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Cum inside my drunk mom’s mouth

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My mother and i were alone for a while and after my dad and her got divorced, she’s been a bit of an alcoholic.

It would be bare able, but since I don’t live with my dad occasionally, I deal with her and a few times when she’s a lit angry she would get aggressive. But, again it was still a bit bare able. Anyways I was 13 and was a bit curious about sex and all that so I thought I could find out on my own. Since I knew she would pass out after a while of drinking, I could…experiment if you will. So before I did it I did want to research a few things.

One night around 11pm on Friday I snuck into her room and walked to the bed, she was laying half in the bed, with no bra on and just panties. I pulled her legs slowly out the covers, I when got on the bed and pushed her on her back with her head tilting over the side of the bed. I grabbed her breasts and they were soft and big for my hands, I pinched her nipples and she moaned, I stopped instantly knowing if she saw me I would be dead. I slowly moved down to her panties and pulled them off, I saw her vagina, it was pink and bald. I rubbed slowly up and down it and it got wet, then I carefully put two fingers inside. It was so moist and warm, I then started fingering her and after a while I started licking and sucking it, after a few minutes I stopped and took my pants off. I went to her mouth and slowly put my dick inside. I was about a 5 inch or so at that point, the whole thing was in and I started fucking her mouth, I was sweating so much and I felt so good. She gagged a few times but didn’t wake up, I then came in her and stayed there for a bit, I then pulled out but it was still hard so I decided to go to her pussy. I leaned forward and put it in, It felt like she was squishing me, I felt her move and quickly started moving, she started waking up and looked up at me, she was probably shocked, she asked me why I was inside her but I thrusted hard a few times so she laid back and started moaning every time I thrusted into her, I eventually came in her and she gasped, I grunted and held her waist for a while, pulling out I saw a stream of cum pour out her and saw she went back to sleep.

The next morning she acted normal, she was still drunk maybe, I felt bad but now I couldn’t wait to fuck her again.

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  • Reply Rizz bo snapchat ID:2v44nw2z49b

    I too fucked my mum I slipped 3 roofies in her drink and waited till she was full out then I shoved my cock deep in her and came instantly best night

    • Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

      Lass uns mehr davon wissen

    • funpics70 ID:8bvxccfxii

      Good work love to hear more? [email protected]

    • Surangi ID:6e9zvh4t0d

      Really? How you do that, explain us

  • Reply pete ID:7ylren88ri

    I fucked my mom but she wasn’t drunk . I blackmailed her and I used her good

  • Reply Jack ID:7zv38z18rj

    Get your mother pregnant and enjoy the babies body too

    • Zerefjay ID:314jjybxt0d

      Mmm fuck yes babies

    • Piti ID:2pdxsy1k0a

      Das klingt geil schreib uns wie du sie erpresst hast und was du mkut ihr gemacht hast

  • Reply Joe Biden ID:pwu4hgyzrj

    You go boy. Next time take some pics.