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I was 13 when we started going to Monticello, Indiana. My sister in laws Dad had a house on Lake Freeman. I used to love it there. I was always fishing, boating, or doing something outdoors. When I was 16. The new neighbors moved in next to her Dad’s place.

I remember the scene in The Godfather when Michael sees the the peasant girl and gets hit by the Thunderbolt. He justs stares at her in shock. Deeply in love. That happened to me. The new neighbors had a daughter my age. She was gorgeous. I swear she was glowing she was so heavenly. Like an angel.

WHACK! My brother lightly smacked me across the back of the head. “Get your eyes back in your head. Show some respect. Don’t stare at people. Go say “HI” if you want to meet her.”, he said. I called him a “fucking asshole”. He gave the finger and laughed.

My brother Dave went over to say “Hi.” They were talking. My brother was always an asshole to me when he wanted me to do something and I was reluctant. I came over too. He said, “Look I don’t mean to be to direct but my brother here likes your daughter and is way to much of a wimp to say anything. Any way he could talk to her?” My mouth dropped open as did there’s. His joking goes way to far sometimes. “You are an asshole!” I said and stomped off almost in tears.

My head was hung low. I thought my prick brother blew it for me. My two friends and I went to the park. There she was. “Go say, Hi” my friend Dan encouraged. I was very shy around women especially gorgeous ones like her. ” Go or I’m going to get Dave!” He said.

“Hi! I just want to apologize for my family member” “Hi. I am Jill. It is ok. From what I hear from your family member you said some really nice things about me. Do I really look like an angel to you,?” I blushed. “Who spilled the beans?”, I asked. “Think his name was Dave?” She said. I laughed nervously. “Dave? Dave told you that?” I described my brother. “Yeah that was him. He apologized for his rudeness earlier to me and my family.” I shook my head in shock. I was no longer pissed at him.

We left my friends and took a walk. I told her about the bonfire we were having tonight and she agreed to come. We made small talk as we held hands. Her actual home was not far from ours. I found out. Hmmm I thought. This actually might lead somewhere.

Night one I didn’t get very far. Just a handshake and a wave goodbye. We agreed to meet tomorrow and go boating on the lake.

The second day we spent boating and water skiing. We had a blast. At night we went off on our own. We sat and talked till midnight and her parents made her come in. Again did not get very far.

The third day I finally made some progress. She was getting more relaxed more touchy and I loved it. That night we sat up and talked. I could not hold back any more and I kissed her. While we made out and I tried for second base but my runner was thrown out. Damn. Lol.

The fourth day we went boating on our own. We found a private area surrounded by trees and made out. I got to second. Her breasts felt so nice as I cupped them. I flicked her nipples and it really turned her on.

We got back and she wanted to see the guest house my sister in laws family owned. Of course it was a ruse to get us alone. We went in there and I showed her the place. “You didn’t want to see the guest house did you?”, I said. “No I wanted to see you!” We started making out and she unzipped my pants. I started kissing the side of her neck and she got really turned on.

I helped her with my pants and she started rubbing my dick. She got on her knees and was blowing me. Her tongue was magic on my dick. I reached down and started running my fingers through her hair. She was lovely.

She said, “come on” she took off her shorts and revealed a beautiful shaved pussy. “OMG” I thought.
I wanted it bad. We got on the rollaway couch. We did a 69 position. I wanted to bury my face in that thing more than anything. I love eating pussy. I always said I am a lesbian in the wrong body. Lmao.

I spread her out and started sucking on her clit. She grabbed my dick and resumed blowing me. She was letting out soft moans as I licked her. I started fingering her as well. I got 3 fingers in her as she came. Her legs like vice grips around me. She got up, “hmmm not bad. Not bad at all. I got a nice little parking space for your semi you got there.” Touching the tip of my cock. She laid down. She became stiff as I stuck it in. I started gently sliding in and out and then just let loose slamming her hard and she loved it. Her wet lining feeling so senuous. Her eyes went back. She started shaking as she came. I was not far behind as my dick swelled and I let out a loud moan and I unloaded into her.

We started making out on the couch after. She felt so wonderful. Right then and there I wanted to be with her forever. The lock clicked. “Oh shit”, we scrambled to get covered but it was to late. My sister in laws dad walked in. He looked up. “Oh my!” He said. He quickly closed the door and left.

“Son of a bitch! It was going so nice”, I said. We both sat there contemplating our next move. We got dressed and quickly exited. We came out to a boat load of stares. As if being caught was not embarrassing enough. We sat down by the lake alone. “He won’t tell my parents will he? Shit. I am fucked. Fucked fucked.”

We sat on the dock for hours until my brother Dave called me back up. “Fuck he is going to be a dick.” I said. I kissed her and asked if she wanted to meet tommorrow and she said she was not sure. Dammit. “Look I am sorry this happened. I want to see you again!”, I said. She said, “you will. Just relax. Ok. This is not a breakup.”

Dave was not his usual dick self. He slapped me on the shoulder. Nice work there kid. Heard you got laid. “Oh yeah you are welcome for me getting you set up with her.” I laughed and gave him the finger. “Do her parents know?”, I asked. He shook his head. “No one said nothing. You got my father in law pretty freaked out though You might apologize to him though.” Dave said. “I cannot even look him in the eye right now!!!” I said.

I eventually did apologize and became the butt of many jokes. Jill and I started dating afterwards and are planning our engagement now. So all worked well.

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  • Reply Mike ID:4o717tkqm

    Sounds like your brother needs an ass whooping at times. I know how you feel. My brother is 6 years older than I am. When I was in my teens he used to tease me and make fun of me with no mercy.