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Coworkers daughter gives me the best time of my life

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A former employee sends her teenage daughter to her ex-boss to get her first fuck.

Well, it wasn’t what I’d expected when I went to work that morning. But the day definitely ended better than it had started.

I run a small consulting operation in a tiny Midwestern town. About 99 percent of the time, I’m alone, doing my own work at my own pace. I’d had an office assistant, but she resigned to take a better job for more than I could afford to pay her.

Before she’d left, I’d met Paula’s daughter, Loni, first at a basketball game (not knowing it was her), then later that same night at the office as I wrapped up my work. My first guess at early teens turned out to be right just a few days later.

The first time I saw her, my initial impression had somewhat surprised me. I’d flashed back to when I was 17 or 18 and a girl I’d dated, named Jean. She had been kind of a plain Jane, always wearing loose, baggy clothing, kind of geeky. You know the type.

I’d actually asked Jean out for the first time on a dare from some friends. But it turned out that, as is usually the case, looks can be deceiving.

Jean had turned out to possess a very tight, very hot, well-developed body for a 15 year old. I think she might have served as the starting point for my fascination with the adolescent female form.

Once out of her clothing during a hot grab and grope in the back seat of my old Plymouth, parked in a quiet, out-of-the-way section of the local cemetery, Jean had revealed a very hot body, with 32C tits, a slender waist and a gorgeous, curvy ass. The baggy clothing, it turned out, was the plan of a very religious, over- protective parenting unit as a way to hide the fact their daughter was one hot fuck!

But that’s another story.

Back to Loni. This happened about two weeks after her mother’s last day of work. I was wrapping up some paperwork, preparing to make an early day of it, when the office door chimed.

“Back here,” I shouted, since the front office was empty.

There was a pause before I heard footsteps on the hardwood floors. It sounded like tennis shoes, but I wasn’t entirely sure, until Loni appeared in the doorway of my office.

Loni stands about 5’3″ or 5’4″. She probably weighs in at about 110 pounds, distributed very well on her teenage body. Just a little bit of baby fat around her tummy and thighs makes her look more mature than her 14 years. Her face, though, is all teenager. Red hair, with an innocence about her facial features that somehow just makes her more erotic – a walking wet dream.

“Hi,” she said. “Mom asked me to come down here.”

“Your mom asked you to see me?” I asked, surprised.

“Yeah,” Loni said. “She said I’ve been driving her nuts for the past few days. She said I was supposed to ask you if you’d pop my cherry.”

I sat in shock, for how long I’m not sure, staring a this young (14, I’d found out) teenager, standing in the door to my small office, wearing track pants and a t-shirt, telling me her mother told her to come to me to rid herself of her virginity. My mind, working overtime, came up with what I consider to be a rather pithy, well thought out response to her request.

“Huh?” I said.

“Mom told me…” she began.

“Yeah, I heard you,” I said. Then, “Huh?”

Loni laughed. I felt my cock stirring in my jeans at the sound. I was shocked out of my confusion by the ringing telephone.

“Better get that,” I said.

Really showing off my advanced education today, I thought, as I reached for the phone.

“Yeah,” Loni said, still grinning.

Were those hard nipples poking through the material of her t-shirt? Stop! Wait! Answer the damn phone, dummy! Don’t stare at her nipples!


“Hi, Drue?”

Great, I thought. It’s Paula. Now, I’m a dead man. She’s going to know what her daughter just asked me and she’s going to come down here and kill me.

“Is Loni there?”


Damn, I was doing well. Really showing off my vocabulary.

“Is Loni there?”

“Um, yeah.”

“So, you gonna fuck her?”



“Huh, um, yeah?”

“Has she asked you to fuck her yet?” Paula said. “She told me that one of the boys at school had asked her to sleep with him. She’s been a walking hormone factory for the last two weeks and I’ve caught her playing with herself more times than I can remember. I wanted her to have a better experience than some fumbling schoolboy. Has she asked you to fuck her yet?”

