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Disciplinary Rape – 1

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A 29 year old brother recounts how he began raping his 16 year old sister to discipline her… 6 years ago.

It was the summer of 2016. I was chilling in the living room in my boxers, watching my little 10 year old sister fret around, worried sick about my mother.

Mom wasn’t sick. It’s just that dad had called her into their room, and well, simply put, we could hear everything outside. The slaps, the yelling, the abuse. Her pleads, groans, cries. His belt, his hand, his tongue. A very regular Thursday, if you ask me.

I’d just finished my degree and wasn’t interested in starting work anytime soon. My dad was a rich man, and if there was one thing I never had to worry about, it was making money.

“What do you think he’s doing to her?”

“He’s punishing her.”

“But why,” she whined, “mom was only late by 2 minutes!”

“That’s not good enough for daddy.”

“I’m really scared, Vir bhaiya.”

“Oh shut up, little girl. Let me listen.”

I always listened intently. I loved the depth of insults my dad went into. If you were a woman, he could destroy your confidence in seconds. I wanted to learn.

Of course, so far, neither my sister nor I had the privilege to watch the great man in action. He ensured this abuse was restricted to just their room. We only knew what we knew from the marks on mom’s face and the music that emanated from their room.

The noise stopped and my mother stumbled out. Her hair was let down to properly hide her marks. Her sari was draped perfectly. Looking at her, no one could guess she was just bashed a few seconds ago. Or fucked. Who’s to say?

Then emerged my dad. I adored him. He strode out behind her with a big smile on his face, and beckoned to my sister. She put her head down in fear and began walking toward Dad’s room.

However, two steps in, she turned around and darted.

Before my dad could make sense of the situation, I caught hold of her. I grabbed her by her loose, open hair and pulled hard. She fell down with a thud.

“Not so soon, little girl.”

My dad sighed. “I’ll tell you this Vir, I’m getting tired of being the only one discipling both the girls of the house.”

I just shrugged in return. Who else but him could do this?

An idea suddenly struck him. “Why don’t you only do it?”

“Me? What do you want me to do Dad?”

“You’re 23, Vir. You know the rules of our house, our family. Take care of your sister.”

I honestly had no problem with that – it’s just something I hadn’t done before.

I’ve struck my girlfriends before, but this was my sister. And she was 10.

But how much different could it be?

So I readily agreed.

“Sure dad. If that’s what you want. But can I talk to you once?”

“Go on, champ. But make it quick, I have to leave for a meeting.” Dad always got to the point.

“Uh, I think I have a fair idea what I am allowed to do…”

My dad shook his head, “What do you mean allowed? You’re allowed to do anything you fucking want. Who’s stopping you? Just make sure she behaves.”

Well, there was my green signal. I could do literally anything I wanted. Sex wasn’t even on my mind at that point, but it was my father’s blessing and trust that filled me with joy.

He patted my cheek and I smiled. He smiled in return.

“I see you’re gonna enjoy being the man. I’m leaving now. Have fun.”

He kissed my cheek and walked over to my sister.

“One last time for me,” he said, before striking my sister’s face really hard. The sound was deafening. He meant it, because after he entrusted me, he never bothered with disciplining my sister.

Once dad left, I thought of ways in which I could get my sister to behave. There were many rules and she was hell bent on flouting them. Should I punish her once a day, or once for each issue? Should I punish her only if I catch her red handed or should I snoop around to find clues?

I decided to stop thinking and start doing.

I looked at her, all curled up in a ball, still recovering from Dad’s mighty slap.

I spoke loudly and clearly. “You heard dad. I’m in charge of you now.”

She had some glimmer of hope in her eyes. Somehow, she thought I’ll go easier on her. She uncurled and leapt on me, and wrapped herself around me. She nestled her face comfortably and began weeping.

“Please don’t beat me, Vir bhaiya.”

I supported her ass in my hands, but I wasn’t expecting her to just jump on me. And she was heavier than the last time I held her – which was several years ago.

As a reflex, I pulled her off me and slammed her down on the sofa.

“Were you fucking trying to break my back? How dare you just leap on me?”

I brought her face up by lifting her chin, and began thwacking her left and right.


“I’m sorry, I’m sorry, please! Please!!!”

