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Emma’s story

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Emma lived at home with her mum and then Bill started seeing her mum

I met Emma when she was 14 and this is her story as she told it to me:
It was just me and mum at home after a messy divorce that had left her on tablets to help her sleep at nights. The trouble was that once she got to bed she was dead to the world, nothing would wake her. This was OK except I was having vivid frightening nightmares and when that happened I’d go into mum’s room and snuggle in with her. This was OK until she met Bill. He was OK but he often gave me some strange looks and would often rub the front of his trousers when I was around. Mum said she liked him a lot and that he might stop over some nights. I was so naive I wasn’t sure where he would sleep as we only had the 2 bedrooms and then the first night he was stopping he went to bed with mum. I was horrified as I realised he’d be fucking her and he did, that first night I could hear them doing it. I tried to cover my ears but the walls were too thin to cover his grunts and the bed banging. I hoped I wouldn’t dream that night. I didn’t.
The next morning they were doing it again and this time I could hear mum groaning as well. I got up and went to the bathroom to have a shower so I couldn’t hear them. Unfortunately being so used to just me and mum being there I didn’t lock the door and I’d just got out of the shower when Bill walked in. I shrieked and in my panic dropped the towel; now naked in front of him. “Sorry Emma” he said, “I didn’t know you was in here”. But he made no move to move go and his eyes were all over my naked body before I could grab the towel and cover myself. “Please go” I said.
“OK babe, don’t worry, I’m going. You know you’re as gorgeous as your mum” he said as he backed out of the door. I was trembling, no one had ever seen me naked before and I tried to calm myself and get dried worrying about what I should do. I stayed in my room for ages hoping he’d go and I wouldn’t have to face him and when I heard the front door go I ventured out to find mum sitting at the breakfast table. I had to tell her, so trembling with anxiety I did, I told her what had happened and she quite calmly said it was my own fault for not locking the door. I couldn’t believe it, we never locked the door. And when I said he stayed a long time looking at me she said I must be imagining it as he was there to see her. Maybe I had, I was confused now and tried to put it out of my mind and remember to lock the door in future.
The following Friday Bill stopped over again and I realised I mustn’t go in to mum and hoped I wouldn’t dream. Once in bed I was soon asleep but suddenly woke up, I’d had a nightmare and I wasn’t sure if I’d cried out but I just laid there trembling. Then my door opened and Bill walked in: “it’s OK Emma, just another nasty dream, go back to sleep and I’ll sit here for a while”. He sat on the side of the bed on top of the covers and put his arm around me. I felt safe and snuggled in, my arm resting on his stomach as he held me close. He made no movement but as I was dozing off my arm must have slid down and rested against his cock – he had no bottoms on either. I jumped and moved my arm but he put it back and said it was OK, just relax.
I didn’t know what to do so I just laid still I was nearly asleep when I felt him gently lift my arm and lay it on his cock; it felt so hot. I pretended to be asleep and tried not to move but then he slowly moved my arm so his cock was in my hand; it felt so hot and so big. I’d never felt a boys cock so had no idea what it should be like. Then his hand was over mine making me grip his cock and slowly he moved it up and down. I’d no idea what was happening until suddenly he stopped moving my arm and pressed it really hard and I felt it get all wet. I couldn’t help it, I gasped and tried to pull away but he held it there and I could feel his cock twitching in my hand.
“There Emma, you just made me cum you naughty girl”. I wasn’t sure what to say and do and wondered if it was all my fault so I apologised. He said it was OK and that’s what girls did to boys they liked and not to worry, he wouldn’t tell my mum. “Now, lay down and I’ll show you what boys do, don’t worry, it won’t hurt and you’ll really like it”. I was so naive I did as he said and shivered as he pulled my nightie right up so he could see all of me, although it was still very dark so that wasn’t much.
He knelt over me and started kissing my nipples and then sucking them, making them really hard and tingly, it was lovely and made me feel strange. Then he kept his hands on my tits as he slowly moved his head down lower, kissing all the way. He must stop soon I thought, but he didn’t and I couldn’t stop him as he kept going down. When he reached my pussy he gently but firmly pushed my legs apart. This was wrong, mum had told me about this but it also felt good and it was someone I knew and by the time I’d thought all this his mouth had covered my pussy.
Then he licked it and I nearly died, what was he going to do, I couldn’t believe it was happening but I didn’t want it to stop now. Then he was blowing on it and I felt his finger go in, slowly, all the way. This was definitely better than doing it myself and I couldn’t help it, as he fingered me my hips moved against him and he soon brought me off. I slumped back exhausted and he took his finger out and covered me up and told me to go back to sleep.
I couldn’t get back to sleep, my pussy was tingling and when I touched it I could still feel the wetness there. I cupped it and slowly slid the tip of my finger in, I was so wet but it didn’t feel as good as when Bill did it. I must be a slut, I shouldn’t feel like this but my pussy was crying out for attention so I did it, fingered myself again before finally falling asleep.
The next morning I woke late and thought he’d gone but when I went to have breakfast he was sitting there as mum did some washing up. “Hello Emma, did you sleep well?” he asked giving me a wink. I looked at mum but she was facing the sink and when I didn’t answer straight away she told me to answer Bill. I mumbled something and when I looked at him he was eyeing me up and down making me blush with embarrassment and it got worse. “Well I better make a move Wendy” he said as he stood up and walked towards me and the door, his back to mum. He was wearing a robe and he pulled it open so I could see it all, he was naked under it. My mouth fell open but I was too shocked to say anything and just watched as he winked at me and walked by. I should tell mum but I couldn’t, I was too embarrassed especially when I remembered that I’d actually touched it last night.

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  • Reply Love it good on the girl ID:5vakbs65hl

    Interesting stort wood hope the middle is as good and the end best.

  • Reply Gail ID:4o717tkqm

    More more

    • zandy ID:16oihueov9c

      Part 2 is posted

  • Reply Gonzo ID:1rou10v1

    Wonderful story and Emma sounds like she had a wonderful sexual awakening. All females deserve good kind treatment in their sexual awakenings. Being taught that sex is natural as is nudity and there id absolutely nothing wrong with sex or your sexual urges. That is why our school systems and the parents fail because they are maturing so much younger and with no one to teach them, it is a mess of confusion. Seek and be taught the proper way when you want it not when someone else says you can.
    Enjoy girls!

  • Reply Luke ID:4o717tkqm

    Hot story! Definitely write more

  • Reply Danny1003 ID:153jwgw820d

    Yes write more

    • zandy ID:16oihueov9c

      Next part done

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    Great story so far – Part 2 please

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      Next part done