards me while I poured Kelly some wine and grabbed a beer, we sat in silence enjoying the time, refilled her glass again had another beer, every now and then I would lean forward point something out to Kelly and whisper in her ear identifying the animals to her or she would excitedly lean back point to something. This continued for a while when she moved backwards between my legs leaning against me and whispered Pops my back is starting to hurt can I sit like this? Yes, off course my darling I replied as she rested her head against my chest.

Pops?……… silence

Yes, my darling??

I love it when you say that!!

What am I saying?

When you call me darling makes me feel so special and love you Pops.

You are very special to me my darling and I love you as well. “Pops? (silence)” Yes, my darling what is wrong? Nothing Pops, do you have uhm have somebody special in your life?
Yes, my darling I do have you my family everyone is special.
No Pops I mean like a girlfriend?
No, my darling I replied I have not, so far too busy on the farm to answer your next question I smiled.
Ok she replied, because I heard mom and her friend (Beverly/Bev) from work, talking the other day they had a couple glasses of wine each and were discussing you.
Really, I laughed sounds interesting!!
Yes, Bev wanted to know if you are still single, she likes you a lot, mom wants to bring her along when they come and visit, they talked a lot about you, but will tell you later, Bev has the hots for you please don’t tell.
Thank you, my darling for telling me will be our secret at least I know what is planned so will be prepared, but for now let us forget that. Besides I have a fun loving beautiful young woman here on the farm and I love her very much I replied. I think we need to head back it will soon be dark I added quickly.

Let us sit for a little longer please, it is so beautiful and peaceful out here wish I can stay here forever she replied with a sigh.

Jokingly I replied but my darling you can’t sit here forever your very, very sexy butt will grow fat and ugly patting the side of her butt cheek.

No!! silly she laughed, I mean here on the farm, now wriggling her butt she asked, do I really have a sexy butt? (The wriggling does not help at all as I feel blood rushing to my cock once again).
Kelly now looking me in the eyes realizing that an answer is required, compliments is what woman want, looking at her taking in her beauty (for me perfect) the blue eyes her exposed slender neck and then that shiny lips looking so inviting (controlling yourself I told myself is going to be difficult).

Pops? Wriggling her butt again as she moves even closer against me, I feel my cock now trapped between us pulsing and growing as I felt the softness and warmth of her body against me.

I took a slow deep breath “Yes, my darling you have mmm perfectly curved, and not only that you are truly beautiful and very smart no wonder you are so popular, leaned forward and kissed her lightly on her cheek
Kelly leaned closer to me lifted and stretched her legs in front of her on the log, her head slanted sideways against my chest looking up at me smiling (thank you Pops it means a lot me), reached across with her right hand took my left locked her fingers in mine and pulled my arm around the front of her body holding my hand palm down against her soft but firm stomach, feeling her take a deep breath and then slowly letting it out Kelly whispered with a smile “now hold me like this please”.
Only nodding my head as I looked down at her “all of a sudden I was without words heart thumping in my throat” feeling her warm skin beneath my hand, I immediately started to caress her stomach around her belly button as soon as she let go of my hand, this should not be happening I told myself but knew my resistance is weakening at a rapid rate also have the idea that Kelly knows exactly what she wants.

As I glanced down at her I noticed her eyes closed and her lips slightly parted tongue seductively wetting and then biting her lips “good lord I tell myself this is driving me over the edge” (this is a immediate turn on for me) with my other hand I held her head and turned her face towards me, running my fingers through her hair I leaned forward kissed her softly on the lips immediately her tongue darted out, between my lips seeking for mine as I opened and gently sucking her tongue into my mouth the passion of her reaction was overwhelming sucking and biting my tongue and lips, her breathing increased as I caress her stomach in slow circles, I gently started to kiss and flick my tongue along her cheek breathing in her ear then gently nibbling and sucking her earlobe, kissing her neck and causing the most beautiful moans to escape her lips her whole body covered in goosebumps.

