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Forced impregnation

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Boyfriend made me pregnant and I don’t know who the father is.

Woke this morning feeling super horny and I was dripping wet.
I had a memory flashback …

I went to a party with my man. We were there for a few hours dancing, drinking and socialising with everyone. Sometimes together and sometimes apart.
A couple more hours into the party I started to feel a little dizzy and unwell.
I asked the boyfy if we could go “I’m no longer feeling great.” He winked at me (unusual) and said “sure hunny.” Whilst waiving to someone (behind me, so don’t know who).
I don’t remember actually leaving and getting into an Uber or the trip home, well the apartment we were in for the weekend. I do remember getting ‘home’ and being met at the front door by the boyfy’s best friend.
“Hey mate. Ready?” said my boyfriend.
“Yeah mate. Some of the others are already here too.” was his friend’s reply.
I remember walking up the stairs to our room. Massive four poster bed. I stripped myself and went for a shower. I don’t remember getting out of the shower or into bed, with no covers. I remember my boyfriend’s mate tying my arms and legs to the bed. I have something under my stomach raising my hips up. I was face down. I tried to fight it and felt this crack against me arse like I had been whipped with a cane.
“Shhhh babe. You’re gonna love this!!”
I was blindfolded and had no clue who was there.
I heard my boyfriend tell his mate “alright. You got their payments yeah?”
“Of course mate.”
“Alright. Send em up ”
I felt the boyfy kneel between my legs.
He was rock hard and pushing his cock into my arse. I screamed he always hurts with his thick cock. Soon he was ready to cum and he slipped from my arse and into my cunt to drop his seed deep in my womb.
When he was done “alright Gentlemen have fun. Remember only cum in her cunt. I want her impregnated. Don’t forget I also want a load of your cum in that glass.”
Before I knew I had a cock in every hole and my cunt was receiving its second, third, fourth, fifth, etc loads.
My holes were well used that night. Many orgasms had by me it made me dizzy and I passed out again.
I don’t know how long I was out for but next thing I remember was my boyfy’s mate had removed the blindfold and was untying me, I could see daylight out the window.
He rolled me over and I relaxed.
He chuckled “Bitch! We ain’t finished with you we’re just changing your position.”
I was on my back with something under me raising my hips and my arms and legs tied above my head.
This time they didn’t blindfold me so I could watch what they did. They inserted a plug into my arse and took it in turns of pumping more seed into my cunt. I don’t know how much more I could take.
After a couple of more hours of this abuse the friends left leaving me with boyfy and his best mate.
They lifted my hips more and inserted a speculum with an attached funnel. They pushed it right into me, until it had opened up the cervix and pushed further in. They had a small camera in it and had set up a laptop so I could see my womb open up as they opened the speculum. This was very painful. You could see all the cum already in my. They pinched my clit until I orgasmed making me watch the screen as I sucked up the cum ….
After a few minutes boyfy brought over two large jars full of cum.
“This is mostly mine and his as we didn’t fuck you, after my first load, but wanked alot watching you get used.”
He slowly poured in the first jar. Making me cum by rubbing my clit in intervals, which made me suck in the cum into my womb. He let his mate do the second jar.
I was full of cum and sore. They left me like that for a few hours, speculum inserted still with the camera. Was cool watching the screen and seeing my body willingly suck up the cum … Couldn’t let them know I enjoyed it though.
Night time had come and gone again and my boyfy wakes me up by removing the speculum and inserting a steal, thick and very cold plug. He kept me tied up with my hips raised until around midday when he finally untied me and helped me shower and clean up. Plug still inserted.
After the shower boyfy helped me back to bed, made me lay on my back with my hips raised, plug still inserted and I was handcuffed to the bed. I wasn’t allowed to move around or do anything without boyfy’s permission or help.
Boyfy really wanted to make sure I fell pregnant.

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