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Finally had sex with my step-daughter, Annie

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Last night I got to put my cock inside Annie’s little nunu, and it was everything I dreamed it would be.

What a night, it was everything I fantasised it would be and more.

I’ve had a long day and even longer night with my beautiful Annie, I’m currently sitting up on my bed, laptop on my lap typing this out while Annie is sound asleep, she’s cuddled in to my side, and she looks like a little sleeping angel, bless her.

You want to hear about what happened so here goes…

We all woke up at 7am, her mom got showered and dressed and was met by a taxi outside with her friend in it at 7:45am, they had to leave early in order to catch their train to the spa they were heading to, Annie and I gave her a kiss goodbye and she left.

I closed the door and I was so happy that Annie and I were finally alone, she ran in to the front room and jumped up on to the sofa to watch cartoons and I made and brought her some cereal and then fed the dog outside.

When I came back in she had finished her cornflakes and was just sitting cross legged on the sofa in her Disney princess pyjamas, “Finished your breakfast?” I asked.

“Yep.” She replied.

“How about you and me go in to town today, go shopping?” I asked.

“Can I get a Barbie?” she asked.

“You can get anything you want, darling.” I replied, to which she was very excited about, “Right, well, we need to get dressed don’t we. But first, let’s go get a shower, come on.” I said.

She jumped off the sofa and ran ahead of me up the stairs, in to the bathroom, she turned on the shower, took off her pyjamas and panties, and got in to the shower, I followed closely behind and got in with her, we sang songs and washed each other, I like washing her beautiful long hair, it’s so silky even before it’s washed.

She turned around and noticed I had an erection, “Willy’s up.” She said with a giggle.

“Yeah, why don’t you give willy one of your special kisses?” I said.

She happily held on to my cock, rubbing it a few times, then god love her, she slid her mouth around it and gave me one of her incredible blowjobs that she’d been learning to do for a few months, they’re pretty much perfect now, she keeps trying to fit it all in her mouth without gagging but never quite manages, still she sucks it good and swallows all my sperm down, she’s even told me how much she likes the taste of it, it’s like candy to her.

“Done?” she asked.

“Yeah, willy is wide awake now. Good girl.” I replied, reaching down and picking her up, I gave her little butt a good squeeze then brushed her wet hair off the front of her face and gave her a big kiss, have you ever noticed how little girls have the nicest plump red lips?, gorgeous they are.

We finished our shower and our song and then got dressed and headed in to town at around 10am, we went to the toy shop, then to the clothes store and bought a few night shirts and some leggings, then stopped off to have her favourite cheeseburger and fries, then bought a few groceries before heading home.

We got home at around 2pm, while Annie was in her room trying on her new clothes and adding her new Barbie to her ever growing collection, I went in to my bedroom and made preparations, it was going to be a special night and I wanted it to be really nice for her, so I put the silk sheets on the bed, sprinkled fake rose petals over the bed, placed a big box of her favourite chocolates on the pillow and placed strawberry scented candles on the bedside tables, it was perfect, ready for later.

At around 5pm we settles down in the front room watching her favourite movie and eating a pizza, then I asked her if she wanted to go get dressed for bed, it was a bit early but as you can imagine I was very eager to get started.

I had already had a conversation with her on Wednesday about us having a special daddy daughter night together, and she was excited about it, just her and me, while she ran upstairs to get ready for bed, I cleaned up and had a swift brandy, I locked up the house and slowly made my way up the stairs, “This is it. It’s finally going to happen.” I thought to myself on the way up.

“Annie, are you ready, sweetheart?” I asked, standing on the landing next to her bedroom door.

She opened the door and stepped out, she was wearing one of her new nightshirts, a plain pink satin shirt with white fake fur around the bottom, and a silver plastic tiara on her head, she looked so cute, and so sexy, “Do you like it?” she asked, giving me a twirl.

“I love it. You look like a proper princess.” I said.

I took her hand and walked her across the landing, then I opened my bedroom door, she stepped inside and smiled widely, the lights were dimmed down, the whole room smelt like strawberries, the bed looked amazing, and songs from princess movies were playing on the Bluetooth speaker, all designed to make her feel really special and comfortable, “Wow.” She said, looking around the room like she’d just stepped in to some magical place.

“Can I get on the bed?” she asked.

“Yes you can. Go ahead.” I replied.

She ran across the room and leaped on to the bed doing a belly flop, when she bounced on the bed the rose petals bounced off the sheets in to the air and floated down on top of her, “This is cool. Thanks’ daddy.” She said, laying on her back, flapping her arms and legs over the sheets, I guess trying to make like snow angels out of the rose petals.

