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Every kids dream: fun with my older sister

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This happened when I was 13, my parents were out and my brother was with his friends, so it was just me and my older sister Emma. She was 19, we rented a movie and got pizza, it was a great night. We were on the couch around 12 pm and the movie was almost over, Emma had fallen asleep and she slowly leaned onto me. Her tit was pressed against my arm and I got an erection, a loud bang in the movie woke her up and she was my boner. She smiled and kissed my cheek before sliding her hand into my pants, she grabbed a hold of my cock and stroked it, she jerked me off so fast I came in my pants. She pulled my pants down and went on and on about how cute I was, she started to blow me and squeeze my balls, it was a weird feeling but it made me so hard, I was about to cum but she stopped. She pulled my shirt off and stripped herself. She pushed me back onto the couch and straddled me. She lowered herself onto me as she talked about me breeding her, I was overwhelmed and she started to ride me fast, I came deep inside of her pussy and basically passed out. I woke up naked in Emma’s arms with the movie playing again, I went back to sleep.

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I hope you likes these short stories and there are a few more to come. I have 10 planned so 7 more. It gets far more perverted so I hope your ready <3

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  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    Loved it and need more

  • Reply paper towns ID:3eqciorlxid

    A very difficult read, featuring multiple punctuation and grammatical errors.

    I believe you can do better, far better.