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Domestic abuse…

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Abuse and Rape of Ali’s mom and sisters by his dad and Ali himself…

I am Ali(20), I belong to a typical Muslim family, my father(49) is short tempered and violent in nature. Other than me and my father, I have 2 sister(slim and flat chested with curvy hips, height: 4’0, age:12 and slim, big perky tits and curvy ass, height: 4’10, age:17) and mom(chubby with big titties and big round hips, age:35). Whenever my dad come homes from office he release out his all the frustration on my sisters and my mom, he beats them with a leather belt, and fuck them all anytime he wants, if anyone of them tries to refuse or resist him, he beats the fuck out of her and fucks her brutally and choke her with his dick untill she faints. He even asked me to join him and double penetrate mom with him and fuck her, her screams and moans makes me soo horny and hard, I have a 7 inch dick my dad has a 9 inch which is more bigger and thicker than me, but mine is enough to destroy anyone’s cunt too, and make her beg to stop. When my mom sleeps I both of my sisters in my room and locks it, I fuck their face and make them drink my cum and slap them,then I lay on my bed, meanwhile I orders my middles sister to sit on my face and I eat her pussy and hears her moaning, which makes me even more harder and harder, on the other side my little sister keep choking and gagging herself with my hard dick and make me cum, later I fuck both of their pussies and always tries to impreganate them, but they are always on pills, I just fuck my sister and mom, but I don’t beat them like my dad, even my sister’s said that I am and will be better than dad, bcoz I am not that violent like him. My mom have marks all over their body, as she gets beaten every day by him, for even small mistakes. He even used to puch her and slap her tits, once me and my sister watched my mom getting raped by my dad from my rooms key hole too, and it gives all of us shivers.

Hey everyone, it’s first time I am writing such things, I apologise in advance if you found grammatical errors.

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  • Reply Hadeeqa ID:5spbi1mqm

    Hi any stories on Muslims.. like father daughter. If so can anyone send on [email protected]

  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y8ra

    I really think you need to become more like your very sexy sounding dad. Start beating your mum and sisters more. They’re just rapemeat, after all!

  • Reply kate ID:2kyee16vzk

    Now Leave Your Comment… you must be very stupid for saying that every woman must be treated like that

  • Reply Riya ID:5rhtebaehj

    You are soo brutal, fuck!

  • Reply [email protected] ID:p9ae2uoii

    girls are meant to be fucktoys for men! their bodies and holes are fucksleeves for men to drain their hard dicks in raw, whether the girl submits or not! its better when they fight anyways. stripping them naked, the sucking their tits and fingering their pussy and asshole as the beg for you to stop is too much fun! then you put them on all fours like a dog, and rape them in the ass raw and rough till you fill them with cum!

    rape your sisters up the ass, then email me the story as a thank you 😉

    • S ID:7eciqp1fi9

      Get a life asshole

  • Reply A ID:craz4jbv0

    I think every women should be treated like this. Including me add my snap. Ashlee22884

  • Reply Jack ID:fzq6hy2d3

    Lucky you for having the greatest dad and your mother and sisters should have pain their whole life like all women deserve till they die from pain! It’s so hot!

    • Slut Maya ID:pwuer0shri

      Yes Sir

  • Reply Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

    Ich freue mich darauf mdhr von dir zu lesen

  • Reply Vir Khanna ID:1ftrorsk0a

    Bro, lets connect.