I’m in bed, at home, probably with a fever. Or possibly I’m in the hospital. I’m hallucinating. I’m imagining all of this. But, wait, there’s Loni taking off her t- shirt. Nice bra. Damn.


“Sorry, Paula,” I said. “I’ve got to go. You’re daughter’s here and she just took off her shirt. I think she wants to fuck.”

“Good,” Paula said. “Be gentle with her. I’ll talk to you later.”


“Was that my momma?” Loni asked as she massaged her tits through the almost-transparent cups of her 34B bra.

“Um, yeah,” I said.

“So?” she asked.

“So, what?” I replied.

“Wanna fuck?”



She walked seductively toward me. As seductively as a 14-year-old virgin can walk. (Pretty damn, if you ask me.) My cock was by this time throbbing in my pants, running down my leg, dripping precum over my thigh.

When Loni reached me, she stepped between my legs. She assured me she’d locked the door as she reached behind herself to unhook her bra. Her small, firm breasts came free, nipples a dusky pink and extremely erect. She dropped the small garment on the floor and ran her hands up her sides to cup her boobs. She pinched her already-hard nipples.

“Do I have nice boobies?” she asked. “Do you like my boobs?”

I could only nod. I leaned forward and gently kissed her right nipple, sucking the tiny nubbin between my lips. She moaned deep in her throat and I felt my cock surge in my jeans.

Her small, perfectly formed breasts looked and felt like someone had halved a grapefruit, wrapped it in soft, lightly colored silk and glued a pencil eraser in the center, with a slightly-darker, dime-sized patch of silk surrounding it. There was just a hint of salty sweat on her skin. A darker pink line surrounded her pale chest, where the bra had pressed into her flesh.

I massaged that line as I feasted on her nipples, alternating from left to right. I manipulated the delicate globes, probing and testing the flesh with my fingers. Loni moaned deep in her throat as I trailed my hands around the bra line to her back, then down to cup her firm ass, kneading the flesh like bread dough.

I reached for the waistband of her track pants.

“May I?” I asked.

She nodded, biting her lower lip, as I hooked my thumbs in the elastic and slowly slid them down her thighs. She went to kick off her shoes, but I told her to leave them on.

The elastic slipped gently past her hips, revealing the top of a pair of panties that matched the bra now lying on my office floor. Pure white and almost see-thru, it highlighted rather than hid the furrow between her legs and the small patch of bright-red pubic hair that topped it. I licked my lips as I gazed at her youthful form.

She placed one hand on my shoulder, balancing herself as she leaned forward, bent and pulled one foot, then the other from the confines of her track pants. She stood before me now, wearing just her panties, white tennis shoes and white ankle socks. As I said before, a walking wet dream!

“What should I do first?” she asked.

Clearly, she was on uncharted ground, here. I ran the possibilities through my mind.

“Kneel down right where you are and help me get my jeans off,” I said as I kicked off my shoes. I was wishing I had a camera right about then.

She did as I asked. Once on her knees, she reached out and opened my belt, then undid the buttons on my 501s. Her eyes were wide, staring at the bulge inside my jeans the whole time. I’m not sure it had really caught her attention until she was face to face with it, so to speak.

I lifted my ass off the office chair as I instructed her to pull my jeans down and off. She struggled momentarily as she tried to work my jeans past my rock- hard cock, her eyes growing larger as each thick inch of it was exposed.

Eventually, they’d slipped far enough down my thighs to free the head. My cock surged upwards in all its glory, the tip glistening with precum as it slapped against my belly before coming to rest, pointing directly at the ceiling.

“Damn,” she whispered. “Oh, sorry. How big is that?”

While not the biggest cock on the planet, I was pretty proud of what I did have. Rock hard, as it was now, my cock measured in at just more than 8 inches. But, past girlfriends have told me that Mr. Johnson is unusually thick, to the tune of 5 inches in diameter, with a flared mushroom head that’s thicker than the shaft.

More than one young woman had initially balked at my girth. But, with proper preparation, they’d all been more than pleased, shall we say, with what I had to offer.

