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First time cont..

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Oral, anal, fuck, cross dressed……..

My younger nephew always got up early..
This led to my nephew George waiting for the door to close and he would wrap his hands around my cock.. Before sliding it deep into his mouth.. I groaned as he slid down my piss hard cock.. Forcing it as deep as I could inside him. Within minutes I was cumming down his throat.. And he always swallowed.. Then licking my cock clean..
Good morning he would say smiling up at.. I love doing that to you…
We had got into this routine every morning and often we would go off into the woods in the day to play our on the way home he could not get enough of my cock down his throat.. And I could not get enough of his mouth around my teenage cock..
One evenin my two older sisters decided to dress him up and he became georgi girl.
They dressed him in one of there old blue mini skirts and applied full make up his long hair in bunches And he loved it. Prancing around like a little girl sticking and wiggling his ass out to rock music.he was blowing kisses and licking his lips like an old time film star..
He looked just like a girl and I had to sit with my hands over my shorts to hide my erection.
As he teased me.. Looking me in the eye.. Asking me to dance.. I had to turn him down saying that’s a poof thing to do.. But really it was impossible to stand up without showing the tent in my shorts, I could see the hurt in his eyes
After every one had laughed and teased him.. I excused myself and headed for my bedroom holding a pillow over my shorts..
He burst in a few minutes later still dressed.. His red lips quivering and he was almost crying.
You don’t like me like this he asked..
I pushed him against the door and lowered my shorts..
Does this answer your question? As I took my throbbing cock in my hand..
Through his sniffles he said oh.. You really like this dress?
Georgi you look amazing..
He sank down to his knees and started to lick my cock his red lips sliding and teasing me while he looked me in the eye
He started to fondle my balls then suprised me by moving my cock and licking them taking them one by one into his mouth..
He whispered I’m your georgi.
And we can do anything you want…
He looked just like my sister as he slurped and sucked my cock.. My mind was full of dirty thoughts as I’ve always wanted to fuck her..
Soon I could feel my balls bubbling and tried to stop him sucking.. I dragged him to his feet and turned him facing the door..
I want to fuck you Georgi… I want my cock inside your ass.
Georgi lifted her skirt and I could see my sisters has lent her some old knickers of theres the ones with a tight front panel that held there stomach in.. I pulled them down so they showed Georgi tight ass.. And fed my cock inbetween them bending my knees to line up her hole.. My inexperience showed as I stabbed around her hole.. She reached down and aimed for me..
Her ass was already slick and my cock head slid in.. I wasn’t prepared for the heat and tightness as my cock bottmed out inside her..
I held her hips standing up and started to fuck the tight hold as Georgi moaned
Fuck me make me yours fuck me.. I gripped tighter trying not to make a noise as my cock opened her inside.. Sliding easily back and forth the friction inside.. Madding trying to hold on wanting the feelings to last longer..
But it was to know avail my cock spurt into the tight hole filling it..
I carried on the stamina of youth..
Till I heard voices and steps coming up the stairs..
Ohhh fuck I didn’t want to stop..

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  • Reply zandy ID:16oihueov9c

    Oh yes, who’s coming up the stairs? Can’t wait for the next episode. Love the first bit but really want a soft pussy to fuck

  • Reply Sammy ID:fx7ith8r9

    One year when I went back home for vacation we stayed at sisters house for the weekend my girlfriend and my sister had gone to the beach for a girls night out and I got back to the house around 9 that night and when I pulled the car in the driveway I just went in through the garage my brother in law was in the living room and when I told him it was just me and I was going to lay down he just looked like he was asleep after a couple of minutes I went to the kitchen to get something to drink and didn’t realize that he was laying on the couch in a pair of panties