We shouldn’t be doing this my darling I whispered it is wrong!!
Pops look at me as “I said”, I am not a baby anymore she replied and attacked me with passion sucking my tongue into her mouth does a baby kiss like this? She replied!

I completely melted under this attack realized that all resistance disappeared my cock was now at the point of exploding as I felt her hand running up the inside of my thigh lightly teasing me with her fingernails. I then ran my fingers under the waistband of her skirt before I realized I had my one hand on her panty covered pussy pressing down on her soft spongy mound massaging it lightly, running my index finger up and down her tight slit her pussy was leaking juice soaking her panty, my other hand found its way under her top cupping and fondling her developing breasts feeling her stiff nipples pressing against my palm, arching and thrusting her body against my hands.” she turned her body slightly reached back between us grabbed my cock and started squeezing lightly then running her fingers slowly up and down my shaft even though the material of my shorts and boxers separated her hand from my cock I felt the heat of her hand it felt like electricity shooting through me and had my breath racing and body shaking did not realize how hard I was grunting and groaning,

I moved my hand under her soaking panty sliding my finger up and down between her warm and wet pussy lips her clit stood up teasing and rubbing it. I trailed my fingers to her pussy opening sliding one digit inside her tight pussy feeling the warmth and the velvet wetness grasping my digit, hot wet sounds emanated from her sopping pussy as I made circular movements with my finger tip, Kelly moaned and grunted as I teased her opening feeling her pussy muscles quiver in orgasm from her opening up to her swollen clit, her body shaking and trembling she bit my lower lip her breathing was ragged as I felt her pussy muscles quiver under my hand.

I was very close to a orgasm myself as I felt her hand trying to get under my shorts, I mumbled into her mouth to turn around and straddle my legs leaning back with her upper body she thrust her pussy against my cock feeling her hands searching I helped her by undoing the button of my shorts now allowing Kelly to get her hands in to free my throbbing cock from its trap by now it was soaking with pre-cum and the feeling of Kelly pulling my foreskin
back exposing the big mushroom head then rubbing her finger and palm around it drove me absolutely crazy “ WOW Pops your uhm penis feels nice” as she leans forward kissing me I could not utter a word as I had to concentrate so hard not to blow my load there and then, I leaned back pulling Kelly onto me (now fully dark neither of us could see much) reaching down I pushed my hands under her panty gripping and fondling her sexy butt cheeks replying to her “not a penis my darling it is a cock” I reached further down between her open thighs running my finger between her ass cheeks to her wet opening teasing it again “ and that my darling is a very beautiful pussy” and very tasty as I put my finger in my mouth tasting her sweet juices, not a nunu or nuckie, returning my hand to her soaking pussy, mmmm ok Pops she purred like a kitten her breath racing.

Now lying flat on my back (not the most comfortable position on this log) with Kelly on top of me, I hooked my thumbs into her panty pushing it down she lifted her hips and closed her legs allowing me to move it down kicking with her legs the panty went flying, very quickly my shorts and boxer followed (my hell I thought wish I could see). I pulled Kelly down onto me again, my cock lying flat on my stomach helping Kelly to position herself on my leaking cock spreading her legs wide by bending her knees and hooking her feet behind my knees leaning a bit upwards I managed to find her mouth started kissing again tongues exploring each other.

Reaching around I grabbed her soft butt cheeks pulling her onto the shaft of my cock pushing upwards with my hips as well I felt her pussy lips opening and spreading around my throbbing shaft and immediately felt the heat of her pussy and the slippery juices around my shaft Kelly now started thrusting her hips slowly back and forth on my throbbing shaft over the mushroom head hesitating for a moment making circular movements over my sensitive head as squishing sounds can be heard as my cock slide through her pussy lips.
I moved my hand over her butt pressing my fingers against her pussy opening causing her to increase her pace our juices mixing around my cock running down my side it did not take very long maybe 10 minutes if so long that I felt my orgasm building, I dug my fingers into her soft butt cheeks pulling her even harder onto my cock knowing that my cock head is smashing her clit between our pelvic bones now, after a short while I felt her body tense up and spasm her pussy muscles quivering trying to grip onto my shaft her thrusting increased, her body started shaking and jerking as I feel the hot juices flowing out of her pussy “uuughnnnn, aaaagh oooh aaah shit shit” moans escaping from her mouth as she orgasmed, her finger nails digging into my sides, pressing her face into my chest, almost the same time my orgasm hit me wrapping my arms around her body and butt pulling her even tighter against me as I felt the pleasure wave hitting my body “WOW fuuuuuuuck, uuuughh” I shouted as my cock exploded shooting load after load of cum between our shaking bodies every time Kely moves her pussy on my shaft touching my sensitive cock head my whole body spasms and loud grunts would escape my mouth It took some time and concentration to be able to relax.