“I’m not sure…” Loni began.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “We’ll take it slow. I won’t do anything you’re not ready for and comfortable with. I will NOT hurt you, I promise.”

“OK,” she said, still not sounding entirely convinced. “What now?”

“Kiss it,” I said, simply. I couldn’t wait to get my cock into her mouth, to see her sucking on my hard shaft and, maybe, coat her young face and tits with a huge load of my cum.

She grinned.

“OK,” she said. “That I can do.”

And boy, could she! Without hesitation, Loni leaned forward and ran her tongue once round the head of my cock. She then engulfed about half of my thick, dripping shaft in one go.

This girl could suck cock very well. The top of my head just about exploded as she started slowly bobbing her head up and down on the shaft, taking more and more into her mouth on each stroke.

She eventually had about 3/4 of my cock buried in her mouth on each stroke. I couldn’t believe it! I’ve known grown women who couldn’t take half that much and here was a 14-year-old virgin, almost deep-throating my rigid shaft.

With a moan, she popped off the head of my cock, gasping for breath. Her hand circled the wet shaft and set about a slow, almost painful stroking motion, probably designed to keep me hard while she rested.

Yeah, I really needed that! NOT!

She looked up at me with what can only be described as smoldering lust in her eyes.

“I think I can take more of it, if you want,” she said. “Should I try?”

Without waiting for an answer, she took my cock back in her mouth. She adjusted her position until she was kneeling more, almost hunched over my hips. She started slowly bobbing her head up and down my shaft and quickly reached the point she suckled before.

She paused, took a deep breath, and I could feel her swallowing around the head of my cock. It took her a couple of tries, with a small amount of gagging (and didn’t THAT feel wonderful, I thought to myself).

On her third attempt, however, I could feel her throat open. My cock surged down her throat as her lips came to rest in my pubic hair, stretched tightly around the base. She paused and I could feel her throat muscles convulsing at the sudden invasion. It took all the willpower I possessed to not shoot my load deep into her gut right then and there.

After about 30 seconds, she pulled back, letting the head of my cock slowly exit her gullet. Over the course of 10 or 15 seconds (or years, I’m not entirely sure) she extracted my cock from the depths of her throat. The head finally reappeared, a long string of saliva connecting the tip to her lips before it broke to drip from her chin onto her heaving chest.

“Wasn’t entirely sure I could do that,” she gasped, pulling in great gouts of air as she worked to catch her breath. “I’ve sucked cock at parties, but this is the biggest one I’ve ever seen! I love it!”

It was time to return the favor, I decided. I pulled Loni to her feet. She looked momentarily dismayed, until I led her over to the conference table at the other end of my office and gently lifted her up and onto the polished wood surface. I sat her down, turned her to position her where I wanted her, then sat myself down in a chair between her legs.

Time to feast on teenager, I thought to myself. I reached for her waist and the elastic band of her not- quite-little-girl panties. I marveled at how wet the crotch was with her juices. Her natural lubrication had literally flowed out of her as she sucked my cock, soaking the gusset of her panties and making them more transparent. The material stuck to and formed itself to the contours of the virginal slit nestled between her shapely thighs.

It was my turn to moan and lick my lips as I slowly peeled the panty from her body. The flimsy garment slid down her legs and over her feet, leaving her essentially naked in front of me except for her tennis shoes and socks, which added an even more erotic nature to the site before me.

I slid into position between her legs and lifted her feet up to rest on my shoulders. This served to open her up as she lay back on the table. Her labia, though, despite all the stimulation, remained tightly closed and virginal. The lips looked like two fingers pressed tightly together with just the indication of a rock- hard clitoris nestled at the top of her furrow.

That delicate bump of sensitive flesh was my eventual goal. But, despite my throbbing cock screaming for attention between my legs, I was determined to take it slow. I was fully aware that I could potentially cause Loni pain or even permanent injury if I just shoved my cock into her virgin pussy, as much as I wanted to do just that. (The shoving part, not the injuring part.)

I hadn’t noticed it before, but Loni had a small gold ring piercing her bellybutton. Interesting. I leaned in and flicked my tongue at it, causing her to giggle.