“You’re welcome. I’m just going to get changed okay, there’s chocolates on the pillow for you. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” I said.

I returned several minutes later in my bath robe and I laid on the bed on my side, watching Annie sitting up on the bed cross legged, the box of chocolates laid across her lap, stuffing her little face, she let me have one, “Okay, lets save some of these for later.” I said, taking the box off her and placing it on the side table.

Then we laid together on the bed cuddling, and we talked for a bit and the conversation quickly turned to my Willy and my sperm, “That’s my love. I love you so much, Annie, but what you swallow is only a little tiny bit of my love, and I would like to put all of my love inside of you. Would you like that?” I said.
She nodded, “Yes, daddy. But how?” she asked.

I lifted the bottom of her shirt and gently rubbed the front of her panties, “In here.” I said.

She looked down and thought for a moment, “In my nunu? – How do you get it in my nunu?” she asked.

I told her I would show her, we took off her nightshirt and her panties and she laid down on the bed, I didn’t just go straight for the pussy, although lord knows I wanted too, I warmed her up first, I gave her gentle kisses all over her little body, her skin was so soft and pure, she giggled when I kissed her belly-button, “Tickles.” She giggled, then I separated her legs and licked at her pussy and clitoris like a dog lapping up water from a bowl, she giggled again but then calmed.

She closed her eyes and laid perfectly still with her arms at her sides, enjoying having her small virgin pussy licked, then I took my finger and pushed it inside her, breaching her virgin barrier, she opened her eyes, her body jumped and she yelped, “Eak-Ouch.”, she looked down with a worried expression on her face, “It’s alright, I’m sorry, that’s the hard part over, it won’t hurt now I promise.” I said.

I gave her a comforting hug and let her calm down, she said it was okay for me to continue playing with her nunu, so I went back to fingering her hole, she gasped and moaned a few times which showed me she liked it, I then took off my robe and tossed it to the floor, I was naked underneath and my cock was rock hard and twitching like crazy.

“Willy wants to go in now, so that I can give you all my love. Can I put willy inside?” I asked.

“Okay.” She replied.

I crawled over her, but then realised she was a lot shorter than I was, so I asked her to wiggle down the middle of the bed, and then I placed a pillow underneath her butt to lift her up a little, I needed to be at an angle to do this.

There I was with my hips between her little legs, cock twitching at her entrance, she was holding on to my waist with her head just below my chest, tilted back and looking at me and smiling, “Hello.” She said, being funny.

“Hi.” I replied.

I slowly pushed my hips forward, we both held our breath as the tip of my cock started to stretched her hole open and enter her, I was about an inch inside her when we both breathed out and gasped, she was gritting her teeth and scrunching up her face, it must have been a little painful having her small pussy stretched wide open by my huge erect cock.

I can’t tell you how wonderful it was finally, after all this time, feeling my cock enter her tight pussy, I’d waited and fantasised about this for so long, I almost cried.

I stroked her head and kept talking to her to keep her calm and comforted, “You’re doing well. Real good. Just a little more, darling.” I whispered, pushing as much of my cock inside her as she could accommodate, I felt my tip touch her cervix so I pulled back, then thrust forward again, and back, getting a very slow rhythm going, opening her up and easing her in gently.

“You okay?” I asked her.

She blinked open her pretty little eyes, she had a few tears running down her cheeks, and she nodded several times, I was so proud of her, it was clearly uncomfortable for her but she didn’t want to give up, I asked her if she wanted me to keep going and she said yes, so I did.

A few more minutes went by, her pussy was stretched open, and it was soaking wet, my cock was starting to slide in and out much more easily, but I didn’t fuck her, oh no, Annie was too good for that, I made love to her instead, slow passionate love.

She had relaxed in to it, she was no longer digging her heels in to my hips, her legs were spread out wide, she was doing the splits with her legs floating in the air as our bodies rocked, and I pumped her pussy slowly but always taking it as deep as I could each time I pushed inward, watching her reactions and listening the sexual sounds coming from her open mouth, her moans were for pleasure and that’s all that matters, “Ungh – Oomh –Aaoh.”

I felt the familiar twinge at the base of my cock, I was going to come, but just as I started to impulsively thrust faster, Annie started to moan louder and I could feel her body shaking, I looked down at her, she was gasping with her eyes and mouth wide open, and I realised she about to have an orgasm of her own, something I didn’t think she could experience yet.