Kelly was the first to react moving up my body resting her head on my shoulder breathing in my neck – “wow thank you Pops I never experienced an orgasm like this can still feel the butterflies in my stomach” kissing my neck she asked, and you Pops are you ok? Not hesitating a moment while I gently ran my fingers up and down her bare butt cheeks and lower back I replied – “Yes my darling I cannot recall when last I experienced an orgasm like this think I am still floating in the clouds” it was WOW incredible and that said, with the most beautiful young woman in the world fondling her sexy butt cheeks. (Thinking by myself there is no turning back, I am hooked on her, feels like I am young again and in love, but will not force anything going to take my time and make sweet love to her, not fuck her like a mad man)

I could feel her sigh of relieve as she whispered “Love you lots Pops I have been dreaming about this day a long time wanted it so much” again sighed and then I felt moisture dripping on me and realized it was teardrops, “why are you sad my darling” hugging her tight?

Maybe a little sad Pops afraid that you will hate me for what happened today and tonight but then also happy that I could show you how I love you “mixed feelings “ I am happy but also afraid that you will be upset” I guess” she added, what happened will be our secret no matter what Pops, I was afraid of what happened in the truck that you will be upset and maybe take me back and want to admit that what happened today, I wanted it to happen and all the way driving here I was awake, Kelly said with another huge sigh.

My darling no need to try and explain, I can only be upset with myself and yes, I was known it was wrong, but I still allowed it to happen, upset with you “No” I am not. But was shocked yes in the future no will not be upset with you, but we do not know what happens in the future, but we must realize that what we did or do today/tomorrow can never be reversed.
What happened today might/will happen again and again and we must realize that it is wrong but will remain my secret and until I am gone and will never do anything to hurt you.
With a teasing laugh I added “you said as we walked here that I am your boyfriend” You remember?

Yes Pops …pause then a soft giggle and added will be my secret forever Love you.

Then my darling our secret I will be your boyfriend for as long as you want, there is no chance that I will be taking you back., I replied laughing and added I think we must get back to the house we are getting stuck together,

We can grab something to eat and watch a movie I will set up the sleeper couch and fall asleep right there on the living room we can unpack your clothes room in the morning.

Sounds great Pops and thank you as she moved her hand between our bodies giving my semi hard cock a gentle squeeze wow Pops that is a lot of semen as she explores the space between our bodies. Pulling her hand out and smelling the semen mmmm smells strange and then sucking her finger tastes funny kind bit salty maybe but not bad kind of like it she remarked.

As I put my shorts back on Kelly asked Pops where is my panty? Don’t know my darling you kicked it away let me help you, but you don’t need it I laughed. I doooo Pops she shouted punching my arm my nuckie is cold, haha I laughed teasing her YOUR WHAT, what is a nuckie?
“Pops really!!! pinching the soft skin of my ribs you know what I mean. Here it is after a short while lying behind this rock picking it up, but it is very wet took a sniff mmmm smells so nice I love it. Pops you are impossible she laughing as I handed the panty to her.