I stopped slapping her. But now I was in the right frame of mind.

“Now it’s time you get punished for running away from dad.”

I plopped down on the sofa and threw her over my legs. I pulled off her panties and lifted her skirt. I began spanking her like a madman. I wasn’t even counting. I only stopped when my hand was sore and her ass was really red.

“And now for whatever dad had called you in for. I’m sure he had reason enough to punish you.”

I pushed her off of me, and she fell down, this time on the floor. Her face was directly facing my crotch. The only thing separating them was my boxers.

Another idea struck me. I’m sure dad wasn’t only hitting mom. He had to be fucking his wife. If fucking is part of the punishment in our house, I ought to do it too. It’s only fair for me.

Although, I was sure my sister hadn’t been fucked yet. She would tell me in vivid detail whenever dad punished her (I liked hearing it), but she never mentioned his dick.

Today, I’d break into her.

With my hand on the back of her head, I pushed her down and smushed her face against my dick. I snaked my cock out of the fly, and instructed her, “Open your mouth.”

Soon I was face fucking my virgin sister. She complained the entire time, but it only made me harder.

Until she bit me. That was it for me. I was so furious I kicked her in the pussy and threw myself on her. My 9 inch dick was straining to enter her, and it did. She bled. I was glad she did.

After I was done, I told her to get dressed and go study. She wasn’t allowed to leave the house unless it was for school. Only female friends were allowed to come over.

It’s been 6 years since this incident. I haven’t stopped even though I got married, because she’s still my responsibility.

And unlike my dad, I don’t restrict myself to my room. I’ve terrorized the little bitch in many ways, in many places, for many reasons.

The most recent one was yesterday, when she sat waiting for me to drive her to school, wearing a half sleeve shirt. I made her skip school and raped her for 2 hours. My dad watched and encouraged me. My mom made snacks.

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  • Reply Cracksniffer ID:2e0667y8ra

    Oh calm down!! A good hard slap and a rape never harmed anyone!

    • An ID:2jp6le3t09

      When I was 7 some boys maybe age 16-19 raped me hard, so hard. I remember one of them had a dick atleast 10 inches long. I complained but now I’m 12, still getting rapped by 11 inch cocks every week. I’ve learnt to please men is my duty, and I was born to be a sex doll. My vagina is still tigth. Im trying to develope

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    You and dad should double tag the fucking bitches

    • russ field ID:1tza5ov9k


  • Reply Lucien ID:7zv2v6y20c

    I am by no means an innocent and have done many things which would be considered inappropriate. This increased emphasis on rape is disturbing. Violence like that ruins the victim for life … is that the intent of this barbaric expression of sexuality?

    • Anonymous righteous bystander ID:153k1o7wt0c

      I wholeheartedly agree this shit is more less manly than I’ve all the other things I have done to people

  • Reply Soulweaver999 ID:bpbpumv9b

    I can only hope someone peels the flesh off of you, slowly.

  • Reply Lilith ID:4glko4uhl

    I hope you get raped and murdered.

    • Meh meh ID:hd33o4ym3

      Indeed if only I was the punisher

  • Reply LittleSlutBreeder ID:5rhtebaehj

    Definitely a 5 star for me, literally got what I need and what I am interested for. I really like your taste in these stories, please bring more abusive and violent stories like these.

    • Anonymous bystander ID:153k1o7wt0c

      I hope you die in a gutter and get ass raped all the time in prison

  • Reply Bigguy ID:de2fjmphj

    Not only sister have some control on mom too in not presence of dad. Both should be treated well 😈

    • Anonymous bystander ID:153k1o7wt0c

      How about you look for the other half of yourself first sick sick man

  • Reply Bigguy ID:de2fjmphj

    Part 2 needed

    • Anonymous bystander ID:153k1o7wt0c

      How about you look for the other part of yourself that someone’s ripped off of you and put it in a meat grinder

  • Reply Part 2 ID:bo2vr1l8i

    Impregnate her

    • Anonymous bystander ID:153k1o7wt0c

      How about you pregnant your mom after she snapped your neck

  • Reply A. ID:5u1d7cg20d

    Breed her

    • Anonymous bystander ID:153k1o7wt0c

      How about you breed yourself sick as hell as fuck