“That tickles,” she said. “You gonna fuck me now?”

I didn’t answer. Instead, I flicked my tongue once again at the tiny gold ring decorating her belly button. I slowly kissed and licked my way back up to her tits, teasing each erect nipple briefly before beginning my decent down her body.

I licked and sucked my way down to her ankles, bypassing her dripping pussy, circling my tongue around the elastic of her ankle socks. I had Loni writhing on the table, her fingers twining in her hair, moving down to cup her tits, then out to grip the sides of the table.

I began licking and nibbling my way back up to her pussy, alternating legs as I went. I had Loni moaning and twitching, thrashing her head back and forth, her long red hair flailing on the table as I descended slowly toward her core. I reached up and grasped her breasts in my hands, tugging gently at the nipples.

“Tell me some more about those parties you mentioned before,” I said as I paused on my trip up her legs.

“The last one was about a week ago,” she said. “I was the table girl.”

“Table girl?” I asked.

“Yeah,” she said. “That’s where a girl – or sometimes a guy, depending on the party – is laid out on a table and people come by and park their cocks or pussies in their mouth. There were three other girls besides me, all in 7th grade, and there were like eight guys. Everyone was running around naked, playing with each other. They stripped me down to just my panties – these panties, actually – and tied me to a dining room table with my head hanging over the side. Then, people would just come by and stick something in my mouth and fuck my face.

“I must have sucked all eight guys off and a couple of the girls, too. I could see into the rest of the room. I got so hot watching as one of the other girls got fucked for the first time. She was like moaning and screaming as she was bent over the table right next to me and guys just took turns shoving their cocks into her. At one point, they moved her around to the foot of the table so she was, like, right between my legs. She ate my pussy for, like, hours and I came so hard. It was soooo hot!”

She was moaning full bore now as she talked, so much so I was almost worried the patrons of the shop next door would hear her. As I reached the juncture of her thighs, ready to plunge my tongue into her glistening folds, she twined her hands in my hair. She pulled me in tightly against her pussy.

“Oh, shit,” she moaned as I found her immature clit and rolled it around with my tongue.

Then she really came unglued. Her thighs locked around my head as she simultaneously pulled my face tighter into her crotch. Her back arched up and off the table until just her shoulders and head remained in contact with the polished surface. And she came.

“Ah, fuck!” she yelled. “FUCK! Suck me! I’m cumming! Cumming! CUMMING!”

I sucked her clit into my mouth as I worked my right thumb up her ass. That only served to drive her higher. I could feel her ass clenching around the probing digit and her pussy spasm against my lips as I tongued her clit through one orgasm, into another and yet another.

She finally collapsed on the table, a spent, quivering mass of teenager.

“Now, you gotta fuck me,” she moaned as soon as she caught her breath. “Please, fuck me!”

I got up and went in search of the overnight bag I keep in the office. I never know when I’m going to have to leave on short notice, so I have a bag packed with all the essentials for a few days trip. Including condoms and lube.

I grabbed the necessary items while Loni lay on the table, limp, her chest heaving as she worked to catch her breath. I returned in short order, my rock-hard cock leading the way, pointing directly at her well sucked, virgin cunt.

“What’s that,” she asked. “You don’t need a rubber. I’m on the pill.”

I discarded the small foil packet on my desk as I stepped up between her thighs. I squirted a generous amount of lube over the shaft of my cock and into her pussy and massaged it in with the tip of my cock.

“Ready?” I asked.

“Oh, yeah,” Loni moaned.

“Stop me if it hurts,” I said.

With the tip of my cock lodged firmly against the opening of her virgin slit, I pushed slowly. It took a few tries – damn, she was tight – but eventually the head of my cock popped past the ring of muscles at the entrance to her vagina.

“Aaahhh,” she moaned. “Shit! Wait a minute!”

I paused. It took a tremendous amount of self-control to not just shove my cock deep into her pussy. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d had my cock in suck a hot, tight little snatch. I could feel the ring of muscles clenching just behind the head of my cock, loosening slightly as it adjusted to its first penile penetration.

