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Daddy’s Asian fuckdoll

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I’ve been reading the confessions here and l am so juicy and wet. I am asian and was adopted by a white couple. I noticed my daddy would look at me and started being more affectionate. I was 12 when l started going through puberty and developed tits. He is not someone who showed affection normally. Then it all began when he would come into my room late at night, sit by the side of my bed and watched me. A couple of nights l woke up, found him staring at me, and l asked him why is he here to which he replied he wanted to make sure l sleep okay and not get nightmares.

After a few nights like this he got bolder and started massaging my budding tits, when he saw l didn’t protest, he then put his lips around my nipples to lick and suck them. I was scared at first but the sensation of his mouth on my nipples, sucking while flicking his tongue back and forth over them makes me feel so good and l didn’t want him to stop. When he saw l was being compliant he knew l was not going to tell anyone so he continued every night. He would spent a long time sucking and lick my titties making sure both nipples are hard from arousal. He would suck one till it’s covered with his saliva and move to the other one while his hand is pitching the one he just sucked.

He would moan and tell me l am being a very good girl, that he was teaching me sex education so when l get married l know what to do to my husband. At this point l looked forward to have his mouth sucking and licking me, and l would get so wet. I’ve already started masturbating before all this has begun and him playing me made my pussy very juicy. He then went further and started stroking my pussy, when he found l was wet he said to me “good girl, you like daddy sucking your tits. And now your little pussy is wet, that’s what l want, you enjoying this. I am going to make you feel so good” as he sucked and lick my nipples while fingering my wet tight 11 year old pussy. I came hard as he sucked, fingered me, and taking dirty to me, saying l will be his little fucktoy and that’s how little girl need to be, wet with slut juice for their daddy.

This went on for 3 weeks and then he taught me how to take his cock in my mouth. His 8 inches cock would fill my little Asian mouth, and l learned how to take it deep. He loved cumming into my mouth.

Soon after I found some of the stories he written in his spare time and they were all daddy daughter incest stories where the girl is an eager cumslut with her legs opened wide for her daddy to pour hot creamy cum deep inside her womb. I was so turned on reading the stories. I really want to be my daddy’s fucktoy, having him fucking me with his big cock while his friend fuck me in the ass, telling me “daddy loves you. Such an obedient girl, with tight slutty pussy and ass ready to be ploughed by daddy and his friends.”

Finally one day l came home after school, l found my mom was out with her friends. Daddy came up to me and said “it’s time my little slut”. He took me into my room and eagerly took my uniform off, and wrapped his mouth on my right nipple which was hard and desperate for him to suck, he took his clothes off and sat me on his lap. I can feel how hard he was, all 8 inches of hard thick cock. I start to grind my soaked pussy on his cock as it feels for good covering his cock with my slut juice. His hands squeezed my bum cheeks tight and is fingering my little rosebud….

Part 2 to come shortly.

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  • Reply Dracox55 ID:85d6vv9k

    Very sexy story. If anyone wants to talk and share somr.stories or pics or anything my username is my @hotmail and I also have discord.

  • Reply Joe ID:1bfepuyz6i9

    I would love to fuck an 11 year old asian girl

  • Reply Anonymous ID:7h6fvqrj

    Yes, all little girls needs to be fucked raw by their daddy and have all their holes filled with incestuous cum……my daddy said that to me as he is deep in my pussy, and l agree. I am his toy.

  • Reply TennesseeTallMan ID:5u0x4h2m9a

    That is a very nice story can’t wait for part 2 I think all young girls needs to be pleasured and taken care of in this way and they should do the same for us me
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    • Anonymous ID:7h6fvqrj

      My daddy said the same thing, that little girls needs to accept their daddy’s cock in all their holes….it is their duty to be filled full by their daddy’s cum. I was very lucky, my daddy showed me when l was 11. I loved his mouth, his hands, and his cock. I loved being his little whore.

    • Amy ID:99uwotzm

      Anonymous my daddy taught me sex ed when I was 12 am now 19 I was homeschooled I was taught by my dad having sex with me I got addicted to it became his loyal sex servent

      It should be a duty for mother and father’s to teach them how to sex

    • DaddyWorship ID:58fyaak0b

      @Amy would love to hear more….did you bet your daddy to fill you full of cum?