Come on my darling let us go don’t want to get caught in the rain and lightning out here as I noticed the flashes and distant rumble walking hand in hand we made our way to the house on the veranda I kicked off my hiking boots and sat down on a deck chair pulling Kelly close hugging her tight as she sat on my lap and sat in silence for a while holding each other close her head on my shoulder.
Kissing her lightly on the cheek time to go and shower my darling my ensuite shower is the better option if you want to use it everything is already their towels, shampoo, shower gel, I haven’t prepared the guest bathroom yet go and enjoy while I feed the animals and lock up. Better hurry up I think mom will phone shortly or you can phone once you are done, we do not want them to worry to much, ok Pops she replied before moving off.

Short while later Kelly entered the kitchen wearing a light pink knee length nightgown with her wet hair hanging loose, done Pops your turn she smiled, (damn she looks so beautiful looks much older than she is really a young woman), uhm ok my darling keep an eye on the pizza in the oven and phone mom as well she called, as I made my way to the shower. Entering the bathroom, I noticed Kelly’s clothes I the washing basket took her wet panty smelling it immediately my cock started rising as the sweet smell hit my nostrils, if this is not going to kill me it will make me stronger, I laughed at myself calm the fuck down. Done with the showering I put on my boxers and gown grabbed the washing basket and made my way to the kitchen and laundry.

Pizza is done Pops Kelly said after I put the washing in the machine, thank you my darling have you called mom as I stood behind her folding my arms around her hugging her close, “yes Pops she said they might see us shortly if not on my birthday also depends on lockdown” Kelly replied and added let me set the table we can eat here turned around in my arms reached up and pulled me down kissing me and with her lips against mine whispered “love you Pops” love you to I replied did not want to let her go come on set the table I will pour us a glass of wine each. While enjoying our pizza and wine we chatted had some fun joking etc.
My darling I said uhm smiling at her since we are boyfriend and girlfriend, I must take you out for dinner don’t you think so.
Yes Pops!!! But don’t you think you should ask first smiling back at me.
Now with a face trying to look serious while she is pulling faces and pouting lips, Kelly would you do me the honor of accompanying me on a dinner date this coming Friday evening?
Now both of us laughing she jumped up grabbed me around the neck off course she said with a serious face kissing me on the forehead cannot wait, as she turned around collecting the dishes and started cleaning.

Grabbing some snacks and sodas, I said come on movie time dimmed the lights passing the remote to Kelly there my darling you are in charge right hand side of the sleeper couch is mine, do you have enough pillows? Took off my gown propped myself against the backrest of the sleeper couch.
Are you not going to be cold Pops, Kelly asked as she noted I do not have a shirt on and started taking off her gown she had on a 2 piece sleeveless night shirt pinkish colour that reached to a touch below her hips, and a matching bikini bottom sleeping shorts with a heart over her pussy, I could only admire her long shapely legs, perfectly curved ass, the shorts fitted a bit tight silhouetting her hidden treasure perfectly, her breasts perfectly shaped and her erect nipples visible, only as she moved a bit closer did I notice the print on her pajama’s the night shirt had the print “for your eyes only” and the shorts as she turned on the one cheek a picture of a F-picture of a flame-G and other cheek HOT.

So very true I uttered!! You are truly flaming hot my darling!! Mmm and then only for my eyes, I have no words.

Thank you Pops as she turned around and posed a bit, and thanks this is some of the clothes I bought this morning as she came to sit on the sleeper couch next to me. Searched for a movie “Hitman’s Bodyguard” and pressed play.

Pleasure my darling can see it is not a waste of money smiling, moved down making myself comfortable and with Kelly lying with her head on my shoulder and my arm wrapped around her hand on her side, she was on her side facing me her leg bend and placed on mine her hand on me twirling her fingers through the hair on my chest and pinching my nipples every now and again.
She kissed me once or twice in the neck when I sensed a while later, she was breathing deep and fast asleep. I slowly covered us with the duvet careful not to wake Kelly, turned facing her and held her in my arms slowly falling asleep.

Hope I am not boring you guys.
Sometime takes me a long time to get words and sentences in place or correct. If you do spot something incorrect I would appreciate feedback.
Hopefully Kelly will be visiting shortly to help with writing.
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