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Evil cuckold

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My wife and I havnt had the best sex life as of late, but I had a devilish idea to spice things up

My name is Shawn, i married my wife Lori 3 years ago. She had a son from a previous marriage, he was a 11 year old boy named eden, a small petite boy.
The past few months Lori and I havnt been able to get off with eachother, something got stale, we talked and talked and tried so many things to liven it up in the bedroom

In a last stitch effort I told Lori I had a surprise, I told her to wait in our room and I was gonna bring it to her, first I made sure to tie her up, with her helpless I played with her body a bit, pinched her nipples kissed her neck and made my way down to eat her out, she was getting so wet. It was time to get her surprise, I went downstairs to get it. my plan was to fuck her own son infront of her, I got eden and brought him upstairs, I brought him into the room and when when saw his mother, naked wet and tied up, he immediately got a boner. She tried to protest what I was doing as I pushed eden onto the bed. I got into bed with him and kissed him passionately as I removed his clothing. I got down to his cock and played with it as his mother yelled at me. I put my hand under Edens ass and pulled him up before lining my cock up with his ass, with fear in his eye I pushed the head in and he squelched in pain, but moaned in plessure. I slowly pushed it in now drowning out his mothers words only hearing our moans, as I hit the end his eyes were full of lust and with that loik I was signaled to fuck the little boy. My entire cock was being squeezed by his small body i could barely hold myself back from fucking him like an animal, but I kept a steady but safe speed untill I came deep inside of him, ill never forget the look in his eye as he realized his step-father just came inside of his once virgin asshole.

Lori, who had accepted the sight and gotten even more wet, was just itching to be untied, but we couldn’t do that just yet. I picked Lori up and put her on the bed, without a second word eden put his cock into her mouth. She vigorously sucked his cock and his eyes rolled back from the plessure, I made sure to line my cock up and fuck her just as good as I fucked her son, before long I had made her cum. I untied her and let her have control over eden, she pushed him onto his back and got over top of him, she looked him in the eyes and lowered herself onto his throbbing cock, she put her long hair up and slowly rode him as he was quickly becoming a moaning mess, she leaned down and kissed him and then started to passionately make out with him. She rode him faster and faster untill he popped inside of her. Wanting one last hoora she turned around and sat on his face, he knew what to do and started to eat out her ass as she rubbed her pussy. I didn’t want to miss out on the action so I got in and pushed my cock back into eden, a small squeal from my wife’s crotch told me he loved it. I wasn’t able to take it anymore and started to fuck him like crazy, I was probably hurting the little guy bit I didn’t care. My wife was certainly enjoying herself as she was riding his face like she was a wild animal, we shared a passionate kiss like we hadn’t had in months as we both came in unison, we had finally rekindled our sex life. And all it took was one slutty little boy.

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  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    hot!! my best friend does something similar with his 15yo stepson, except his wife doesnt know lol. their sex life got stale as well so one weekend while she was traveling, he raped the boys asshole into submission! now the boy is his secret fuck toy!

  • Reply Billy ID:fzq5o4tv0

    I would love to watch my wife fuck her son.

  • Reply Dave ID:7zv2u2dm99

    My ex girlfriend would use her son when I wasn’t home.
    I wish I could go back in time. Had a different look on it then was actually mad when I caught her riding him

  • Reply Korvvo ID:28aradmk0d

    Hot as fuck i would have been down i jerked wishing i could fuck my mom hearing my dad fuck her nightly. And i waited in the showers at camp when i was 13 jerking off hoping someone would let me suck her huge pedo cock

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:3057hz2fii


  • Reply Qnonymous ID:2a7bxs4zrb

    Your gay. L and a pedo

    • Rotten bastard ID:2mmja0sz

      Im sorry you feel that way, im not, im just a writer with mental illness

    • OHMclub ID:1zfupa9hrc

      Nobody really asked for your input 😂
      Loved the story would love to see more of this 😈