“Oh my god. It’s okay, Annie, don’t be afraid darling. This is good, that feeling you’re having, don’t fight it, let it go, let it out.” I said, thrusting in to her faster, trying to make her orgasm as quickly as possible because I was struggling to hold mine in, “Come on princess. That’s it.” I said.

“Oooa – Ungh – Ung – Ungh – Ooooh – Daddy – Ooaaaaoh!”

She had an orgasm, and I pushed through her river of orgasmic fluids and then I ejaculated, unable to hold it in any longer, “Here comes my love, Annie, – Oooagh!”, I shot my load off inside her tight pussy.

When I’d finished emptying my balls in to her, I rolled off her, Annie just collapsed exhausted with her arms and legs stretched out, and I lay smiling catching my breath, I’d finally had her.

“Are you alright, sweetheart?” I asked, rubbing her arm.

“I felt it.” She replied.

“Felt what?” I asked.

“Your love. It’s tingling inside my tummy. Do you have enough left for mommy?” She said.

“I have plenty. You see these…” I said, pointing to my testicles, one of them was slightly bigger than the other, I pointed to the small one first, “This one is filled with love for mommy.” I said, then pointed to my big one, “And this one is filled with love for you.” I said.

She smiled and then she quickly sat up and looked worried, “Oh no.” she said, concernedly.

“What – What is it?” I asked.

“Your love is leaking out of my nunu.” She said, seeing that my sperm was dripping out from between her legs.

“Oh no, what are we going to do.” I replied.

She rolled on to her back, positioned herself in the middle of the bed, pulled a pillow under her butt, and spread her legs open, “Quick. Put more love in me.” She said, she was eager for more Willy time, and I was more than happy to give it to her, which I did, two more times.

That’s when she finally fell asleep, after the third time we did it, and I deleted a part of text here because I was originally going to post it last night, but just before I finished it she woke up and wanted to play with Willy again, so I had to put the laptop away and give her what she wanted.

We both slept through this morning and woke up at 11am, I got to feel her tight pussy again before we got in the shower, then we got dressed and she helped me tidy everything away so mom wouldn’t know what we’d been doing while she was away.

The house is now nice and tidy ready for when her mom comes home in around about an hours’ time.

Annie is playing in her room and I’m in the kitchen finishing this story off for you guys.

Last night was amazing, I hope I did a good job at describing it for you, but it will never be an accurate account of what happened, it was a million times better than it sounds in this story, my dreams came true last night, I got to make love to the most beautiful girl in the whole world, my little Annie.

I love both Annie and her mom, hopefully one day the 3 of us can express our love openly, together.

That’s my next dream.

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  • Reply zandy ID:16oihueov9c

    A nice tight cunt, mmmm nice

  • Reply Little Girl Lover... ID:bvj3erd0

    You have two wives now. I am so happy for you. That was a very loving hot story. One day I hope you will tell Mommy, just tell her that you will always love her, but now Annie is your wife too. She will have to accept it and the three of you can share your love. You will 2 loving females in bed you. Keep cumming in Little Annie and she will get pregnant while still a preteen for you. Make both of them pregnant so that they have more in common as they both will have growing babies inside them. Annie will have tiny breasts filled with milk as will her Mom’s and you can feed from them. Watching both of their tummies grow will be beautiful. Maybe they will have daughters for you to teach about Love. .I wish I had a little girl to teach about sexual love and eventually impregnate.

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    That was a great account of what happened . Now you need to get little Annie and her mom in bed at the same time and give them both lots of love . I hope you do Annie again and tell us all about it . I would love to have a little daughter like Annie and play games with her .

    • Daddy T ID:fx7ith20i

      Hey joe i have a story about my little angel if youd like to hear it. She’s 8 and loves her daddy daughter games

    • Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

      Hey Daddy T , would love to read about your little angel . Write it up and post it on here for everyone to read .

    • Lucien (aka Uncle Willy) ID:7zv2v6y20c

      I know this sounds fake but its true. I play with 3 sisters Rixie (13), Dixie (10) and Trixie (8). They call my Uncle Willy. They were quick studies when it came to learning oral skills and Rixie is a whirlwind when we fuck. Dixie is just able to take my cock (no exceptionally long but really thick) but the youngest is still off limits. Started Rixie on anal training. Yes, Willy enjoys them all together.

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    I wish I could have the same experience as you thats fucking sexy I wish I could breed some tight virgin pussy

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      Im 17 I hope one day this can happen for me