After a couple of minutes, she looked up at me and nodded, telling me to go ahead. I placed my hands on her thighs and started slowly rocking my hips back and forth, gently moving the head of my cock between her tightly stretched lips.

She was lubricating like a dripping faucet, now. I sipped another inch into her and came to rest against her hymen. I paused again.

“This is the part that’s going to hurt, baby,” I said. “I have to bust your cherry, now. I’ll go slowly.”

“OK,” she said in a tiny voice. The hot, horny, teen minx was gone. In her place was a scared little girl facing potential pain.

I braced myself with my hands on the table and slowly leaned in. Loni’s eyes closed and she bit her lower lip again as I felt her cherry blossom around the head of my cock. She moaned, then bit back a cry as I felt the pop and the tiny bit of flesh parted to admit the shaft of my cock.

We were so lubed that, even with the slow pressure I was using, my cock surged into her pussy. About three inches were buried inside her now. Her vaginal muscles were twitching and clenching around the head and upper shaft.

“That’s the worst part, baby,” I said, massaging her clit with my thumb. “I promise. It only feels better from here on out.”

“Just let me get used to it,” she whispered. “Go really slow, but put it in me.”

I slowly slipped my cock in to her depths until I was buried completely inside. I looked her in the eyes as I bottomed out in the tight vice of her pussy and she nodded, giving me the silent go-ahead to fuck her.

I set up a steady rhythm, sliding out and pushing back in. I made sure to grind my groin into her crotch on each stroke to stimulate her clit. She started moaning in time with my thrusts as I gradually picked up speed. I was getting into a good fuck when she suddenly asked me to stop.

“Fuck me like that girl I told you about,” she said, my cock buried completely inside her. “From behind, with me bent over the table.”

I’ve been with many girls and more than a few guys, and I have to admit that doggy style is my favorite position. I enjoy fucking face to face – particularly in this case, where I could watch Loni’s expression and see her gorgeous tits moving in time with my thrusts. But there’s just something about doing someone from behind – a sense of power or domination, maybe – that makes doggy style a favorite.

I pulled out of her puss, my cock leaving with an audible, wet plop that made Loni giggle. A combination of the artificial lube and our combined juices flowed out of her to pool on the table.

“Guess I’m a little wet,” she laughed as she just rolled over, presenting that amazing ass to my gaze.

After she adjusted her position on the table, I stepped back in behind her. I took a moment to admire the view, massaging the globes of her ass in my hands, before I guided my cock back to her opening. I told her to spread her cheeks apart. She reached back, taking a globe in each hand, and opened herself up to me.

I placed the head of my cock to her pussy and pushed. More relaxed now from the previous penetration, my cock slipped right in to her like it was going home. She moaned, louder now, as my cock bottomed out, by balls slapping against her wet, sticky clit, as I set up the rhythm.

She kept telling me to go faster and I let her wishes dictate the intensity of my fucking. Soon, I was pounding her like she’d been fucking for years. She was taking everything I had to give her and begging for more.

Then she just came. No indication that her body was building to a massive orgasm. She just tensed up, yelled out and her vaginal muscles clenched even tighter around the shaft of my cock. I was literally trapped inside her body, unable to move, by the pressure of her muscles around my shaft.

Her muscles rippled up and down the shaft of my cock like a gripping hand. I fought off the urge to come deep inside her pussy. As her first orgasm peaked, the muscles relaxed slightly and I was able to begin thrusting again. That drove her back over the top into a second and then third orgasm.

Her juices were flowing from her pussy like a dam had burst inside her. They were running down our legs to pool on the floor. There ended up being a darker spot on the carpet that never quite came out (not that I tried very hard) that served as a reminder of our first fuck for months to come.

It eventually faded so it wasn’t really noticeable, unless you knew what you were looking for. But the office smelled like teenage pussy for days. I don’t know how many times I had to jack off first thing in the morning. That smell would hit me as soon as I entered the office and my cock would simply surge to erection, remembering what had transpired on my conference table that fateful afternoon.

