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First time

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Taken by surprise, First blow job from my Young nephew

Growing up in a large family in the 70,s..

My sister had to return to live in our family home after her husband started hitting and abusing her..

She was and still is 17 years older than I, I was 8 at the time, she came back with two sons, one being two years younger than me and one being two years younger again.

Being an already full house I ended sharing a double bed with my two nephews..

The older of the two was always a little bit different and liked to play with my older sisters, not rough house boys from the family.but we all got along sqaubling as kids do

Being in the North of England winter was Allways cold so I’m the winter it was a blessing to have more body warmth to cuddle and share heat..

But in the summer it used to get really hot and we went to bed in just our under pants or naked if it was really hot. Especially if we had just shared a bath together

This went on for a few years. when I hit 11 years old I used to wake up with morning wood.. Often pressed into my then 9 year old nephew ass

One morning I woke to find my 4 inch cock was pressed against his his ass cheeks..
And I felt my pants where wet.
I had, had my first wet dream..i didn’t know what it was.. I thought i had peed myself!!

But looking back it was def my first cum even though I didn’t know it..

My youngest nephew had already left the bed to go find break fast..

It was just me and my 9 year old nephew snuggled up under the covers..naked

My cock was still really hard as I spooned into him.. His soft cheeks pressed against me lower regions..

As I moved away his body followed me..my cock was wedged firmly inbetween his cheeks..

As he woke he said “Is that your thingy that’s hard?”

I said yes it happens when you get older.. And I felt him wiggle harder into me..

“Can I see it, I can feel it and it feels really big and hard”

Sure why not.. It’s not as if he had never seen me naked before.. So I thought what the hell..

He turned over and I pushed the covers down.. He stared at my rock hard cock..

Did you pee ?? Why is it wet..??

I had found some old porn magazine one of my older brother’s had left behind before he had joined the army.so I had a basic education of what a man and woman did..!!

And even though I had wanked a few times and dry cummed with little dribbles this had been my first full wry dream

I explained as much as I new my cock still hard and slick with cum.. Then sneaked my stash and showed him the battered porn mag..

We where very close as I turned the pages taking in all the lewd pictures in front of us..they are really bigger than yours.. But don’t look as hard

I felt his hand on my cock.. Wow yours is really hard.. He started to pull my cock up and down as I carried on turning the pages..

He pushed the magazine away and watched my cock as he carried on.. Gently wanking me..

I turned to a couple and the woman had her mouth over the man’s cock.. her tongue almost touching.. The head..

I showed him the picture.. And he scooted down to do the same.. His tongue going out of his mouth.. And I felt the hot breath from his mouth..

Before he licked the head.. And slowly sank down my cock.. Taking it easily into his little mouth..

(I found out later he had been sucking his uncles cock for a few years)

He bobbed up and down and cock cradling my balls in his hand.

My hands dropped the magazine he carried on sucking me fast… My head was spinning as he blew me and I felt the heat rise up as I held his head with my hands and I came in his mouth.. For the first time..

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