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I was married at the time, straight male with sexy ass wife. We were out of town, and went to a gym to workout. I discovered the men’s locker room had

My wife and I were out of town, went to a gym to work out. I went into the locker room, changed into workout gear, joined my wife in the main area.

We got in about half an hour. Some other gals were going to head over to the women only side for hot tub and either steam room or sauna. My wife wanted to join them, told me I should do the same over on the guys side.

I went into locker room, undressed, I did not have a swim suit, so I just put my boxers on and headed for the steam room. I got up on a top bench and laid back, enjoying the steam. A hand reached up on rubbed my cock, and to my surprise I got hard. My hard on pops out the fly of my boxers, the guys hand takes hold and strokes me. I had my head back looking up into the steam, when I felt a warm mouth suck the head of my cock into his mouth. And he starts going to town, I look to see some major head action. Another guy stood up on the lower bench, right near my upper body, this guy had a good size cock, which he was stroking. I had turned my head to watch this guy jack off almost at my face.

Between the two of them, and me, I just came so hard, shooting off into the guys mouth. The guy jacking off, poked his cock at my mouth a few times. I just could not, and kept my lips closed. I felt the guy that had sucked me move away. But, another guy moved in and took his place, as he grabbed my still hard cock and started stroking me. The guy jacking off at my face, shoots his load, it goes all over my face. I could not see myself, but I pictured in my head all the times I had seen my wife’s face covered in my cum.

I reached up with both hands and was wiping the cum from my eyes. And in what felt like happened in only a second, the guy at my cock had moved over me, sitting right down on me. My hard wet cock at his ass, and it slid right in as he sat down on me completely. There he is riding me, as he strokes his own cock. I sure had no problem cumming again, as he grinded away on me. I guess me cumming, is what it took for him, he started shooting cum all my stomach and chest. He gets up, and is gone in the steam. I could not see anyone else around me.

I was still as hard as a rock, and started stroking myself. Not thinking of my wife, but of huge hard cocks. I could not cum again, but my cock was staying so hard. I got up and headed for the showers. I was not the only one standing in the shower with a hard cock. Another of the guys moved over to me, and started bumping his hard cock into mine. We both stood there, stroking ourself with our cocks touching. Guess that was what I needed, and shot off a load. He begged me to suck him off, and with no thinking it through, I bend over and took his cock into my mouth. I sucked him as I had always instructed my wife to suck me. As I have his cock deep in my mouth … I felt hands on my hips, and what I knew was a cock poke at my ass. It was sliding into my ass and he was holding my hips tight as he pumped away.

I took a load of cum in my mouth, and he was still shooting more. I was gagging, it flowed down my throat. I could feel the hot cum as the guy fucking my ass came. They moved away from me, and continued to shower, as I did.

I left my boxers in the shower, went to my locker and dressed. My wife, and a couple of her new friends were sitting at the juice bar out front. My wife asked what took me so long. Before I could think of anything to say, a guy walks up kisses one of the other gals, then says to my wife, that he was sure he had seen me asleep in the steam room. I could not even know if he had been one of those guys or if he had seen what went on.

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  • Reply Naughtytxguy69 ID:7ylrenbd9j

    Mmm whenever I sucknvock or rife a married guys cock I always imagine I’m my wife fucking and sucking the guy. I live being a slut for a married guy or dad.

  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    Bi male as well. all my serious relationships have been with women, but i always look for some tight boy pussy on the side.

    • Sammy ID:fx7ith8ra

      It was actually when I was working with my brother in law and we had taken a break in the owners garage when he took his tool belt off and then took his boots off and shorts he was standing there for a minute in his underwear and asked me if I minded if he took down his underwear I was wearing jeans and underwear and a t shirt he told me to take off my clothes and relax the owner was going to be away all weekend and it was Friday when he got a beer out of the house and came back in his cock wasn’t even hard but it was long he asked me if I felt ok being naked with him and when I asked if he was ok with my legs open while I had a beer he laughed and said he wanted to see me spread my legs open for years when I would stay over his house sometimes he would get naked and my sister would see him jerking off in the garage he would actually be naked when he walked around the house the couch that I was sitting on had a arm rest and when I laidback and spread my legs he started to put his hands on my asd

  • Reply BiHubby ID:7ylr4iq20j

    Omg that was so fucking hot…made me cum so hard wishing this would happen to me. My wife doesnt know I crave cocks but I would secretly cheat on her and get dick IRL if I could

  • Reply [email protected] ID:3zxjmhgwoij

    I like looking at cock in public men’s bathrooms and locker rooms