Anyway, I just stood there with my cock balls deep in her pussy as she slowly came down from her orgasm. Before I could start fucking again, though, she turned her head and looked at me over her shoulder.

“Did you cum yet?” she asked.

I told her I hadn’t, but that it was all right. I was happy to let her rest for a minute before I started working for my own orgasm.

“A couple of the girls at school said boys keep asking them about, um, something else, like every time they fuck,” she said.

I was a little confused

“What do you mean, something else?” I asked.

She was silent for a moment. I could almost hear the wheels turning an idea over in her head.

“You wanna try, um, putting it up my, um, butt?” she said.

I could tell she was having second thoughts about it even as she asked the question. I started slowly stroking in and out of her pussy as we discussed it.

“Oh, jeez,” she moaned as I pulled out to the head and slid back in. “OH, that feels good!”

“You really want to try getting fucked in the ass?” I asked her.

“Yeah, I think I do,” she moaned. “This feels so incredible, though. What’s it feel like, getting it up the butt.”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to admit that I’d taken it up the ass a few times and I enjoyed it. While I definitely preferred women – or, just at present, teenaged girls – I liked the occasional cock.

I finally decided that I might as well come clean with her about my past. I explained how I’d been fucked a couple of times (might as well minimize whatever damage there might be, after all) and that, if it was done right, anal sex was as enjoyable as anything else sexual. You just have to be properly prepared for it, that’s all.

“Show me,” she whispered. “I liked the way it felt when you pushed your thumb, um, up there before.”

“You sure?”

“I think so,” she said. “You’ll stop if I tell you, right? Then I’ll let you cum in my pussy or my mouth if you want, instead.”

As tempting as those two prospects were, I decided to agree to her request and try to introduce her to the joys of anal sex. I removed my cock from her pussy (she moaned like she’d lost her favorite toy), went and got a towel and wiped some of the lubricant away from her crotch.

I instructed her to lie on her back on the table and pull her legs up so her feet were pointed at the ceiling. I pulled a chair back up to the table and sat between her spread legs. I started massaging the cheeks of her ass, to her thighs, up her legs and back to her ass. I was trying to relax her lower body even more and it seemed to be working.

I leaned in and ran my tongue through the lips of her pussy, circling her clit before dipping down to circle around her tight little virgin ass.

“Oh, my God!” she moaned. “What are you doing? Ohhh, shiiiiit!”

Interestingly enough, those were the exact words that Jean (the girl I wrote about earlier) said the first time I went down on her. History was almost repeating itself. The memories of Jean surged through my brain, making my cock even harder, if that was possible.

I kept working the tip of my tongue in tighter and tighter circles, approaching the light tan pucker of Loni’s ass. She was coming unglued again and that’s right where I wanted her.

I reached up, grasped her nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand and started tweaking and tugging at the tiny nubbins. She kept arching her hips up to meet my probing tongue, thrashing around on the table as I settled into eat her ass.

Loni was moaning up a storm now as I probed deeper and deeper into her ass with my tongue. My nose was rubbing her clit and the hairs of my mustache were tickling the lips of her pussy as I tongue fucked her. I was watching her reactions carefully, trying to gauge the perfect moment to push my cock into her ass, just before she peaked in orgasm.

I detected the slightest tremors in her belly and in her pussy as her periodic moans became a constant groan. She was close, I decided. I grabbed for the lube and simultaneously switched my tonguing up to her pussy and inserted the tip of the tube into her ass. I squirted a generous amount inside her, then some more on my cock and rubbed it around, coating my shaft.

As she peaked, I stood up and placed the head of my cock against her tiny pucker.

“Ready?” I asked.

“God, yes!” she groaned. “Fuck me!”

I pushed forward. My cock popped past her sphincter with much less resistance than I’d expected and surged into her ass. Her eyes flew open and she gripped my arms with her hands, her nails digging into my flesh.

I kept pushing until my pubes met the cheeks of her ass. I couldn’t believe the feeling. I was buried to the hilt in a 14-year-old ass!

I’ve fucked a lot of ass, but this was the youngest, tightest, hottest hole I’d ever buried my dick in. I just stood there, basking in the feeling of her teenage body gripping my cock.

“Oh, my GOD!” Loni moaned. “THAT feels weird. Good, but weird. Don’t move. Let me get used to it.”

I just stood there, buried up her ass. I then leaned down and kissed her, gently, on the lips. My cock shifted position slightly in her ass as I bent forward and she moaned again.”

The gentle kiss increased in intensity until our tongues were dueling in each other’s mouths. I ran my hands up her sides to massage her breasts and pinch her nipples. She began slowly grinding her hips against mine, moving my cock ever so slightly around in her ass. Suddenly, she pushed me back and looked me in the eyes.

“I’m ready,” she groaned. “Fuck me. But start slow.”

I smiled down at her as I gradually slipped my cock from her ass until just the head remained, the ridge trapped inside the muscles surrounding her hole. Just as slowly, I pressed back inside until I was fully ensconced in her rectum again.

I set up a slow but steady rhythm, out to the head then back in fully. Loni’s mouth opened in a silent “Oh” that quickly became vocal as I began seriously fucking her ass. I built up speed and power in my thrusts until I was pounding her, the table rocking with each thrust, and she was begging me to fuck her harder.

I watched as she thrashed on the table, her young, firm tits bouncing on her chest as I pummeled her ass. The table was creaking and groaning but Loni was drowning out the sounds with her moans.

I lifted her legs further up. I rested her ankles on my shoulders as I readjusted my position. I shuffled forward, driving more and more of my cock up her ass. Loni lay on the table, her face wild, dripping with sweat as she played with her tits, twisting her nipples until I thought she was about to pull them off her body.

“Can – I – Cum – This – Way?” she asked, in time with my thrusts.

I told her that depended entirely on how her body reacted and how much she liked having her ass probed by a cock, but that I had given , and personally experienced, mind-blowing orgasms during anal sex.

“LOVING – IT!” she groaned. “AHHHHH, FUUUUUUUUCK!!!!!!!!”

She just fucking exploded. Her body froze, arching off the table, taking my cock to the hilt into her butt. The muscles of her ass clamped down, hard, around the shaft of my cock. I was almost afraid she was going to pinch it off with her sphincter.

Her body relaxed momentarily, then seemed to go into spasms. She was thrashing around, impaled on my cock, as her orgasm peaked, then peaked again. She was screaming at the top of her lungs, mostly incoherent sounds, interspersed with shouts of “Fuck,” and “Shit” and “Oh, my GOD!”

Then she just collapsed. Her body went completely limp and she was like a rag doll as I continued fucking into her ass. It didn’t take me long before I was dumping what felt like probably the biggest load of my life in and on her body.

The orgasm started in my toes and surged up to my head and back down to explode out of the tip of my cock and into her well-fucked ass. I fired several volleys inside her body before I pulled out and jerked the rest of my load onto her pussy and up over her tits. Some of my cum reached her face, a solid stripe of white painted across her lips, over her nose and onto her forehead.

Finally spent, it was my turn to collapse. I dropped into the chair behind me, my cock spent and wilting slightly to lay across my thigh, still shiny from the lube and the natural juices of her teenage ass.

We were still for several minutes, catching our breath. I watched as my cum bubbled out of her twitching asshole and ran down between her cheeks to pool on the table below her.

I almost felt as if I could move again when I heard the sound of a key in the front door of the office. I scrambled to my feet just in time to see Loni’s mother, Paula, walk in and close the door behind her.

Our eyes locked and she got a big grin on her face as she reached behind her to relock the door. We must have been quite a sight: Me, semi-erect cock glistening in the artificial overhead light of the office as her daughter lay, sprawled out and just semi-conscious, on the same conference table where we’d talked about projects or shared lunch many times.

“Damn,” Paula said. “Looks like you fucked my little girl to death.”

“If this is dead, kill me again,” Loni moaned.

“Not so fast, little girl,” Paula laughed as she walked back toward the office, pulling her shirt over her head as she went. “Wait your turn.”

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